RAPR Piece #9: Season

Word Count: 298

Only one out of ten Irken males releases a 'suggestive' pheremone during the Irken breeding season which was now obsolete, but took place none-the-less. Usually, it was the females and they kept a respectful distance from 'suggestible' males.

By chance, Purple happened to be one of the one out of ten.

Never had Red seen the council squirm so much. He didn't want to make a snide remark about the interesting shades of pink they were turning, because he could feel the heat on his own cheeks, but at least he had the will to sit still. Purple leaned over one of the council members, pointing and chattering about something on the table. The council member made a gurgling noise and Red rolled his eyes, hovering up from his seat with a sigh.

"All right, all-right. We'll continue this another time. Leave."

And never had Red seen the council move so fast, stumbling out of the room and fumbling papers. Purple blinked, looking confused, "Heeeey, Red, how come you cut the meeting short? We weren't even half way done!" He waved some papers in Red's face," You didn't even get to hear my awesome idea about the ships made completely out of nachoes." He opened his mouth to add more, but stopped short when he noticed the look on Red's face. "...Red?"

"You're such a tease."

The oblivious, as-innocent-as-an-Irken-gets look dropped off Purple's face, replaced by the sly smirk Red was all too familiar with. "I was hoping you'd notice."

"It's a bit hard not too." Red looked away, the tingling that had buzzed near his P.A.K. suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

Purple leaned in close, their arms brushing, and Red felt suffocated. Purple's smirk widened, "Don't be mad, Red. I can't help it. It is the season, after all."