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By Oranfly

Fred woke that Saturday morning with the worst head ache in the world, a queasy stomach, and a dry mouth to boot. Remaining as still as possible he tried to remember what he had done to earn his current condition. Last he remembered he had been out with his brother George, and his friends Lee, Alicia, Katie, and Angelina. Oh – and then Ron, Harry, Neville, Hermione, Ginny, and Dean showed up at the muggle bar that they gone to right outside of Diagon Alley. Normally he would have been a bit weird about drinking with his kid brother and sister – but a few muggle drinks had already taken care of that.

So what had happened after that? Well he remembered Hermione and how she looked absolutely stunning in a pair jeans that had holes at the knees and one on her upper left thigh that he found particularly mesmerizing and a brown tank top that may have been conservative in the front but only had two ties in the back; one around her neck to hold it up and one across the center of her very sexy back to hold the middle of the shirt on. Never after that would he look at her as just a book worm or his little brother's best friend. He hummed his contentment out loud until he felt something warm stir beside him.

Fred would have jumped out of his skin and the bed if he hadn't been so bloody sore. He did however manage to turn his head to see what had moved beside him. What he saw made his eyes lose focus for a few moments.

A mess of giant dark chocolate curls surrounded a angelic face of tanned beauty. Her dark eyelashes batted as if she were dreaming and her brownish-pink lips were slightly parted making them all the more tantalizing. His red silk sheets covered her from his view, but left little to the imagination. She was clearly naked underneath and although he felt guilty he could tell that she was definitely as gorgeous as his imagination last night led him to believe.

She stirred awake this time before he could move his gaze else where. She sat up, stretching her arms above her head letting the silk sheet fall languidly down her smooth body. Fred had to remind himself not to drool at the heavenly sight before him when she looked over at him and screamed.

Shocked out of his reverie he jumped and accidentally rolled out of the bed taking the sheet with him. He sat up and covered his ears to ebb the sound of her screaming.

"Bloody hell, Hermione, could you keep it down?" He groaned.

She had grabbed a pillow to cover her naked body and stared down at him in bewilderment and confusion as she thought back to what had happened just as Fred had done earlier.

"Did we..." She asked, not finishing for fear that it had actually happened.

"I think it's safe to assume that we did," he answered nicely and slowly.

"Oh Merlin," Hermione collapsed backwards onto the bed feeling overwhelmed.

"Nice ass, Granger."

"FRED!" She squealed and sat back up to continue covering herself.

"What are we going to do?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. Can't say I've ever done this one night stand thing before."

She glared at him before a thought occurred to her, "what if I'm pregnant?" She nearly fainted at the idea and apparently so had Fred because his face had turned white and his freckles now stood out like beacons.

"I'm going to kill Ron and Harry!" Hermione muttered.

"Why them?" Fred asked, truly confused.

"Because they let you take me back here so you could have your way with me!"

"I seem to remember it was you seducing me, Granger." He lied through his teeth.

It was her turn to visually pale. "That's impossible." She whispered.

"Impossible to want a Weasley? You had no problems with Ron, last I checked."

"That's not fair. We were both scared and alone – we could've died the next day for all we knew. We both knew it wasn't really love that drove us that night but desperation for any emotion at all."

"You mean that was only your second time?" He asked, grinning from ear to ear.

"Don't you dare, Fred Weasley!" Hermione screeched.

"FREDERICK DAVID WEASLEY!" Mrs. Weasley's voice boomed off each wall.

"Shit." Fred beyond the point of being embarrassed dropped the sheet that was around his waist to throw on a pair of jeans that was on his bedroom floor and an old t-shirt that had been lying beside it. He sprinted down the stairs and slid out in front of his fire place where his mother's face was now.

"Yes, mum?" Fred gasped as he doubled over to catch his breath.

"What on earth were you doing to be so out of breath?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"I just woke is all," he gasped and once again thought about how he should take up quidditch again even though with his metabolism he didn't need it.

"It's 11am Frederick Weasley and you were supposed to be here for the family lunch by 10am."

"But it's a lunch not a breakfast!"

"Fred," she warned. "We needed help setting up and there's a game of quidditch started already."

"Alright, mum. I'll be over in a bit." He said already on his way back up the stairs.

It seemed that while he was gone Hermione had taken the liberty of getting dressed, much to Fred's disappointment.

"We were supposed to be at your mother's half an hour ago!" Hermione said as she hopped around trying to get her last shoe on.

"Now you tell me," he muttered under his breath.

She glared at him before picking up her wand and apparating back to her flat.

Fred stripped back down and made quick with a shower and put on some casual attire before apparating to the Burrow. By the time he got into the kitchen his mother was racing around seeing to different foods that were cooking at the same time.

"Oh, Fred dear, could you help me with the bread?" She asked.

He nodded and moved over to the bread just as the flour pot tipped and seemingly exploded onto Fred.

"What was – " But she stopped mid-sentence when she saw Fred covered from head to toe in flour but only on the front. "now is not the time to be funny, Fred. Now clean that up."

"But – but – mum, it wasn't – "

That is when Hermione Granger walked into the kitchen. When she saw Fred covered in flour she laughed whole-heartedly but another thought occurred to her; 'he's pretty cute when he's pouting like that and covered in flour.' After that she thought of him covered in chocolate sauce and her licking it off his toned chest. She had stopped laughing now and Fred was now grinning at her as if he knew what forbidden thoughts had made her quiver. But that wasn't it, because before she could react he had her in a giant bear hug, sharing his flour coat with her.

Hermione squealed and tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he only held on tighter.

"Fred. Weasley. Let. Go. Of. Me. Now!" She gasped out. When he finally let her go her jeans and t-shirt were dusted in flour and she nearly growled at him.

"No harm, Hermione dear, just a simple cleaning spell." Mrs. Weasley said as she cleaned them both off. "Fred, just go outside and join the others – oh, you too Hermione, I'll better off with out you two."

"But I haven't even – " Hermione started. But Mrs. Weasley cut her off by shoving her out the back door.

"Fred! Hermione! Come join in, it's shirts versus no shirts," George shouted. "Hermione you can be on the no shirts team." He laughed loudly at his own joke. So far it was Charlie, Harry, and Ron on the no shirts team and Ginny, George, and Bill on the shirts team. Fleur was just watching from under one of the giant oak trees.

Fred who was glaring at his twin brother took off his shirt to join the no shirts team. Hermione blushed crimson when she saw his bare chest for the second time that day and it wasn't even half way over. She took note of his toned back and chest and nearly drooled when he twisted around to see if she wanted the comet 2000 or the nimbus 1000.

"Uh... the first one," She said quickly.

"You okay, Hermione?" He asked. "Have you taken a test yet?"

She looked at him like he had grown a horns out of his head when it hit her. A pregnancy test. Oops!

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