A Love Forgotten

By Joyfulmusic

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Chapter 44: Vacation

Stepping off of the train Briana breathed in deep, taking in the salty air. She beamed with excitement as her husband offered her his free hand. Taking it she allowed him to guide her away from the tracks. She gripped her suitcase tightly with her other hand, him doing the same.

Andrea and Al followed after. The artist glanced toward the man, blushing slightly. 'What am I doing here with them?' It seemed as though she had been brought along to keep him from being the third wheel. In a way she was right, at least that's what Edward had said.

Truthfully however, Alphonse wouldn't have been in the way had she not come along. He and Ed were inseparable. Perhaps it had something to do with the loss of their mother at such a young age. Or the blood seal that, while now unseen, still seemed to link the two.

Regardless Brie had become accustom to the reality that she had more than just a spouse, she had a family. She supposed it was the same with women who married identical twins. There would always be two men in her life as long as both of the Elrics lived, and she was ok with that. In her mind they were her boys and she loved them both, albeit in different ways.

Andrea had become conscious of the fact as well. If anyone were going to have a serious relationship with the younger Elric, they would have to understand his connection to his brother. However she was willing to accept all of this in order to become a part of his world.

He smiled at the woman. During the trip she had set next to him, falling asleep on his shoulder. Somewhere on the ride their friendship seemed to have changed. To him it felt as though they had grown closer. A silent admittance of their feelings for each other appeared to have been exchanged.

She had noticed it about the same time he had. Waking up with his arm around her had felt so right. Now as his hand slipped behind her back to keep her from falling behind, she didn't tense. It was as though the touch was natural, not even sending a shiver up her spine.

"Catch up!" Ed called over his shoulder, a smug grin on his face when he noticed how close they were. Squeezing Brie's fingers he nodded over his shoulder for her to have a look. When she did he saw the smile cross over her lips. "Just keep your nose out of it. They'll handle it on their own." He warned, catching that spark in her eye.

Turning her gaze to him she thrust her chin into the air. "I have no idea what you're talking about. I wouldn't dream of interfering." Her mind flew back to when they had just been friends and she had tried to hook up the shopkeeper with a girl she knew. 'He is getting his memories back or he wouldn't remember that.'

Leaning over, he kissed her cheek lightly. "We both know you'll meddle, just not too much ok?" She nodded rather reluctantly. Her arm slipped around behind him, inevitably drawing him closer. He, in turn, placed his across her shoulders. The fact that they could finally walk together like this once more meant quite a lot to the couple.

Arriving at the inn he removed his hand from around her in order to open the door. Holding it wide he allowed his three companions to enter before following them. Making his way to the front desk he gave the name of the reservation that included three rooms. He'd made sure they would be next door to each other.

Receiving the keys he led the way out the back door and up a flight of stairs. The view was breathtaking, overlooking the endless ocean. A private beach was only a few feet away, open only to guests of the inn. That made it seem all the more wonderful, because otherwise it would have been crowded.

Handing over the other keys he unlocked theirs while Al and Andrea did the same. Inside was only one window, giving way to the seascape of course. In front of that sat a table with two chairs. Directly to the back was the sink, and to the left of that was the bathroom which held a toilet and shower.

The bed was in the corner against the wall that connected to Al's room and the one that was against the restroom. It was a queen size, another thing that the alchemist had made sure of. He knew how much Brie had started tossing and turning in her sleep now that she was able to.

Sinking onto the mattress she laid back. "You were right. It's like lying on a cloud." He'd told her it would be. Considering how expensive it was, although he wasn't telling her the cost, it needed to be perfect. To him this vacation meant more than just another getaway, it was a celebration of their life.

He'd feared the worst when she'd been taken. Envy wasn't known as a man to let humans live. He had been the one to murder Hughes, and had killed her mother and father as well. He had found out that while she was at the theater the homunculi had bragged about taking the lives of her parents.

But now was not a time for such reflection, it was a time for pleasure and simply being together. Settling beside her he leaned to kiss her lips gently. Her eyes sparkled, the darkness of her past having been put behind her for the time being. She wanted nothing more than to be with the man she loved.

Alphonse knocked on the doorframe lightly, catching the woman's attention. When she looked up she smiled, waving him in. He glanced around the room. The only difference seemed to be that the layout of his room was exactly the opposite of hers. He knew that it was probably due to the bathroom pluming, meaning that hers would be the same as Ed and Brie's room.

He took a seat at the table, watching while she finished organizing her things. They'd planned on staying at least a week, maybe two. However Al was putting off straightening his things so he could be with her. "Now that we're here, what do you think of the place?"

She grinned, glancing out the window. "It's beautiful." She admitted, secretly glad of the fact that he couldn't swim and therefore wouldn't want to try his hand at surfing. However there were some young men out riding the waves, showing off for the girls on the beach.

Alphonse watched the surfers too. "I guess we should learn to at least float before we try something like that." His comment was enough to receive a giggle. 'This is as good a time as any.' He supposed, clearing his throat. "Andrea, how do you… how do you feel about me?"

She stopped was she was doing, standing perfectly still, not even bothering to turn her gaze from the clothes to the one asking the question. 'What should I do?' Oh where was Brie when she needed her? Gaining enough courage she turned to him. "I like you Alphonse."

That comment could be meant one of two ways. He wasn't about to take a chance on being wrong. "Yes but, how… how much do you like me?" He'd never done this before, never been in a position where he had to. "Do you like me as a friend, or as something more?"

She could feel her knees threaten to buckle. 'Should I tell him?' It would have seemed obvious to an onlooker that he wouldn't be asking her if he didn't feel the same way. However her thoughts were racing too fast to grasp on to that concept. Hesitantly she admitted, "As more."

He rose, his mind not quite taking hold of her words. Moving to stand in front of her he leaned down. Placing his hands on her shoulders, like a feather he brushed his lips against hers. Then pulling back he waited for her eyes to open and a reaction to be given, not quite believing what he'd just done.

Gradually Andrea's cheeks took on a red hue. True, she had been kissed before, but never had she felt the earth move. Never had her heart stopped beating completely. Gradually she opened her hazel eyes to peer into his silver ones. 'Breathe.' She told herself, inhaling slowly.

He was nervous; seconds seemed to pass like years. He had felt the same thing she had, but was unsure as to why she lingered so long before saying anything. 'She's turning red, maybe she's upset. What if she…' But his thoughts were cut off as her arms wrapped around his neck.

Returning her lips to his, the message was clear. She loved him and he loved her. Nothing more needed to be said, and nothing more would be said. As they stood there holding one another they both knew there would never be anyone else for either of them. Their fates had been sealed, and they wouldn't have it any other way.

"Well?" Brie questioned as her husband returned unaccompanied and closing the door behind him. 'He's wearing that stupid smirk again.' She noted smiling. "Didn't you ask them if they wanted to go down to the beach for a picnic?" But he shook his head, and while she had some idea as to the answer she just had to ask, "Why not?"

He took a seat beside her on the mattress. "You know why." He murmured, nipping at her neck playfully. "Without your help Darling, they have managed to end up in each others arms and I didn't want to disturb them." She giggled as he laid back. "I'm sure they'll be awhile."

She gave him an alluring smirk, shifting to lounge in his arms. His lips continued to massage her neck. It didn't matter to her that the window was open so that anyone passing by could see in. Nor did it matter that he could be wrong about the couple a few rooms over. Nothing mattered except that she was with him and things were at last peaceful.

The darkness which had settled in her heart was burned away by the devotion of his love for her. They could handle anything that came their way, she was now sure of that. The only thing that did cross her mind was Winry. "Weren't we supposed to go by Resembool first?" She questioned.

"Yeah." He admitted, his attention still trained on her flesh. "But I called and told her we'd see her on our way back home." What did he care that he'd been griped out by the mechanic? His wife, after having been depressed for so long, was happy and therefore, so was he.

"She was upset?" She murmured. He grunted an affirmative, slowly making his way across to her shoulder. She hadn't wanted to stop by Resembool first, knowing the examination she would have to endure. It would have put a damper on the whole vacation.

Gradually the feel of his lips against her flesh soothed her muscles which had been tight from the train ride. Unlike her spouse she wasn't used to it and so found it a very uncomfortable journey. But his attention to her was taking away all of the aches it had caused.

It wasn't until he propped up on one elbow that he noticed she'd fallen asleep. Frowning he sighed heavily. 'This may need to be a two week vacation instead of just one.' But he was content, for the moment at least, to simply watch her sleep. The peaceful expression on her face made it worth it to him.

During the trip many pictures were taken and many souvenirs bought. However Briana's largest and most expensive memento would arrive almost a full nine months later. With curls of gold and shining blue-green eyes she would be her mother's joy and her father's pride.

This might have caused a problem with living arrangements had a wedding not taken place just five months after the vacation. Thus a bedroom was freed to become a nursery. Working at the thriving art gallery allowed the child to be taken to work with her mother and aunt. Not even a year after her arrival however, another addition to the family would be made. Her male cousin, taking on the likeness of his father, was inevitably adorable.

Concern for their children was enough to make the Elric brothers resign from the military. Both took up jobs as alchemy professors at a high-ranking college in the country. In this, they were away from the large city with its big schools, yet still earning enough to support the ever-growing families. And while they may not have lived a fairytale life, they did, in fact, continue to live.

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