Author: Ku-chyan

Pairing: Tallest RedxTallest Purple

Disclaimer: I do not own Invader Zim, nor any of its characters.

Word Count: 153

RAPR Piece # 1 : Sleep

Irkens don't need sleep, not physically. Mentally, however, is another story.

Red was plagued with a sense of exhaustion. His body hummed with energy, ready for more board meetings and conferences. At the same time, he had trouble remembering what the report he was signing was for.

Beds are usually a decoration. Sleep was rare, and time to just rest even more so. The thought of a Tallest needing to use it was ridiculous…

But, the sheets were fresh and cool, and the pillows cradled his head perfectly. Red's mind began to unwind, worries and work shoved back. His arms found their way to a slim waist, fingers rubbing in small circles. A purple pillow, carried from one bed to another, was tucked between a pile of red. Red smirked as the pillow was forgotten, his chest becoming the replacement. Eyes drifting shut, Red decided that maybe he should sleep a little more often.