It Began on the Streets

Summary: When returning home from a gathering, Ryoma disappears. When he is spotted, twelve years later, unconscious, who no better than an old team captain to pick him up? Shounen-ai Tezu/Ryo

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Warnings: Shounen-ai, mild violence and cussing

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Teaser Chapter

It was cold. Well considering the fact that it was raining, wouldn't make a big explanation. He shivered on the ground.

He didn't know what happened. All he knew was that he was walking home from a gathering, which was something Fuji-senpai set up to embarrass the hell out of anyone he could, before being grabbed and then… Now he was helpless on the ground.

His first priority would be getting up. But at the moment he was fighting unconsciousness. It wouldn't do well to pass out in the middle of the alleyway. He figured he had a mild case of concussion after being slammed against the wall plenty of times.

His slim fingers felt behind his head where the annoying throb was bothering him. It felt wet. It could've just been the rain but when he saw his fingers, they had red. Just great. He was also bleeding. He sighed out his misfortune.

He could see the edges of his sight going black. But he fought it. He had to stay awake. He was afraid that he'd forget if he fell into the darkness. He was not weak!

He lifted his head a little as he heard footsteps approaching. He could hear the clicking of heels against concrete. It suddenly stopped. Someone was looking down at him. He tilted his head so he could get a good look.

It was a woman. She took off her long coat and draped it over him before picking him up. He was grateful that she didn't leave him there. She carried him through the streets and ignored the other people that were looking at them strangely.

"Do not mind them. Sleep." She simply said. He wanted to protest but her words were like a spell and he fell into the unconsciousness his body craved for.




Golden eyes snapped open at the yell. He pulled the pillow over his head to block out the loud call. He wondered who the hell would wake him up in this ungodly hour. He heard the door slam against the wall as it was pushed roughly. He groaned and turned away from the door. Maybe the person would get the message.

"BOSS! Wake up!"

He growled in annoyance before sitting up and turning to glare at the intruder. It didn't faze her. Only she had the gall to wake him up at unheard of hours.

"What is it?" he snapped angrily. He was cranky in the mornings. They all knew that.

"Boss! Tatsuha-san just arrived. He demanded a meeting with you concerning the-"

"You handle it, Kaori," he cut her off, "Tell me when and where it's going to take place as he changes it." He lied back down and pulled the blankets over his head. Kaori tied her brown hair back into a ponytail before forcefully taking the blankets away from him. He just curled up before blindly reaching for the unreachable blanket. She swore he was like a child sometimes for someone being twenty-four.

"Boss, don't make me get Satoshi." She threatened. He sighed before sitting up and rubbing sleep out of his eyes. She threw him some clothes.

"Get dressed. If you're not down there in five minutes, I'm getting Satoshi."

"Mada mada dane," he responded.

"I mean it!"


Sure enough, he was down in five minutes all dressed in his suit. He faced the big group behind the man with black hair and brown eyes he was going to negotiate with. Tatsuha was annoyingly taller than he, as was his surrogate mother, but he was not intimidated despite what the other thought.

"Ah, Ryoma, you're up. I thought I'd grow old waiting for you," Tatsuha responded with a smug look. It annoyed Ryoma to no end.

"What do you want? I thought we agreed tonight at 'no man's land'?" Ryoma said glaring at the man with his golden eyes.

"Of course it's still on, but I just came to drop by and say good morning."

"Alright you did, now get out of my territory."

"It's rude to treat a guest like that-"

"Pull that gun out and you violate the deal."

Tatsuha took his hand out from behind him. Ryoma had amazingly too good eyes. He was tuff to beat, but not tonight. He just gave the younger a smirk before leaving with his group.

"Remember Ryoma, no backups. Wouldn't want any trouble, ne?" Tatsuha stated before leaving.

Ryoma's group sighed in relief. They all thought they would have a fight on their hands. Kaori looked at him sadly with her brown eyes. He was younger than the rest of them so they all promised their former boss to look after him even if he was the leader of their gang. Her eyes locked onto Satoshi's green ones. He nodded to her. They both knew Tatsuha very well.

The group snapped out of their tense daze as a growl reached their ears. They all looked to their boss who had his hand on his stomach.

"Ara, I'm hungry." They all chuckled as Kaori dragged him to the kitchens for something to eat.


'Oh shit!' Ryoma thought as he dodged another knife along with bullets. He knew Tatsuha was dirty, but he didn't know it went to an extent. He pulled out a couple of knives accurately disarming two opponents coming at him. He dropkicked another as wave and wave of Tatsuha's gang went after him. This was supposed to be a one on one duel. Tatsuha was a cheating bastard.

It was too late before he felt a kick behind him. He fell to the ground as the metal bats began beating him. He shielded himself and tried to throw off any of them but to no avail. There were just too many. After what seemed like half an hour, it stopped. He curled up as a hard kick was on his stomach. He groaned in pain. Dammit, this guy had his fun already. Tatsuha was then in his face.

"That'll teach you not to be rude you cocky brat," Tatsuha said before standing up and walking away with his group.

"Mada mada dane!" Ryoma yelled out. That statement made Tatsuha stop and walk over giving him another hard kick to his stomach. That was the last he saw before falling unconscious.


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