A Love Forgotten

By Joyfulmusic

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Note: I'm adding this story before I've got it finished so that you can tell me what you think. Is it worth finishing or not? Let me know!

Chapter 1: Past Lost

Outside, the rain was pouring down from gloomy clouds. The streets were wet and the mud thick. All was dark except for the streetlamps which glowed brightly onto the sidewalks of town. People rushed to and fro, trying desperately to keep from getting soaked, though it was useless to do so.

Yet standing perfectly still under one of the light poles was a suit of armor. He didn't seem to notice the rain or the sound of the wind rushing around him. All he could do was stare up into the lit window of an apartment on the second floor across the street. He seemed mesmerized by what he was seeing.

Standing in the small living room were two people. A black couch sat opposite the front door. Beyond the couple was a round wooden table in front of the kitchen. Assuming you could call it that. It was actually a long closet containing cabinets, a stove, sink, and refrigerator.

'The Colonel said he'd been spotted here. But I thought it was too good to be true. The military said he was dead. It's been three long years brother. Why didn't you come home?' Alphonse felt a pang in his absent heart. He'd waited so long, the only one who'd been convinced there was a mistake. Even at the funeral he'd refused to accept Fullmetal's death.

Now he knew why. Edward had never died at all. He'd simply been missing. 'Why brother? Didn't you want to come back to us? Didn't you miss me?' Watching the scene unfold in the apartment he felt bad. He'd been sent to fetch his sibling. But Ed looked so happy… without him.

Through the window Al could see the older Elric laughing with some girl. They were both close to the same age, and height. His arms were wrapped tightly around the woman as he pulled her into a long kiss. It seemed as though he'd started a new life, one that didn't include his little brother.

Briana laughed as she pulled away. "Jacob! We're supposed to be cleaning up this mess you made!" Leaning over she picked up one of his many papers that were scattered all over the living room floor. "You know you ought to keep up with this stuff." She told him, tucking a long curly brown lock behind her ear.

He frowned, his own golden hair hung in a ponytail. Tilting her head up with his automail hand, he gazed into her blue green eyes. They were sometimes blue, but streaks of green appeared every now and then. "Can't we worry about it some other time? Ah!" His left hand flew to his right shoulder where metal met flesh.

"Jake!" Briana dropped the papers she'd collected and was instantly standing in front of him. Worry was etched across her face as she unbuttoned his shirt to take a closer look. Gently pressing her fingers against the juncture she asked, "Is it that sharp pain again? Do you need to see a doctor?"

Grinning, he pulled her close. "No, I just want my wife to quit being a pain in the neck about this mess." He saw the frown cross her lips and quickly grabbed her arms to keep her from slapping him. "Seriously, it's not bothering me. I just wish I knew how I got this stuff in the first place." Sighing he released her. "I hate not knowing."

Letting out a breath of relief, she stroked his shoulder softly. "That's part of having amnesia. Don't worry about it darling. We'll figure it out." She watched as he turned his head away from her in despair. "What is it? There's something you're not telling me, isn't there? Is it about that job you applied for?"

His voice was despondent when he finally did answer. "They don't want a freak with a metal arm working there, Brie." Turning to peer at her again he sighed. "And I don't have any past work references except for the hard labor helping put up those buildings. I don't seem to have any skills at all."

Pressing a finger against his lips, she smiled. "It's alright. We'll figure something out. You'll see. Everything will be just fine." Kissing him gently she heard the phone begin to ring. Her husband of a year and a half moaned as she backed away to answer it.

"Hello, Everson residence." She peered back over her shoulder to see Jacob cleaning up the papers he'd written. He was an excellent writer, although he wrote mostly about their life together. If only he could get published as a real author. Then her thoughts darkened as she realized what the man on the other end of the line was telling her. "Yes sir, I understand. Thank you, sir. Goodbye."

Hanging up she felt the world around her crumble. Noting the change in his wife, Jake rushed over. "Brie, honey what's wrong?" Taking her into his arms he allowed her to cry. He thought he heard the word downsize somewhere in her mumbling. 'Just great, now we're both out of work.'

"I'll talk to Ned first thing in the morning. He said I could come to work for him as a bagboy, remember?" He told her, receiving a slight nod against his shoulder in return. Kissing the top of her head, Jacob felt helpless. He was supposed to take care of her, yet he couldn't even get a decent job. 'If only I could remember my past. Maybe then things would get better.'

Glancing out the window he saw someone, or rather something, standing in the rain staring back at him. Memories flashed through his mind quickly, giving him a splitting headache. Stumbling away he grabbed his head in pain. "Ah!" Just as suddenly, the pain and images were gone.

"Jacob! What's wrong?" Briana's blue eyes were still full of tears as she watched her husband shake away the thoughts. Peering outside she saw a suit of armor watching them. Its hand was stretched up toward them as if trying to tell her something. Wiping away the tears she turned to see her beloved intently looking down at the strange man.

"Who is that? Do we know him?" Jake asked, still watching the street below. He'd been with Briana since before he left the hospital. She'd been visiting a friend who worked there when she'd heard about the strange man who didn't know himself. Therefore she should know anyone he knew, or at least could remember.

"I don't think so." She murmured, shifting from the window to the door. "I'll invite him up." But before she could open it, Jake was between her and the knob. He seemed almost terrified. "Darling what is it? You obviously know him. From your reaction, you must have known him before. Why…"

She was stopped when he pulled her into a tight kiss, leaving her breathless. Moving back he peered deep into her aqua eyes. "I… I think I did but… Those images…" He put a hand to his head, remembering the pain and anguish he'd just felt. "I'm not so sure I want to remember."

He'd seen several things: A woman, smiling down at him lovingly. A young boy, kneeling with him over books of… something strange. Then there was a gravesite which had brought on the pain. An accident, that caused the hurt to increase a hundred fold. He had watched the boy being pulled from him into a void. Blood was everywhere, while a monster stared at him. Lastly he saw armor that had brought to him a sense of love, though not the same as he felt for his wife. Now, that same suit stood, just outside his house.

Brie watched as a tear streaked down Jacob's face. "Let me just talk to him. Please Jake. We've wanted to know for so long. We may never get this chance again. Please." When he nodded and stepped aside, she opened the door slowly. "Do you want me to bring him up?" Again she received a nod, albeit a reluctant one.

Moving down the steps she shivered. It was freezing outside, how could that person stand it? "Sir!" She called from the bottom of the stairs, not wanting to get wet. When he turned to look at her she quivered. Something inside told her run back into the safety of her home and never look back. 'But why? This is what we've wanted. Isn't it?'

Shaking off the feeling of dread she called out to him, "Would you like to come in?" She had to force herself not to flee when the armor nodded and began to clank over to her. 'Maybe this was a bad idea.' But she made herself smile. "You'll freeze if you stay out here. My husband wants to meet you."

"Husband?" A voice so unlike what Brie had expected came from within the suit. She only nodded before turning to lead the way up. 'Then… maybe it's not him after all. Maybe it's not…' But when he saw the man standing just outside the door, he couldn't deny it. This was, without a doubt, the Fullmetal Alchemist.

"This is my husband Jacob and I'm Briana." She held out a hand, ushering the stranger into the apartment. It was obvious from the expression on Jake's face that he was uneasy with this meeting. "Honey, why don't you get out guest a towel so he can dry off?" She noticed how quick he was to obey her request.

The armored man waited for him to return before introducing himself. Taking it he told them, "I'm Alphonse Elric." But he didn't get the reaction he'd expected. In fact, he got none at all. Jake just stared up at him warily. "You… you don't know me?" The silence stretched on for seconds though it seemed like years. "Brother?"

Turning and walking away, Jacob didn't say anything. It seemed that he was in some sort of shock. Watching as he closed the door to their bedroom, Brie turned to her guest with a look of sympathy. "I'm sorry, sir. I'm afraid my husband has amnesia." Taking a seat on the couch she motioned for him to take the chair that stood in the corner beside the window. "He's been like that since I met him three years ago in the hospital. You said he's your brother?"

Nodding, Al felt his heart break. "Yes. He was in an accident about three years ago, just as you said. Everyone thought he was dead. We even had his funeral." At that he paused a moment. "He really doesn't remember then?" When she shook her head, Alphonse stood. "Perhaps it's better this way."

Rising to her feet, Briana placed a hand on his arm. "I don't understand. Why do you say that? Jacob… when he first saw you, remembered something. I don't think he remembers everything, just bits and pieces. When I mentioned inviting you up here he became nervous. Please, I want to know why."

Sighing, Al wasn't sure what to say. Their lives had seemed to be one tragedy after another. But now Ed had the chance to have a real life, with a real family. He didn't want to take that from his brother, not after all they'd lost. Turning from her, he headed for the door. Just before leaving he glanced back over his shoulder one last time. "His name was Edward."

With that, her guest left. 'Edward… Edward Elric.' Moving to close the window shades she watched as her brother-in-law walked down the sidewalk and into the dark. Sighing, she pulled the curtains tight. 'Edward Elric… Where have I heard that name before?' She shook her head before locking the door.

When she entered the bedroom, all seemed dreary. No light shown in through the closed double windows. The bed that stood up against them was empty. In the corner at the desk, opposite the door, sat Jake. "This isn't real Brie." He mumbled, not bothering to turn to her. "I'll wake up and you'll be in my arms like always. None of this will have happened."

Placing her hands on his shoulders, she soothed his tight muscles. "Jacob, he said your real name is Edward." She noticed how he tensed at the name. "Do you remember now? Can you tell me what happened?" She wasn't sure if she felt sorrow or relief when he shook his head. "Come to bed darling, it's late."

Sifting from the chair slowly, Jake suddenly felt the sense of something bad about to happen. Pulling her close he whispered, "I need you Brie. Swear to me, that no matter what happens, you'll never leave." When she only nodded he insisted, "Swear it Brie. Swear you'll stay with me no matter what."

"I swear." She said, kissing his neck forcefully. "Nothing in this world will ever keep me from you Jacob. Nothing." She had no idea just how much weight that promise would entail. There was no way of knowing, who or what would try to tear them apart. "I swear." She whispered again, allowing passion to give way.