Title: Helicopters

Author: Oldach's Dream

Summary: It was a second nature, an instinct. Get in car. Close door. Reach for belt buckle. It was automatic. It wasn't supposed to save his life. It wasn't supposed to be the reason his best friend was inches from death.

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Rating: T or PG 13

Epilogue: I'll be leaving soon

The funeral had ended.

Sam was standing on the expansive front lawn of the church. He took a deep breath and turned his head towards the sky. Chris and Aaron had just said their goodbyes, Chris even managed to do so civilly. They were headed back to Columbus. Back home. Sam was absently jealous that they had a steady place to call home.

The sky he was starring at looked especially clear and amazingly blue. He wondered if it was because of the Texas weather, or if someone up there was trying to tell him something. Either way, he basked in the peaceful feelings of relief it was bringing him.

He missed Alex. And he knew he always would. He had been the only best friend that Sam had ever allowed himself to have. He had taught him many things about life and living. He would be eternally grateful for that.

He hated having to say goodbye. But now that he had said it, now that he knew Alex was gone forever, it was almost like he was a part of him now. Alex was gone, but what he had taught Sam, what Sam had gotten from him; that would be with him forever.

He felt his big brother approaching before he saw him. He took one last whiff of the freshly mowed grass; the smell that he would forever link to Texas and saying goodbye.

Dean threw an arm around Sam's shoulders, taking care not jostle the injured one. It's weight offered more comfort than Sam would of expected it to.

"You did good, kid." Dean tried to say lightly, but the pride was unmasked. They had split up for a while after the funereal had ended and Sam was relieved to see him now. More relieved still, to hear the emotion in his voice.

"Ya think?" He asked, despite his others feelings, he still felt a little unsteady. He had never been a fan of public speaking, no matter what the circumstances.

Dean let out a deep breath of his own and Sam knew instantly that he was about to indulge in one of those increasingly common chick flick moments, that he claimed to hate so much.

"What you said up there, Sammy," he tightened his arm slightly. "It was...right. You made everything seem all right."

"Even though it isn't?" Sam guessed his next line, but Dean surprised him by shaking his head negatively.

"Everything's gonna be fine." Sam raised his eyebrows at the words. Dean turned to him and smiled genuinely. "You're gonna be fine. I wasn't sure before your speech. I've been worried about you, buddy. But I know you're gonna be okay now."

"So, blowing off dad, getting into a major fight with him, leaving the state without telling him, fighting that funky demon in the middle of an abandoned motel parking lot..." Sam listed everything that had happened in order for then to get where they were. "It was all worth it?"

Dean shook his head, but was grinning widely. "You bet, little brother."

"And the twenty seven hour drive to Montana, that'll be worth it to?" Sam was mostly teasing now.

Dean cringed, but Sam could tell it was with fake sincerity. "Twenty Seven hours?"

"I checked the map last night." Sam confirmed.

"Oh, well, you know what that means, right?" Dean asked, looking serious.

"What's that?"

"I'm gonna have to teach you how to drive." He said in the same tone.

"What?" Sam asked dubiously.

"You think I'm driving all the way to Montana my self?" Dean scoffed. "Sorry bro, but the free ride's over. It's time to pull your own weight."

Sam nodded. "You know, I think I can deal with that."

"Good." He ruffled his hair lightly and they started walking towards the parking lot at a leisurely pace.

Sam knew that the offer to learn how to drive was Dean's way of taking his mind off the events of late. Or maybe it was just his way of ensuring him that he had gotten the point behind Sam's speech. That life went on. Or maybe Dean really just didn't want to drive all the way to their new home without help.

Sam would never know for sure, but every possibility made him smile just as much as the last. The thought of learning how to drive in the Impala left him almost giddy, and certainly outweighed any fears he may have had about being in the driver's seat of a car after the accident.

"Hey Sammy?" Dean said after a few silent moments.

"Yeah?" He responded.

"You know I don't regret coming here, right?" His voice held honesty, and Sam couldn't help but smile.

Dean had been making his feelings about this trip well known since the beginning. Sam knew his brother, and if he didn't want to be here, he doubted very much that they would be. It was Dean who had initiated the whole trip to begin with.

Yet Sam couldn't help but feel comforted by the fact that his brother wanted to assure him. Dean didn't do 'express your inner feelings' thing very well, and Sam loved that he was taking the effort.

"Yeah, Dean." He said simply with a smile. "I know."

"And I really am sorry, about all the shit I said before...I didn't..."

"I know." Sam repeated. "You don't have to keep feeling guilty about that."

Dean grinned sheepishly. "If you say so."

"I do." Sam said. "Besides, driving me across the country kinda makes up for it."

"Well, I'm an awesome big brother like that." He said in mock self approval, but Sam knew that would be the last of his unnecessary apologies.

"That you are." Sam said sincerely. They parted once they reached the Impala, getting into their respective seats. Sam shot a look at his big brother over the roof of the car, before sliding into the passenger's side. "That you are."

Alex was dead, Sam couldn't help but repeat the fact to himself. It no longer felt unbearably heavy. It was no longer threatening to drown him.

Alex was dead. But Sam was alive. His brother was alive. His tiny family was still alive. Life was all around him. It was speeding through the Impala's open windows and he was taking it in; comforted by its presence.

His brother and the open road. That was all Sam needed to deal with grief. That was all he needed to deal with life.

Dean and the open road.

Six years later, a twenty two year old Sam Winchester sat in the same seat he had that day when he was sixteen. Dean was still beside him, flashes from his most recent dream displayed themselves clearly in his mind's eye.

"Nightmare about Jess?" Dean asked from the passenger's seat. Obviously noting Sam's now awake state.

Sam straightened himself and shot a glance at his big brother, smiling slightly.


"Vision?" He asked, with more apprehension.

"No." Sam shook his head again.

"Puppies and lollipops?" He tried sarcastically.

"No." His smile widened.

"Was it dirty? Cause your grinning awfully big over there, buddy boy."

"Nah," He said. "Just an old memory."

Dean nodded and looked for a second as if he was going to question it. Deciding against it, he reached forward and turned the stereo up, Metallica now blasting comfortingly in the background.

Sam shot a glance out his window. They were passing though Texas. It was the first time he had been here since Alex's funereal all those years ago.

Dean either didn't remember, or remembered, and didn't know how to breach the topic. Sam figured it was the latter, as he noticed his brother's driving speed increase slightly, until he was making his way through the state rapidly.

Sam couldn't help but feel content, he rested his head on the back of the head rest and smiled. Memories of his best friend whizzed through his mind. Memories from after the accident, of the things John had said and how Dean had defended him. Even though he'd gone back to following their father's orders once they had made it to Montana.

Sam had become rather indifferent to his father after Alex's death, but had grown closer to his brother, not letting John come between them anymore. Just like Alex had said, it was a stupid argument.

Even when he left for college, they had managed to exchange a few civil phone calls every once in a while. Never truly resenting each other, despite their disagreement over Stanford. He didn't want to think about what would have happened if they hadn't had at least that. He didn't want to think about how distant they might have become.

"You okay over there, Haley Joel?" Dean asked lightly, dramatics were still something he tended to avoid.

Sam scowled and rolled his eyes at the nickname. Okay, he was a psychic freak, must his brother remind him of it constantly?

"Yeah, James Hetfield, I'm fine." Sam used his brother's favorite code name and made a mental note to try and find a more embarrassing, irritating nickname. He should of asked Cassie if there were any pet names that Dean hated.

"You sure?" He asked seriously. And if Sam didn't know before, he was sure now that his brother had realized what state they were passing through and what it might bring up for Sam.

"Yup." Sam nodded, and he wasn't lying.

It had been a long time since he thought about Alex Brecken, or his eulogy at his funeral; but he found that the memories were not painful.

No, if anything they were the reminder Sam needed.

Hunting evil, loosing Jessica, trying to find their dad; these were things that Sam was at odds with. The things his nightmares were plagued with.

He recalled now, the comfort he had felt leaving Alex's funeral that day. Comfort that could come only from his big brother. From being on the open road with his big brother.

He would continue to fight evil forever, sacrificing his dreams of having a normal life, if it meant he could stay in this car with Dean. In the Impala where nothing could get to him.

"Good." Dean said and gestured towards the glove compartment. "Then why don't you take out the map and figure out how far away Newport is, geek boy."

"Hey, just cause I can read a map better than you, doesn't make me the geek." Sam grumbled, but complied anyway.

Dean and the Impala, he thought happily.

This was home.


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