Chapter 19: The One Known As Death

The end of the school year was coming faster then Harry could ever remember it coming. With it meant he would have to accept the Dark Mark from Voldemort. Harry had an idea on what to do; he had all the time in the world to think as he lay on his back in the Infirmary. He told Dumbledore the Bludgers were possessed, and how Dobby had done that once, so Dumbledore had the Bludgers sent to his office so he could examine them for Dark Magic.

"Mione, could you get me a book on Portkeys?" Hermione was sitting there with Harry after class to drop off his homework and spend time with him.

"I guess, those are in the restricted section though. Why do want one though?"

"I want to learn how to make them, I've seen Dumbledore make them before but I can't do it." It annoyed Harry, he almost always just had to see someone do it to do something but this time was trickier, must be something he couldn't see to make a Portkey.

"Shouldn't you be working on something else?" Hermione bites her lower lip, the end of the school year was coming and that meant only a month left until Voldemort would want Harry.

"This is working on it Mione, I might need a way to escape if I do get the You-Know-What." It was only known by a few people about the deal and it was to be kept a secret.

"You won't get it because Dumbledore…"

"I might, think about it Mione, I get it and become a spy for Dumbledore, like Snape did." It was the least Harry could do after making to stupid deal, although it was to save the Weasly Twins it was stupid to make the deal, Voldemort wouldn't let him get out of it and so Harry had to plan on what to do after he got the Mark.

"Voldemort will never let you get close to Dumbledore after you get the Mark, Harry, so what good would that do?"

"I don't know, there would be a way to contact someone from the Order, Tonks, Remus, someone." Harry had thought of it, his last resort would be to hope a Ghost was near him and send the Ghost to Monica with whatever he had.

"Harry if you get the Mark I'll get one to, I won't let you go to Voldemort by yourself." Hermione holds Harry's hand, squeezing it.

"It won't come to that; I'll think of something, could you get me the book now?" Hermione nods and leaves Harry alone. "It will work I just need to figure out how to make everything work."

Before Hermione came back from the Library Harry had another visitor. "Oh hey Jim, thanks for saving me." Harry laughs, Jim had gotten the Quaffle out of his hand while the Bludgers had been pounding on him, Harry was grateful for it.

"I, I have to go home now." Jim looks down at his feet.

"Oh they found your Mom?"

"Yeah, kind of, I can't stay here anymore, Dumbledore said so." Jim had done something bad and was being punished for it.

"Oh, well, when you leaving?"

"Tomorrow, I just wanted to say bye and stuff." Jim continues looking at his feet.

"Well sorry about the game, your only one and you lost, but you saved me, probably saved my life at the last one." Harry laughs trying to lighten the mood and make Jim laugh, the kid was alright just a little quiet, especially around Harry. "Wherever you're going you can say you saved the Boy Who Lived that should get you some fame." Harry laughs some more, Jim chuckles a little and looks up.

"I guess, I need to get going, bye Harry."

"Bye Jim, glad they found your Mom." Harry reaches over and shakes Jim's hand. "Keep working on your Keeper skills, Monica said you had potential."

"Really? Thanks, bye." Jim leaves the room passing Hermione.

"What was that all about?" Hermione thought Jim was crying, Harry wasn't that hurt, or had something happened while she was gone?

"He has to leave, they found his Mom, just wanted to say bye."

"Oh that was nice, hope she is ok." Hermione gives Harry two books. "These should be what you are looking for, there are more but they were history and uses of Portkeys not really how to make them. Harry you know you need to get permission to make those, Dumbledore may not always listen to the laws but that is one of them under Ministry…"

"I don't care about the Ministry Mione; they can go to hell for all I care. I didn't follow their laws and if I feel like breaking more I will." One of the few things Harry hated was the Ministry, they had kept Sirius locked up for years, and they had been controlled by Lucius Malfoy for years.

"Harry they only let that go because of Dumbledore, and the one time because of Sirius escaping, they thought he was guilty, even with magic you can't know everything." Harry had been gone for over a week, with some Muggle girl, using magic blatantly breaking dozens of Wizarding Laws, but Dumbledore kept him out of trouble, but Dumbledore wouldn't always be there to protect Harry.

"Doesn't mean I have to forgive them. I'm in a pisser of a mood Mione, I got broken into pieces by Bludgers, have Voldemort hanging over my head, more homework then ever, I'm not fir for human consumption."

"You're fit enough for me." Hermione hugs him lightly, not wanting to squeeze as several of Harry's ribs had been broken. "It will only be a couple more days until you're healed."

"One thing I love about magic." Harry remembers walking into the tent at the Quidditch World Cup, with the Weasly's, with Ron, magic was great.

"And one thing I love about you is you can always see the bright side." Hermione kisses Harry. "But the dark side is we have homework."

"You're right, and I have even more work with this." Harry holds up a Portkey book. "Looks like Snape has no problem giving me a dozen page essay on Bee Wax and its 71 uses."

"73 uses, they discovered one more in 1903 and another in 1988." Hermione, having been in class, had already started on her essay. "I can help you if you need it."

"Ok, you don't have to do your work here, I'm sure those chairs aren't comfortable."

"Of course I have to do it here, you're here." Hermione wasn't going to leave Harry's side, especially with, as Harry said, Voldemort looming over him.

A week later, a week closer to the end of the school year, and Harry was finally out of the Infirmary. "It will be nice to sleep in a real bed again."

"Think I am going to let you sleep?" Hermione nudges Harry with her elbow. "I missed having you next to me, and Madam Pomfrey would probably have frowned at us in the Infirmary."

"I missed you to Mione, and maybe I will get less sleep then I thought tonight." Harry and Hermione kiss on the couch.

"Hey you two get a room!" Monica and Ginny walk down from the Girl's Dormitory.

"Not until later, we still have homework."

"Can we join you?" Monica was having trouble with her Potions.

"I don't know, Mione think there will be enough room on the bed for all four of us?" Harry laughs as Hermione pushes him in the shoulder.

"Very funny Harry, so you aren't weirded out anymore by this?" Monica grabs Ginny's head and kisses her. Harry turns away and blushes. "Guess not, come on Hermione I thought you were corrupting him."

"I try, but it's been a week since I could." The girls laugh as Monica and Ginny go and get their homework and come back down.

Another week passes, another week of homework, being together with Hermione, and a week less to figure out a plan, which was being held together by one thing. "Mione I don't get it, why can't I make this work?" Harry could not make a Portkey.

"Well, it says here…"

"I know what it says; I need to form to destinations in my head, see a tunnel connecting the two, and then use the wand movement and incantation." Harry had been working on a piece of wood he picked up from outside.

"Doesn't this look familiar?" Hermione picks it up.

"It's a stick, they all look the same."

"No, the book also says that something can not be made into a Portkey more then once. Dumbledore has used sticks to make Portkeys before; I think this might be one of them, when we were at your house, remember?" Hermione laughs, out of all the sticks Harry could choose he chose this one stick.

"No one likes a smart mouth." Harry laughs to, once he reads the part in the book Hermione just told him. "I do like kissing it though." To prove it he kisses Hermione. "I need to get something that has never been used as a Portkey, how about a book?"

"Use one of yours you can't use mine." Harry gets his Potions book out and puts it on the table. "Well then, here goes nothing." Harry thinks of where he wants the Portkey to go to, he concentrates like the book says, then does the wand movement, and says the incantation.

"Well?" Hermione is curious. Harry reaches out and touches it, disappearing with a pop noise. "Wait, where did he go?" Harry didn't say where he was trying to go.

"Harry!" Hermione hears screaming coming from the Girl's dormitory.

"Harry what are you doing up there!" Harry comes running down the stairs. "Where'd you land?"

"Well I tried your room but landed one room down." Harry hadn't concentrated hard enough. "I landed on Monica."

"Oh, I'm guessing she wasn't too happy about that." Hermione laughs at the visual of Harry dropping from nowhere on top of Monica.

"I got out before Ginny could hex me." Monica was helping Ginny with her OWLs and they were more then ready to defend against an attack, not waiting for Harry to explain himself Ginny had cast a spell but missed.

"Well it worked."

"Yeah but I left my book up there, you couldn't go and get it could you?" Harry didn't want to go back up.

"Sure." Hermione leaves the Common Room and goes to get the Portkey, popping back into the Common Room landing at the starting point, where Harry was sitting. "Ah!"

"Ouch, you got a bony butt." Harry grabs Hermione's hips and holds her in place. "But I like it." He kisses her on the neck.

"What you like big butts? Monica has a big butt; sure you don't want to go back up there?" Hermione positions herself better so she can kiss Harry.

"I like your butt, and your lips, your eyes, mmm." Harry kisses her again. "I love you Mione."

"I love you to Harry and glad you could make a Portkey." Harry had spent nearly every waking hour that he could on making a Portkey. "I hope you won't need to use it."

"I know, I talked to Dumbledore," Harry hadn't, "and he says he has an idea." He didn't. Harry had an idea and with three weeks left he had time to perfect it.

Two weeks had passed, Harry had gone to Dumbledore, but it wasn't helping much. If they didn't know how Voldemort would contact Harry and how Voldemort would get Harry to him they couldn't come up with a plan. Harry was sure to focus on Dumbledore's plan when around Dumbledore so he wouldn't see Harry's. For Harry his idea had to work, if it didn't he would become a Death Eater with no way to spy for Dumbledore. Harry had been practicing on making Portkeys and had gotten it down so he could make them almost as easily as Dumbledore did. "Harry?"

"What Mione?"

"Now that the 5th years have taken their OWLs, it, it means we only have a few days left, and if Dumbledore doesn't come up with an idea, if we can't stop this, I want you to take me with you, however Voldemort decides to get you take me so I can get the Mark to." Hermione had debated, no fought inside on what she would do. If she did join with Harry she could make sure her parents were protected and that she wouldn't lose Harry.

"It won't come to that Mione I promise." Harry had an idea and he would implement it today. "Mione, I am going to give you something, don't lose it, don't let go of it, ok?" Harry takes a ring on, it was his Father's Marauder ring.

"More jewelry? Harry you've given me so much already."

"Not jewelry Mione, wear it, now." Harry puts it on her finger. "Keep it on ok? Promise me that."

"Ok I won't Harry." Hermione looks at it, it is nice, but why was Harry giving it to her? "Harry you aren't planning on doing something dangerous?"

"No Mione, just wear it ok? I have to go somewhere; I'll be back in a few minutes ok?" Harry used wandless magic to make sure the ring wouldn't come off. "I'll be right back." Harry gets up and leaves the Common Room heading for the nearest tunnel out of Hogwarts.

Harry gets outside of Hogwarts influence and calls out for Voldemort. "Voldemort! I'm ready to complete our deal, Voldemort!" Nothing. "Ron! What the hell, you wanted me so here I am! I am ready to complete our deal! Voldemort!" Harry waits and still nothing comes. "Come on I don't have much time." Finally Harry hears a buzzing noise, Voldemort had connected. "I am ready to join you Voldemort, if you can meet my end of the deal."

"Good Harry, stay where you are, I knew you were too good to go back on the deal, it would mean someone else being hurt." Harry can hear Voldemort, Harry is nervous, if this didn't work he would probably be killed, if it did he would probably be killed. But for his parents, for Hermione, he would do it. "Now Harry get your wand out and point it towards the sky." Harry does. "Good." Harry feels something pull him towards the sky and seconds later finds himself in a cave, he hears waves, where he was he wasn't sure, but for his plan it shouldn't matter, he hoped.

"Voldemort, you know what I want." Harry keeps his wand out incase Voldemort decided to strike.

"Your parents, the mud blooded girl's safety, and to complete the deal you must kill someone, who will it be?" Voldemort's voice sends chills down Harry's spine; nothing was this cold, this evil.

"I'll make it even better Voldemort I'll kill two people, and Hermione says if I get the Dark Mark she will join me, if you make her parents protected from the other Death Eaters." Harry smiles, trying to sound like this is what he wanted. "I may hate you Voldemort but even a blind man can see that Dumbledore is getting old, weak, and when he falls you will have no equal. I can't have Dumbledore protect me forever so I might as well protect myself."

"I see Harry I am glad you have seen the light, however dark it may be. Are you sure you want the mud blooded girl? I have plenty of collars you can put on any woman, or man, you choose."

"No, Hermione is smart, the smartest in my year, she could be a very valuable person to you." Harry starts to walk towards Voldemort when Voldemort sticks his hand out.

"Now who is it you are going to kill?"

"I want Ron and Wormtail, I'll kill them both in front of you, prove my worth to you." Harry's smile becomes genuine, he wanted this, he wanted to get his revenge on Ron and Wormtail.

"I see, very well." Voldemort claps his hands once and Wormtail appears. Voldemort claps his hands again and Ron appears.

"Yes Master?" Ron turns and sees Harry. "Harry! Are you here to die or live?" Ron's shock was something Harry saw, but Harry was stuck with a choice, who to kill first?

"Master is it true? Is Harry here to join us?" Wormtail's sniveling sealed his fate.

"Avada Kedavra!" Harry cast the Killing Curse at Wormtail who turned into a rat before the spell hit. "No! Get back here, Avada Kedavra!" Harry casts it again but Wormtail as a rat is small and fast enough to dodge it. "Voldemort make him stop!" Harry had tears coming to his eyes, he was so close to avenging his parents, so close, he had to do it.

"Oh Harry I just wanted to know if you would kill, I can't lose my best followers."

"Really Harry, with all that I know do you think the Dark Lord would let you kill us?" Ron smirks, the smugness and air of importance surrounding him.

"I thought we had a deal Voldemort, let me kill them, I need to kill them!" Harry sticks his wand out at Ron. "You bastard! I'll kill you, I'll send you to hell!"

"Now now Harry do we really need to act like this? One thing you will learn under the Dark Lord is respect for others."

"Actually Ronald now that Harry is here I don't really need you, Avada Kedavra." Voldemort has his wand out and kills Ron as easily as he would swat a fly. "Wormtail please dispose of this trash." Wormtail turns back into a human and goes to get Ron.

"No, I was supposed to kill him, I was supposed to kill him!" Harry runs over to where Ron lay and kicked the body. "You won't get away this easily! Die!" Harry kicks the body again tears running down his face. "Voldemort I was going to kill him you took that away from me!" Harry turns around and points his wand at Voldemort.

"Now Harry you know we can't duel as our wands will connect again." Voldemort says this as coldly as he says anything, a wand in his face meant nothing to him.

"I was going to kill that bastard!" Harry points his wand at Wormtail again. "Avada Kedavra!" Wormtail turns into a rat again to dodge the spell.

"Harry please do calm down you still need to receive your mark, or are you forgetting something?" Voldemort waves his hand and two cages appear. "Your parents Harry I am sure would hate to die again, don't you think?"

"Mom, Dad, they're real, right?" Harry can't move, his rage at having his chance to avenge his parents was crushed by the love and warmth the sight of his parents gave him.

"Of course they are Harry and as soon as you get the Dark Mark they will be yours."

"No! Harry don't do it, please!" His Mother was yelling, as was his Father.

"Please Harry don't fall to him, he is evil, you aren't!"

"Silencio!" Voldemort shuts them up with a spell. "So Harry how about it? Where would you like the Dark Mark?"

"It all depends Voldemort on what my duties will be. If I get it in the open I won't be a very useful spy, but if I am to be your trophy then is should be in the open shouldn't it?" Harry was walking towards Voldemort; just a few more meters should do it.

"Yes very true, are you sure you could be a spy?" Voldemort has his wand out ready to give Harry the mark.

"I could, even if it is to get close to someone like Moody or Tonks to kill them, although with a collar Tonks could be a lot of fun." Harry laughs as he is just a couple meters away. "To kill one of those Aurors, especially one as skilled as Moody should help you, no us, shouldn't it?" Harry gets his wand out ready to strike. "Bladus Bloo…" Before Harry finishes the spell to turn his wand into a sword a popping noise and a girl yelling stops him.

"Harry stop!" Hermione didn't know where she was or how she got there but she knew what she saw. "Get away from him, don't get the Mark!" Hermione had said she would get the Mark if Harry did but she would do anything to stop it.

"No, not now…" Harry had been so close to killing Voldemort; Harry didn't care how many pieces Voldemort's soul had been torn in if Harry had carved his heart out Voldemort would die.

"Very tricky Harry but too late." Voldemort sticks his hand out, Hermione feels something ice cold wrap around her throat. "A trick that I should have seen coming." Voldemort raises his arm, raising Hermione in the air by her throat.

"Stop it, I said I'd join you, leave her alone!" Harry goes to tackle Voldemort when he is pushed back by a barrier. "Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort turns into a black mist, even just a meter away Harry wasn't fast enough to hit him with a spell, why he was trying to get close enough to strike him down with a sword.

"Harry you should think before you act." Voldemort had appeared next to Harry's Mother's cage. "You were too young last time to remember this part but now you can see them die."

"Please don't hurt them." Harry's plan was falling apart, he was supposed to kill Ron, Wormtail, and Voldemort, free his parents, and then Hermione would come with the ring he had made into a time activated Portkey.

"Then throw down your wand, it will be destroyed, I will get you a new one."

"Don't do it Harry, he'll…" Voldemort sticks his hand out blasting Hermione with a wandless spell.

"I'll kill them, painfully, not with the Killing Curse but something far more painful." Voldemort, using his wand, brings Lily to the side of the cage. "My dear how would you like to die?"

"Don't Voldemort, I came here to join you and I will." Harry drops his wand. "I submit to you, Master." Harry drops to his knees, bowing his head to Voldemort. "Anything for my parents, for a family."

"No!" Harry feels like he has been hit with a stunner spell from inside his skull. "They died for you once and they will do it again!" His sister, or the person Ron had said was his sister, had connected to Harry. "They love you Harry, they died to save you, how can you throw that back in their face? Why do you think they are being kept in separate cages? They tried to kill each other, they want to die Harry, they were in heaven and now are in hell, is that what you want?" The connection stops and Harry falls forward onto his hands.

"Very good Harry, who am I again?" Voldemort liked the sound of Harry calling him Master.

"An evil son of a muggle bitch who will die at my hands!" Harry grabs his wand, rolls backwards onto his feet, dodges a spell from Voldemort, and casts one of his own. "Accio Portkey!" An unconscious Hermione is dragged by the ring still on her finger to Harry.

"I see how it is Harry. They will die now." Voldemort touches Lily with his wand sending a black fire through her body. Lily first starts to scream in pain but stops, walking across the cage, stumbling across the cage, to the other side reaching out of it. James reaches out from his cage and touches Lily's hand, the fire spreads to him. They were going to die together, not wanting to be away from each other even if it was only a moment between Voldemort killing the other.

"Damn you!" Harry grabs the ring, feeling the hook behind the navel feeling as his parents, in their last moments on Earth hold hands before turning into dust as the magical black fire destroys them inside and out.

Landing in the Common Room Harry feels pain unlike any other, he had lost his parents, again, but this time there was nothing he could do, he knew that, Voldemort was to powerful and he needed to save Hermione. Not only that they wanted to die, he saw his Father grab for his Mother's hand, they were willing to die together, and if they wanted to die then Harry wasn't able to stop them. "Mione?" She wasn't moving. "Mione!" Harry shakes her trying to wake her up. "He didn't kill you, I would have known, come on Mione." Harry puts his ear to her mouth, she is breathing. "Mione!" Harry hugs her, her chest rises and falls, she is definitely breathing.

"Harry what's wrong?" Luna was coming down from the boy's dormitory when she saw a panicking Harry in the Gryffindor Common Room.

"She was hit with a spell by…" Harry can't say it, he would get in trouble, and so would Hermione, if anyone found out where they went. "We were practicing and I went over board with a spell I didn't know, she's breathing but she won't wake up."

"Do we need to take her to Madam Pomfrey?" Luna, even when concerned, still looked like she was lost somewhere else.

"No, we weren't exactly following the rules when we were dueling, I don't want her getting in trouble." And if they took her to Madam Pomfrey Dumbledore would find out, and if he found out he would know what happened.

"We should get her to a bed, where is her room?" Luna gets her wand out. "Mobilicorpus." Luna and Harry go up to the 6th year Girls' Dormitory and put Hermione on a bed.

"Thanks Luna, what were you doing here?" Luna was a Ravenclaw, not a Gryffindor.

"Devin was alone, I felt it, so I went to him." He might not admit it, but Devin needed people as much as anyone.

"Oh well, that was nice of you."

"Thank you, are you sure she doesn't need to go to Madam Pomfrey?" Luna could feel the evil coming off of Hermione, Luna knew it wasn't Hermione's but someone else's. Harry was lying, why Luna wasn't sure, but if it had to do with the evil coming off of Hermione she was worried.

"Its ok, she just needs a minute." "You're right; she will be fine when she expels it from her." The voice was trying to comfort Harry.

"Ok, goodbye Harry." Luna walks away wistfully, with the lost look still on her face.

"I didn't fail, I lived, Mione lived, but I didn't save my parents." "They weren't meant to be saved Harry, they weren't meant to be brought back." "You were the one who showed me how!" "No I wasn't, Voldemort did that. I never told you to use the Necronomicon, I never would have told you to do something so foolish."

"Harry?" Hermione coughs, rolls onto her side and sees Harry.

"Are you ok Mione?" Harry rubs her arm, her skin was cold, pale, but she didn't seem to be hurt.

"What happened?" Hermione had been looking at the ring Harry had given her then popped into a cave and saw Harry and Voldemort.

"I didn't save them; they didn't want to be saved." Harry hugs Hermione. "But I saved you."

"You planned that? Harry that was dangerous, why didn't you tell Dumbledore?"

"Because he would have stopped me, I was going to kill them Mione."

"Your parents?" Hermione was confused, why would Harry do that?

"No, Wormtail, Ron, and Voldemort. Wormtail and Voldemort got away…"

"You killed Ron!" Hermione pushes Harry away from her, did he really do that? How could Harry kill someone, even if it was Ron, killing was wrong.

"No I didn't, that bastard Voldemort killed him before I could!" Harry pounds a fist on the bed. "I was so close when that bastard took my chance to avenge my parents, to get my revenge on Ron, he stole that from me!"

"Harry he kept you from being a murderer." Hermione hugs Harry glad he hadn't killed anyone. "I thought I had lost you, when you, when you called him Master I thought you were gone." Hermione buries her face into his chest crying at the thought she had almost lost Harry. "I love you Harry."

"I would never join Voldemort." Harry lies to Hermione; he was going to when his sister stopped him. "I love you to Mione, forever, no matter what happens."

"It was a trick, you really fooled him." Hermione hadn't been sure if it was a trick but if Harry said so it had to be. "The ring is the Portkey isn't it?" Hermione reaches for the ring; tries to pull it off but it won't come off.

"I made sure you couldn't take it off. You don't need to now, it can't be made into a Portkey again and I gave it to you."

"You give me jewelry all the time but this is special." Hermione rubs her other ring. "It was stupid, you were stupid, you could have been killed."

"I know but it was worth it if I had gotten my parents." Harry was rubbing his ring so he could talk to Hermione through it.

"It is still worth it, you tried, and Ron, he can't betray us anymore can he?"

"No, he can't." Harry may not have been the one to kill him but Ron would betray them no more, would never hurt Harry's sister again. Harry hadn't been sure if she was his sister, still wasn't, but she had stopped him, saved him, he owed her his life. "Mione we can't tell anyone we did this."

"What about Dumbledore? Won't he be curious when Voldemort doesn't come for you?"

"I don't care what he thinks or says we never went to Voldemort." Harry and Hermione hold on to each other and fall asleep on the bed.

The last week of school and Dumbledore had Harry in his office. "Harry the end of the school year is here and Voldemort will come to collect on the deal you made."

"No he won't." Harry kept his mind on those three words; he wouldn't let Dumbledore read his mind.

"Why won't he Harry?"

"Because I broke the deal, so no he won't." Dumbledore studies Harry's face seeing he was telling the truth.

"Whatever you did Harry I am going to assume was dangerous, highly foolish, and extremely courage's. The Twins, so far, have not been hurt. Whatever you did has had no negative effects, has it?" Dumbledore is watching Harry's ears, nostrils, for the slightest sign, the slightest tell.

"No Dumbledore everything is how it should be." Dumbledore, by the way Harry's voice changed, knew what happened to Harry's parents.

"I am sorry Harry for your loss but they weren't meant to be here." Dumbledore snaps his fingers. "Fawkes." The Phoenix comes out and lands on the desk. "Harry I want you to know something." Harry looks up. "I am getting old, weak, another reason why I stepped down from my post as Headmaster of Hogwarts. Fawkes helps me stay alive but my time will come soon, I am hanging on for one reason, to make sure Tom falls forever. I will help you in any way, even if it is dangerous and as a Professor should be stopped I will help you."

"You're staying for another year?" Had Dumbledore broken the DADA curse?

"Why does that surprise you? All that rubbish about the job being cursed, the things you kids come up with." Dumbledore smiles. "Harry you will be going back to your home, as will the Starks and if she is still welcomed Ginny. Her parents are still hiding as their last hideout was attacked, I asked them if they wanted Ginny to join them and they said no it was too dangerous."

"Of course she is, if her parents want to come to I don't mind."

"Not right now Harry it would be to dangerous to move them now. I have a message for you though." Fawkes drops a piece of paper. "I had to make sure he wasn't here when you read it."

"Jim?" Harry grabs the paper.


It was great to finally meet you, I've heard about you these past couple years, when I first became a wizard and heard about all the things you did I was amazed. My, my Mother said you were a freak, I was a freak, but you are great! So kind, so nice, nothing like my Mother said you were. I will miss you, but after I changed something I had to go home even though they hadn't found my Mother.


Jim Barrou

"Wait, Barrou, that was, that was Amelia's last name." She had called him a freak when she found out about him. "You don't mean, he, I have…"

"No you don't."

"What?" Didn't this prove that his time with Amelia had left him a family?

"He thinks you are his Father but you aren't."

"How do you know!" Harry stands up knocking the chair over.

"We tested his blood and yours Harry, we know you are not his Father. Young Jim and his Mother believe you are, the Wizards of his time believe it to, but that is because they don't have you to test."

"Why don't they?"

"You died, a Death Eater jinxed the Bludgers of your last Quidditch game to attack the person with the Quaffle, you would take over as Chaser to keep other students from being hurt, and were killed."

"No I didn't, Jim knocked the Quaffle out of my hand." Harry thinks about what he just said. "Oh."

"That is why he had to go home, he changed the timelines, I didn't want to send him back but he broke the first rule and so was sent home."

"But it doesn't change his, does it?"

"No, it doesn't. Jim didn't care though, he loves you Harry, he thinks you are his Father."

"But how is he a Wizard if I'm not his dad? Amelia wasn't a witch, was she?"

"No, but neither of Hermione's parents are wizards or witches are they?" It was a freak event, nothing to do with Harry.

"Oh, ok." Harry's brief moment of having a family was crushed, every time he got close to having a real family it was taken from him.

"You made him happy Harry, his Mother was not the kindest when she found out he had powers, nothing like your Aunt and Uncle, she still loved him, but she became cold. She ran away before his third year and I decided to send him here."

"Wait, but you said you were getting old, weak, he was thirteen years old."

"Yes, I am staying alive to make sure Tom falls." Dumbledore left it at that. "Even if he is not your true son you are his Father in his mind and that makes him happy, why I didn't tell him the truth." Harry looks at the paper, reads it again, and puts it away.

"Can I go now?"

"Yes Harry, enjoy this summer, you are safe at your home, you may soon be an adult but you deserve to have fun, to relax. Jim has changed this timeline so I do not know what will happen." Dumbledore was still trying to find out who the insider was for Voldemort, they had jinxed the Bludgers, they had used powerful magic that Dumbledore did not detect. Harry leaves Dumbledore's office and goes to the Common Room to meet up with Hermione.

The end of the week comes, school is over. The students are getting on the train ready to go home. "Why aren't we going back by Portkey?" Harry and Hermione are walking to the Prefect Car after putting their things away.

"Well first of all, as you should know now Harry, it is easier to make a bunch of Portkeys go to one place instead of having to go through and make each one go to a different place. After Christmas all Dumbledore had to do was make the Portkeys go to one place, the Great Hall."

"I guess, it took some energy for me to make that one Portkey." Harry holds Hermione's hand rubbing his Father's Marauder ring.

"We have a whole summer together, unless you are planning on sneaking off again." They get to the Prefect Car and enter seeing several others had already gotten there.

"No chance of that Mione." They sit down next to each other ready for the last words from the Head Girl and Boy of the school year.

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Harry Potter and the Dawn of War

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