A/N:I don't own any of these characters…ooo but how I wish I did. This is jus ta quick one shot on how the wedding would go with Andy and Isabel in the picture. I personally didn't think of Isabel until just now, and I thought Andy and Dana should have been back at the wedding in the actual show. It took me a while to get around to writing it. Enjoy! …….Xoxo rosabalsifann08…….

Lu was standing in the middle of the basement of the church, getting ready fro her wedding to Jonas. She had an off the shoulder dress, with long lace sleeves. The bodice was like a corset, with pearls and beads on it. The dress brushed the ground and was poofy. Her vial is pure lace, and covered just over her eyes. Andy was standing in the middle of the doorway, admiring the dress and watched her grandmother Isabel and Lana help her get ready, and waiting for someone to notice her. She just flew in from D.C. Finally giving up on waiting for her to see her, she decided to talk to her.

"Lu that dress is going to look fabulous on you. Cream is really a great color on you."

Lu spun around. "Oh my God, Andy how did you get here?"

"Well some man named Jonas," Andy said with a laugh, "called and asked if I was free, and then flew me out here."

"I am so glad you are here! I just can't believe it." Lu ran and hugged her, with tears streaming down her face. Andy hugged her back, and wiped her tears away

"Well now Delgado, you need to finish getting ready, and I am sure me, Lana, and Isabel can do a great job."

"Thank you all so much for being here, you all are making this the happiest day of my life. It wouldn't be half as special without you."

"Baby you are so welcome," Lana said, "Now hurry up we gotta get u all done up"

An hour later Marc came in.

"Hey ma, come on its time to go."

Lu grabbed her bouquet of red roses, put he r arm in Marc's and headed down the door, and then slowly proceeded down the isle.

"Who gives this woman in marriage?" asked the priest.

"I do" Marc replied.

The wedding was a beautiful ceremony. Lu was absolutely radiant and Jonas looked great in his charcoal grey suit. After the ceremonies, Jonas and Lu headed off for a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii to start their new lives together.