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After a few minor mishaps involving a toothbrush, a skeleton, and a certain flying broom, the fellowship arrives back in Buffalo, New York. The train that is scheduled for Middle Earth won't be around for another hour.

Sirius put a hand to his stomach as it rumbled loudly. "I'm hungry. Let's eat something."

"Excellent suggestion." Agreed Merry.

The hobbits launched themselves upon an innocent passerby and ate him. The rest of the fellowship stared in silence.

"I'm impressed." Jack said after a few minutes.

Will's eyes were still round with horror. "Well, I'm not."

"Well, coming along was your idea." Jack pointed out cheerfully.

Will glared at his comrade, giving him a dark look. "Shut up."

Sirius was inching away from the hobbits, who were looking around and licking their chops. "I think we should go back to Hogwarts Remus. I...left something...important."

Remus didn't answer. He was staring at the hobbits and trying to decide if they were werewolves or not.

"Remus?" Sirius asked hesitantly. Remus continued to stare at the hobbits. "Fine." Sirius muttered. "I'll go back to Hogwarts by myself." He turned and faced a brick wall, then looked over his shoulder. "Last chance Remus!" He called.

Remus didn't answer. He was still trying to contimplate if he and Merry and Pippin had anything in common.

"Fine. I don't need you." Sirius muttered before turning around and running full speed at the brick wall. He smashed into it and fell over backwards, completely unconcious.

"Aroof?" Remus asked, falling into the werewolf tounge.

Merry immeadiately perked up. "Bark bark." He replied.

Pippin gave them both a strange look. "What are you guys talking about?"

Merry looked around, his eyes shifty. 'Nothing..."

Remus smiled, happy he met another werewolf. "You wouldn't understand."

"I thought I was strange." Pippin stated, gazing at the two of them.

Merry nodded, then patted his cousin on the shoulder. "You are strange Pip."

Remus shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around. "So, what are we going to do for an hour?"

Sirius got to his feet shakily as Aragorn pointed to a McDonalds. "Why not go there?"

Legolas gave the oddly shaped building a skeptical glance. "Do we have to?"

"Yes." Sirius and Aragorn replied, their stomachs speaking for them. They wandered across the street and into the McDonalds where they saw a famiiliar face...a very familiar face.

"NO!" Shouted Aragorn, his face full of horror.

"It's ALIVE!" Merry shouted, pointing dramatically.

Pippin fainted.

Legolas put his contacts in, then blinked as the figure came into focus. "Boromir?"

Boromir looked up from where he was frying french fries. He had bullet holes in his chest, train tracks on his back, and a McDonald's apron on.

"Hi guys!" Boromir said, coming over to the counter. "What can I get for you?"

"What is he talking about?" Legolas whispered to Aragorn.

"I have no idea." Aragorn whispered back before turning to Boromir. "Umm...what do you have?"

Boromir held up an action figure of Legolas. "Well..we have these..."

Legolas gasped, his eyes growing wide. "It's me!" He lunged over the counter and snatched the figure from Boromir. "IT'S MINE! MY PRECIOUS!"

"The poor guy is obsessive." Remus noted.

Will nodded in response. "I quite agree."

Aragorn shrugged. "Don't worry about him. It's only when it comes to himself."

Legolas hopped back over the counter and put the action figure carefully in his pocket before turning to Aragorn. "Now what?"

"If you guys wait around for another five minutes, my shift will be over." Boromir called from the french fryer.

Jack, Will, Sirius, Remus, Legolas, Aragorn, Merry, and Pippin all exchanged confused glances.

"What's a shift?" Jack finally asked.

"The period of time I work." Boromir explained, packaging some fries.

Merry nodded, looking thoughtful. "'re a slave."

Boromir's mouth fell open in shock. "No I'm not! I am the Steward of Gondor!"

"Then how come you have to work?" Asked Pippin, looking extremely smug.

Boromir stared, his mouth working for a reply. "Because." He finally spat out.

"I knew it." Pippin smirked. "You're a lier."

"Hey, I fought for your lives." Boromir pointed out, his temper increasing.

"And as I recall, that didn't go so well. We were still kidnapped." Merry replied, putting on a smug expression.

"WHY YOU UNGRATEFUL LITTLE...!" Boromir shouted before grabbing a meat cleaver and climbing over the counter.

"AAAAAHHH!" Merry and Pippin screamed at the same time before each ran towards the McDonald's play area. People in the restaurant began to scream as Boromir ran after the hobbits with the meat cleaver. Merry and Pippin slipped through the maze easily and managed to get Boromir stuck inside the plastic slide.

"Let's get out of here!" Merry exclaimed, racing past the fellowship.

"And fast!" Pippin added, running after his cousin.

The fellowship left the restaurant and hurried across the street, back to the subway station.

"I can't believe that took an hour." Sirius said, scratching his head and staring at a clock.

Pippin scratched his head. "I guess time flies when you're being chased by a mad man with a meat cleaver."

"I wasn't that hungry anyway." Aragorn shrugged as the train pulled up to the station. The fellowship boarded the train bound for Middle Earth. As they pulled away, they looked out the window for one more glimpse of Buffalo and saw a short man dancing in a kilt and an old man playing the accordian as people passed by. Every once in a while, someone would drop a coin in a large grey wizard's hat. A sign nearby read, "WILL PLAY FOR COSTUME JEWELRY."

"Well, that was certainly a strange place." Jack muttered, sinking back in his chair.

"Glad that's over." Will muttered. "Where are we going now?"

"Gondor." Aragorn replied without a moments hesitation. For the rest of the train ride, the new members of the fellowhsip were informed of Gondor's hideous past and glorious future. For the rest of the train ride, the old members of the fellowship were tortured with useless information.

The train finally arrived in Middle Earth. As the doors opened, a mechainical voice said, "Welcome to Minas Tirith, Gondor, Middle-Earth. Next stop, Star Wars dimension, Naboo."

Merry and Pippin watched as the rest of the fellowship left the train, then swapped sideways glances as the doors closed...

A couple of hours later, Merry and Pippin were hanging with Yoda.

Pippin tugged on one of Yoda's pointed green ears. "Are these fake?"

"Are you an Elf?" Merry asked.

"Nah, that's stupid Merry. He can't be. He's too short!" Pippin said, informing his cousin.

"And grumpy." Merry noted.

"Green as well." Pippin pointed out.

"Stop it you must." Yoda commanded.

Pippin laughed. "You talk funny."

"Funny you look." Yoda replied.

"Hey, shut up small guy." Merry shouted, his brow furrowing in anger.

"Off it you knock." Yoda responded.

"Hey, you wanna go?" Pippin demanded.

The End...of Yoda anyway...

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