Author: James the Lesser/Bunny Man

This is Book #6

I do NOT own these characters, except for the ones I made up. This is the sequel to the Dark Messenger and Other World so read those before reading this, search under my Author name to find them.


Chapter 1: Return to the Future

The world started to stop spinning, slowing down Harry thought he could see what was beyond the whirl and it wasn't Dumbledore's office.

"Harry, duck!" Harry ducked a stunner.

"Hermione get down!" Harry grabbed Hermione and fell on top of her as another spell flew by.

"What? It didn't work, the Dark Lord won't be happy about this." Harry saw two men standing over him; they were the Death Eaters from before, what was going on?"

"Damn you get away from them!" Remus cast several stunners at the men.

"What's going on Remus?" Harry tried to get an answer but got none.

"Harry, Hermione, get over here!" Hermione got off of Harry letting Harry up so they could run over to Remus. "Stay behind me, Moody and Dawdles already took out the Death Eaters in the store." Remus cast a few more spells as Tonks came out of the store helping Remus drive away the other Death Eaters.

"What happened? Why did we show up here?" Harry and Hermione were confused, they were back at the robe store, and it was July 30th again. "What's going on Hermione?" Harry grabbed her head and pulled her back to the ground just as a green curse, had to be the killing curse, went over their heads.

"I don't know!" Harry put his arm around Hermione putting his body on top of hers to stop any spells that would hit her. Still on the ground two members of the team that had gone with them to Diagon Alley came out of the store and fought off the rest of the Death Eaters who finally apparated.

"Are you two alright?" Remus helped them up after the Death Eaters left. "They threw something at you then you disappeared for a second then came back, what happened?" He didn't know, how could Remus not know? "What happened to your hair Harry?" Harry couldn't believe it, his hair was still brown, so were his eyes but Remus hadn't seen them yet.

"I don't know we need to talk to Dumbledore right away." Almost before the words were out Dumbledore appeared by Portkey.

"There you two are, how was the trip?" Dumbledore, he knew, he remembered!

"We need to talk to you!" Dumbledore nodded.

"I know that's why I came, please come with me." Dumbledore stuck the Portkey he used to get there out for them to touch.

"Wait! How do we know you're Dumbledore?" Moody was staring at Dumbledore.

"Eve and Devin know I am Dumbledore." It was him, it was Dumbledore.

"It's him, it's Dumbledore I know it." Harry and Hermione touched the Portkey and felt the hook behind the navel feeling. Appearing in Dumbledore's office the two teens and Dumbledore had a lot to talk about.

"So I am glad to see you two are back." Dumbledore said this calmly as though Harry and Hermione had always taken trips to the past.

"Why did we appear then? Why didn't we appear two months later?" Harry was confused, time travel itself was confusing.

"You don't exist two months from now, why traveling to the future is impossible, you don't exist therefore you can't go there."

"What? But we weren't even born in 1974!"

"But you existed after that, this is the way it works from what I have discovered. Say the timeline is a string, it is infinite, and it goes on forever, every second that passes it becomes longer, now you can go back on the string because it existed but you can't go forward on the string because it doesn't exist yet." Hermione understood and Harry didn't want to wait any longer for a better explanation.

"Why didn't Remus or Sirius ever tell us about this?"

"I used a memory charm Harry; I couldn't let them remember that, I am glad you enjoyed your time with your parents." Dumbledore offered them candy but they turned him down.

"Thank you Dumbledore for getting us home, I thought I would never see my parents again."

"It's alright Hermione I knew you would come back."

"I guess I didn't know if we would for awhile, but you did it." Hermione wanted to hug Dumbledore but didn't feel she could walk.

"No I knew you would return. I had to wait for this to happen but now that it has I have to tell you the truth." Harry and Hermione looked at each other, what truth? "You see I knew this would happen, I had to let it happen though, I thought of telling you, warning you, but it may have damaged the time line if I had." No, Dumbledore knew they would go back; Dumbledore let the Death Eaters send them back.

"But you, you are supposed to protect us, how could you do this to us! Or at least to Hermione." Harry couldn't believe that Dumbledore would let that happen.

"Are you saying you didn't enjoy your time with your parents? Harry I knew you would come back, I knew you wouldn't be hurt, and I thought you would like to spend time with your parents so I didn't stop it." It was true; Dumbledore had let Harry and Hermione be sent back in time.

"But you could have warned us! At least let Hermione go, why, how could you send her back with me."

"I never sent you back, the Death Eaters did, I just didn't stop it from happening. Imagine if I hadn't, what do you think would be different?" They both shrugged their shoulders. "I had to let you go back, if you hadn't Peter never would have left the school grounds, he never would have joined Voldemort, this time line would have been destroyed. As much as I care for you two I had to let it happen." Dumbledore had let them go back, let Wormtail go to Voldemort, and he had let it happen!

"How could you damn it? You sent us back so Wormtail could go to Voldemort, so he could kill everyone I loved!" Harry slammed his fist down on the table breaking something that was made of glass. "You knew this was going to happen and you let it happen!" Harry grabbed something else on the desk and smashed it. "That's what you did; you took my life, my family, and smashed it! If you had told me I could have stopped Wormtail, I could have killed him; I could have saved my parents!" Harry broke something else.

"And what would this do to the timeline? Imagine a world where Voldemort didn't fall, what would have happened?" Harry didn't know. "You don't know, I didn't know, this is why I didn't interfere. I waited until Wormtail had done what he was supposed to do then send you a way home."

"You had this planned, you could have gotten us home the minute we showed up but you left us there!" This time Hermione was upset, she had been kept away from her parents; she thought she would never get to see them again; she was going to kill herself if Dumbledore hadn't gotten them home before Christmas.

"But then it wouldn't have happened, what needed to be done. I am sorry you went through that but it was all needed, it needed to happen." Dumbledore wasn't concerned about his things, he had plenty of them and he could fix what he needed.

"Damn it, if you had warned us we wouldn't have gone through with it, I never would have spent that time with my parents, I got so many things that were good but it meant having Wormtail go to Voldemort, I don't know what to feel." Harry was terrified of what had happened, Dumbledore had let it happened, what else had Dumbledore let happen? Had he let his parents die? Had he let Cedric die?

"That is one of the reasons why I didn't warn you Harry. I am sorry you were pulled into this Hermione but you needed to go with him, I couldn't change the past, and it let Harry have someone to be with from this time."

"What was Voldemort trying to accomplish?" Harry now knew why Dumbledore let it happen but why had it happened?

"I'm not sure; it may have been Voldemort's attempt at changing the past so he never fell. He may have been planning on either you killing Wormtail or telling your parents to make Sirius or Remus the secret keeper so he would never fall." Dumbledore had over twenty years to think of the reason and that was the best explanation he could think of.

"Wait, what happened to the months that passed here, the time that you spent waiting for Wormtail to leave?" Hermione wondered about this, what happened to the string that grew with each passing second?

"I am not sure, right now it doesn't exist, and so if anything changes it wouldn't damage anything since there isn't anything to damage."

"Then don't have the concert!" Harry blurted it out before he could think about it. Dumbledore looked at Harry.

"How do you know about that? It shouldn't have gotten out of the Ministry and other planners."

"You wrote while we were there, a concert was held but the Death Eaters attacked, people died…" That Dumbledore told them that for a reason and this was it! If the concert and the attack hadn't happened yet then if they stopped the concert it wouldn't damage anything!

"Don't have the concert! The Death Eaters will attack and kill people!" Hermione was ready to smack Harry to calm him down; he was close to having a panic attack!

"I will take this into consideration, anything else you would like to tell me?"

"Take Monica to Devin, he'll wake up, maybe. When you took Monica to see Devin he woke up but that might have been under some special situation you didn't tell us about." Hermione who was calm told Dumbledore. "Can I go back now? I want to see my parents." Hermione was nearly in tears, she was so close to her parents after being so far away.

"I will create a Portkey for you, but I need Harry for a few more minutes." Dumbledore made another Portkey.

"I don't want to leave Harry." Hermione gripped Harry's arm.

"Then please wait. Harry you can not tell anyone about this, you two and I are the only ones who know about this. Harry I let this happen, I let you spend time with your family, but I did no betray you, I had to keep this time line intact. I care for you, both of you, but I had to let this happen. Now if you want to go home I'll make a Portkey Hermione, this next part I have to do with Harry alone."

"But I don't want to leave Harry, he might…"

"Don't worry Mione I'll be there when Dumbledore is done." Harry patted Hermione's shoulder calling her 'Mione' to make her feel better.

"Alright, promise me."

"I promise Mione." Dumbledore created a Portkey for Hermione to take home.

"Harry I am sorry if you feel I betrayed you but now I am worried about you, Hermione told me in 1974 that if I didn't get you home you would start to kill people, people who would become Death Eaters." Harry nodded. "Why? How could you think this Harry? Hermione told me after the Dursley's died you wanted to mourn them, how even after they hurt you all those years you wanted to mourn them, to mourn even the Death Eaters who died. Why did you change Harry, you can't let this eat you up inside, I can see the darkness in your heart that wasn't there before. If I had known this would damage your soul so much I could have stopped it, but if I had the time line would be damaged." Dumbledore was afraid for Harry, the Harry before the attack was a good kind soul, someone who would do anything to save his friends. Now Harry had a dark spot on his soul, Dumbledore could see it.

"What happened? Haven't you been around these past two years? Cedric died because I didn't take the cup, Voldemort came back because of my blood, but Ron, that wasn't my fault. He turned on me, he became a Death Eater and killed, I saw him kill people. I saw bodies of students in the Great Hall killed by men who laughed because of it, I saw a Professor leave her children behind, and I saw a friend kill her. I use to believe that all people deserved to be mourned, that only people like Voldemort who doesn't have enough human left to die deserve to die, but I know that is wrong now. There are people out there who deserve the most painful of deaths, not a quick killing curse but torture, pain, wait until they beg for death then hurt them some more. People like Ronald Weasly, Lucius Malfoy, Peter Pettigrew, and any Death Eater I see." Dumbledore was more worried, the dark spot he thought was there because of what Harry had seen, but he could see it was far worse, Harry would kill someone.

"Harry you can not think like that. People love you, people care for you, if you do what you want you will hurt them. Death Eaters can be saved, Severus Snape was saved, he was working for me as a spy until Voldemort found out that he was working for me, Severus put his life on the line for me even though he was a Death Eater. Another of your Professors was going to be initiated as a Death Eater but changed their mind; sadly Voldemort does not allow people to do that. Death Eaters can be saved, some like Peter may believe he has no choice and will never come back to us, but others can and will. How do you think your parents would feel if you killed someone?" Dumbledore knew Harry would not want to disappoint his family even if they weren't there, as Harry struggled over this in his mind Dumbledore hoped this would be enough to make the dark spot go back to normal.

"They can't be saved, Weasly, Pettigrew, Malfoy, they can't be saved only sent to whatever maker they believe in, if I am the one to send them there or not doesn't matter, they won't leave Voldemort, they can't after what they did."

"Harry, Ronald Weasly was your friend do you really think he is lost? He will be punished when captured but he will be given a chance to be forgiven, no matter what he will be sent to the Dungeons or Azkaban when it is rebuilt but we will give him the chance to repent for what he has done."

"Look Dumbledore I don't care what you think, I have three people I need to kill, Weasly, Pettigrew, and Voldemort. When I do this, when I complete this, I will have done what I needed to do. I will promise you that if any other Death Eater crosses my path I will let them live but those three I will kill. I tried to kill Ron, I used the Unforgivable Curse, I missed but I used it. I wanted Ron to die after I watched him kill Cho, when I knew he had betrayed me, after my Brother had done to me what Pettigrew did to my Dad." Dumbledore had not known this; Harry had the rage, the anger, to use the killing curse.

"Harry I may not be your Father but I will not let you think this, believe this, you must promise me you won't kill anyone. You are a light to the people, a beam of light that spells out hope; if you kill someone you will darken that light. You gave them over a decade of peace by being pure, by being innocent, you didn't need to kill to become a hero and you don't need to kill now."

"I won't kill, yet. I know that Hermione, Remus, you even, you care about me and if I did something like that it would hurt you. I can't hurt you, the people I love, and you're all I have left after what Voldemort has done, if I kill anyone it would make the people I love leave me. I can't be alone, I can't let that happen." Harry slumped down in his chair, Dumbledore played him, Harry knew it, but Dumbledore was right. Dumbledore watched as the dark spot shrank to the size of a Knut. There was nothing Dumbledore could do about that spot, it would always be there as anyone was capable of killing, hurting, even Dumbledore knew he had a dark spot on his soul.

"Very well Harry, I am glad you had the chance to be with your parents, I will see about stopping the concert or getting the security tightened, and now you must keep your promise to Hermione." Dumbledore made another Portkey that Harry took home.

Harry arrived back at home in his bedroom. Harry walked out of it and found Hermione sitting outside of it. "Hermione are you alright?"

"I was waiting for you, Dumbledore sent me to my room so I figured you would arrive in yours." Hermione stood up and hugged Harry. "My parents think I've gone batty, I couldn't stop hugging them and telling them I loved them, I missed them so much." And Harry missed his parents.

"Hermione you could tell your parents if you wanted to, who are they going to tell? Any Muggle wouldn't believe them and your parents probably wouldn't tell any of the Order members if you asked them not to." Harry rubbed her back trying to help Hermione.

"What is going on? Tell us what?" Tom had found his daughter hugging the boy but she was crying, first she acted strange around him and his wife and now this? "You didn't!" Tom grabbed Harry by the hair and pulled him off Hermione. "You said you wouldn't do this to me, you said you were just friends!"

"Dad! Let him go!" Tom let Harry's hair go but was still angry.

"I can't believe you Hermione you were always so responsible, how could you let this happen?"

"Dad it's not what you think, we were attacked at Diagon Alley and something happened." Hermione didn't want to tell her dad, Dumbledore told Harry not to tell anyone and she knew it meant she wasn't allowed to tell anyone.

"You were? Oh my baby, are you alright?" Tom went and hugged Hermione ignoring Harry.

"Yes dad I'm fine, the Order protected us." Hermione saw Harry rubbing his head where her dad had pulled. "You need to apologize to Harry." Tom let go and turned to Harry.

"I'm sorry Harry I didn't mean to hurt you but what I heard, what I thought, if you were a Father you would understand."

"Don't worry Mr. Granger I don't need to be a Father to understand how someone would do anything to protect the person they loved." His Mother had sacrificed herself to save her baby, to save Harry. Besides it was physical pain and Harry barely felt it. "You aren't going to be a grandfather any time soon." Tom laughed and left the two teens in the hall relieved.

"Harry I'm sorry about that." Hermione was embarrassed by what her dad had done.

"It's ok Hermione he just wanted to protect you." Harry understood the feeling, protecting people.

"Mione, why aren't you calling me that? We are together again aren't we? After what we said in the classroom, we are back together aren't we Harry?"

"I don't know, I guess. You seemed pretty happy sitting on Sirius's lap during the party." Harry smiled showing he was joking.

"Hey not my fault if he was so cute and so damn charming." Hermione smiled back and hugged Harry.

"I want to make something clear though." Harry pushed Hermione away. "We have to take this slowly, as if we never went out; we need to start over Hermione, Mione." Harry was worried that Hermione might try to rush things. "If you ever want to do something though ask me, let me think about it, and if you want to break up say so, I don't want you to think you have to be with me, like back then. We were the only ones back there, we only had each other, but here there are other people, you don't have to be with me because you feel like I am the only one you can be with. Remember how much attention you got?" Hermione nodded, she was rather flattered by it but was getting mad at Harry.

"I do feel like you're the only one I can be with but it's because I love you not because of something like that. I love you Harry and I want to be with you because you are the only one I can be with, you are the only person I feel like this for, you make me feel safe no matter what is going on." She hugged Harry again. "Can I kiss you?" Harry nodded and kissed her.

"I meant you know, the big stuff, if you want to kiss me then you can." They kissed again.

"I know I can I just wanted to ask you first, see what you would say." She kissed him again grabbing his head as her tongue and his danced against each other.

"Oh my God!" Harry and Hermione broke apart with a loud popping noise as the suction their mouths had made was broken. Penelope was not pleased with what she had just seen. "I come down to tell you Mr. Dumbledore came and got Monica and I find you two trying to swallow the other one! That's it!" She pointed at Harry. "No boys in your room after seven!" Then pointed at Hermione. "No girls in your room after seven!" Penelope realized her mistake and just let out a loud growl at Harry.

"Uh I was uh, we are, sorry." Harry didn't like the way Penelope was looking at him. "I mean ok, no other people in our rooms after seven if they aren't like us, right?" Penelope turned to Hermione.

"Mom I'm not a little kid anymore!" Hermione had dealt with that stare before unlike Harry.

"As long as you live under my roof you will follow my rules!"

"This isn't your roof! It's Harry's! He is kind enough to let us stay here and kind enough to protect me when we were attacked, he loves me and I love him. I'm not eight and neither is he and if we want to be in each other's room we can!" Hermione had gone up to her mother trying to stare her down even though she was shorter.

"You aren't a little kid but you aren't an adult! I and your Father are the only adults here so you will follow our rules! If you don't want to follow those rules I can ask Mr. Dumbledore to move you to your school for the rest of the summer!" Penelope had been in shouting matches with Hermione before but they were about the school, about that Krum boy she met at the school, now she was fighting about Harry.

"In one month I will be! I'll be seventeen and in the wizard world I will be an adult and able to do what I want!"

"In one month! You're not seventeen yet little lady and if you don't want to be grounded in your room for the rest of the summer you will follow my rules!" Harry decided it was time to try and stop the fight.

"Look Hermione as long as we…"

"Shut up Harry!" Both women turned and yelled at Harry.

"This is his house so he makes the rules!" Hermione and Penelope were back at each other's throats.

"And I am your Mother so I will be making the rules!"

"Silencio!" Harry cast a silencing spell on the two so he could get a word in. "I will follow the old rules, no girls in my room after nine and I will not be in Hermione's room after nine. Please stop yelling, we will follow your rules but please realize that Hermione and I are responsible people, we won't be doing things like that, we aren't ready, we just kind of decided to get back together alright? Please understand I will follow your rules but you need to understand that yes this is my house and I will do what I want but I will be responsible about it. I promise that I will follow the rules and make sure Hermione follows them." Harry took the spell off so the two could talk.

"Harry this is your house you don't have to listen to them."

"It is my house but I will follow their rules as they are the adults Hermione. Next year when I am seventeen I will follow my rules but right now I am underage and they are the adults. Also Hermione if I kept your parents happy they won't be as likely to wring my neck if they see us holding hands." Harry smiled trying to make Hermione see that it was easier to keep her parents happy then to be grounded for the rest of the summer.

"Thank you Harry, we may be guests in your house but as you say I am an adult so I make the rules. Hermione we will keep the rules we set in place before but you better follow them, it will be weird grounding the person who owns the house I will be grounding them in." Penelope did not want to fight with her daughter anymore, Harry seemed very mature and Hermione was a very responsible girl, usually.

"Fine mom, did Dumbledore say when he would be back with Monica?" Penelope shook her head.

"He sent that little green thing to make another room so I think someone else is staying here. Didn't Monica have a Brother?" Dumbledore was doing what Harry and Hermione had told him.

"Dobby is making another room?" Harry heard this; with magic he really could be making another room. "And yes she does, maybe he will be coming here."

"Well he is going to have to follow our rules, although I guess he could be in his sister's room later then nine."

"Uh please be careful around him, he has uh, abilities that can hurt people even when he doesn't want to. If he gets mad or happy or anything Devin emits that and well, he was put in a coma after using the power last time." Not to mention he killed and disfigured dozens of people when he used them.

"Well I guess, he was in the hospital right?" Harry nodded. "Well he won't be that bad I hope, only a month left, sorry for yelling at you honey." Penelope hugged Hermione who reluctantly hugged back. "Well I am going to see what your Father is doing." Penelope walked away worried about what her husband would say when she told him their little girl was back together with Harry.

"Harry…" Hermione wanted to say something but she had to wait for her mother to be out of hearing range. "Why did you do that? This is your house you should do what you want not follow someone else's rules."

"Hermione even if I followed my rules you would still have to follow their rules as they are your parents, this way they won't hurt me if they see us hugging or snogging, we keep them happy we can be happy."

"Well I guess Harry." Hermione was still mad, she couldn't believe Harry, and this was his house! They should be allowed to sleep together, sleep in the same bed that is, if they wanted to. "Harry I didn't get you a present, sorry."

"It's alright I didn't get you a present for your birthday." She had already turned seventeen once.

"That doesn't count, you got me so many things you probably have to wait till Christmas to get me something, and you know where we were made it a little hard to get anything."

"And being attacked by Death Eaters, being sent over twenty years into the past, that doesn't make it a little hard to get me a present?" Harry smiled and hugged Hermione. "You forgave me for what I did, that is my gift." Hermione hugged back hard.

"Harry, if you did those things with another girl why don't you want to do them with me?" Amelia was still haunting Harry.

"Because I love you, she didn't mean anything, just an escape, just a way to get farther away from here, but I love you and when we do that I want it to be special not me being to drunk to know what is going on, the first time." After that there was no excuse, he wanted to be with Amelia, he wanted to do those things with her, but not with Hermione, she meant too much to him.

"Harry let me go talk to my parents, I need to apologize to my mom and let dad know what is going on." Hermione kissed Harry and walked away. Harry went back to his room wondering how to undo his hair and eyes. He went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror then tried thinking about his dad, his dad's hair, his hair, the black messy hair, not the long brown mane like hair. Harry squeezed his eyes shut thinking hard about this, he could feel his hair move, but was it changing colors? Harry opened his eyes and saw that his hair had gone back into the usual messy Potter hair but was still brown.

"Ok let's try my eyes." Harry squeezed his eyes shut thinking about grass, trees, Slytherin robes, anything he could think of that was green, he concentrated imagining a green energy inside him going to his eyes making them green, making his brown eyes green, making them his eyes again. Harry opened his eyes and saw he had made a mistake, his eyes were still brown, but his hair had a sickly green highlight to it. "Maybe I should wait for Hermione or Dumbledore to change this." Harry went back to his room and couldn't think of anything to do. It was nearly seven o'clock when someone knocked on his door.

"Harry, Dumbledore is back, he wants to talk to us some more." Harry got off his bed and went out into the hallway with Hermione who immediately kissed him. "My mom and dad say they won't nail you door shut tonight so you should be safe." Hermione smiled and held Harry's hand leading him to the library.

In the library Dumbledore sat with Monica and Devin who looked deathly pale and thin. "Hi Devin, how are you doing?" Harry knew it was stupid but it was nice to see Devin awake again even if he looked closer to death then what Voldemort had before he came back.

"Harry he will be staying here for the rest of the summer as our agreement, Devin and Monica could you go to Devin's room? Help him unpack his things?" The twins left, Monica helping a weak Devin walk. "Harry first thing I must do is this." Dumbledore took his wand off and waved it at Harry; he didn't feel anything happen, but saw Hermione and the way he stared at her. Making his hair longer so he could see it Harry saw that his hair was black again so put it back. "Now I would like to know something Harry, when you saw Cho Chang die, what happened to her body?" This caught Harry off guard, what was this about?

"She fell down, Ron commanded her to kill herself so she did, and she turned her wand on her and used the killing curse."

"Yes but what happened to it? Her parents believe she is still alive since there is no body. I had Monica look for her spirit when we were at the castle but she didn't see it. Are you sure it was Cho Chang?" Harry knew it was, you can't fool the Marauders Map.

"Yes, the Marauders Map said it was Cho Chang, why I went out there, I thought she was trying to defend the castle and wanted to help." Only to find her killing the Head Boy. "I don't know, maybe the Manticore got her, like in the attack on Hogsmeade."

"I thought about that Harry but we caught the Manticore, I used several ancient spells to find out what souls had been taken by the beast and hers wasn't one of them. Even if she wasn't killed by the beast if he had eaten her body the soul would have been near its body, a part of the soul would stick to the body." Harry shrugged his shoulders, he didn't know, he just knew he saw Cho Chang die. "Although it was quite amazing studying that Manticore, Voldemort had done some things to it I never would have thought possible. A Manticore is usually the size of a large lion but this thing was larger then a Muggle Bus, it had a special collar on it allowing Voldemort and anyone else he declared as it's master to control it completely. A Manticore usually won't hunt humans but this thing targeted humans, and only humans that weren't carrying the Dark Mark. How anyone could control such a powerful beast that well is amazing makes one wonder about what other animals he is controlling. I may have to cancel Care of Magical Creatures this year if Hagrid wants to bring anything 'special' in, can't be to sure that Voldemort isn't controlling it."

"Don't do that, if you do then I will have to take another class to make my five class minimum." Harry smiled showing he was joking. "I'm sure whatever it is Hagrid could handle it, he wouldn't bring anything really dangerous, just things that could be dangerous if you do something wrong. Of course that includes just about anything according to Hagrid…" Harry didn't need to worry about a dragon in class, he hoped.

"Yes well I had some Order members get the rest of the things you needed, I should have done it this way before but I had to make sure you did what you were suppose to do. I also had them get the rest of Monica's things and get what Devin will need for school next year."

"About Devin, is he going to be alright? He doesn't look to well." Hermione was amazed that Devin who normally had muscles, tone, and a tan, looked like he was one step away from death.

"He will be, his body, his muscles are suffering from atrophy, lack of use. Give him a couple weeks and he will be able to move normally, I am having Poppy give him special potions and treatment to help him heal quicker. Please be careful around him for the time being, his body is frail and will easily break, why I had Dobby make him a room on the bottom floor so no risk of falling down the stairs." Dumbledore stood up. "I am hoping that he will be healthy enough to go to the Delacour-Weasly wedding, they are having it on the 25th so it should be enough time for Devin to heal. I have some important things to do like go over the security of the concert that you say will be attacked and other Ministry and School business, good bye Harry and Hermione, be safe." Dumbledore made a Portkey and left.

"Well Hermione I will need a date to the wedding." Harry smiled at her and put his arms around her waist. "Will you go with me?"

"Well since my only other choice is Dobby I guess." She smiled and kissed Harry.