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Chapter 1: Time that Passed

InuYasha yawned and stretched his arms into the warm evening air. It was good just to get away for awhile, sitting in Goshinboku again for the first time in months. Between Shippou moving out and taking Tani as his mate, Mai getting married to the village headman's son, Makoto being nearly out of control, and Kagome pregnant with their second pup and still wanting to do her responsibilities as the village priestess, InuYasha just needed a little time to himself. Kagome, of course, had agreed and promised to stay in the hut while he was gone, as long as he came back with food.

Yep, InuYasha was happy with his still-growing family. From his four nieces: Mai, Cho, Hana, and Yumi, to his mate: Kagome, his boys: Makoto and Shippou with his mate, Tani, and InuYasha's new pup on the way. Not to mention his half-brother and new sister-in-law, an inu-youkai from the north named Usagi, and their son Keiji and of course, Rin. InuYasha wouldn't trade in any of it for the world. Well, maybe his brother, and maybe the monk, but none of the others. He grinned at the thought. Seventeen years. It had already been seventeen years since Suoh and his followers attacked him and left Kagome with that stupid curse. Seventeen years since the well sealed, leaving Kagome stuck in his time, and the two becoming mates.

He was amazed and overwhelmed by it all. A hanyou, a half-breed; growing up, mating, having a family, his family starting a family. He sighed as he jumped from the tree and made his way down the path to his hut, his home. Only gone for thirty minutes and he was already missing Kagome by his side. What would he have ever done without her? What would he have done if she were stuck in her time instead of his? He approached and stuck his head in. "Oi! You better still be in here, wench, or I'll make sure you don't leave the hut by yourself anymore!"

Kagome sat up off her bed slowly with her slightly bulging tummy. Both she and InuYasha still looked like they were in their early twenties, InuYasha a little more so. "I'm still here." She replied when she got into a sitting position. "But who knows where your son ran off to this time."

"Keh. Your fault. You're the one who insisted on spoiling him, and letting him hang around that mangy wolf's pup so much. I told you from the start that that girl was no good." He sat by the fire pit and started cooking the fish he brought back with him, tossing a piece of fruit to Kagome.

"Akina isn't bad. She's just too persistent, like Kouga was. And I didn't spoil him." She sighed and looked to InuYasha with worried eyes. "Maybe you should go look for him. I don't like it when he stays by himself for so long. He's been doing that too much lately."

"He's fine, Kagome." InuYasha sat down and handed Kagome one of the fish. "He'll be back when he gets hungry enough, anyway. Unless that stupid she-wolf Akina comes around looking for him again. I swear, if that girl doesn't just leave him alone I'm gonna have to do something about it."

"Uh huh. And by 'something' you mean getting into another fight with Kouga. InuYasha, that is between Akina and Makoto. The last thing we need is another fight on our hands. Last time you two almost succeeded in ripping out each other's throats."

"And I would have but no! You had to use that stupid 'sit' command on me." He tugged at the rosary still clinging around his neck. "You're gonna have to take this thing off one day, you know."

"No I don't. It's the only leverage I have on you. You are a big strong hanyou, and I am just a pathetic human." She batted her eyelashes. "That spell is the only way I have of controlling you. All you have to do is pick me up and throw me over your shoulder or something."

"Keh. With how much you weigh right now? I'd throw out my back trying to carry you, wench."

"InuYasha, that's not funny." Kagome turned away from the hanyou. He knew she hated him making those kinds of jokes. She looked like the blob when she was pregnant and Kagome didn't like that one bit. Her new way of punishing the hanyou without the 'sit' command was to completely ignore him. InuYasha loved Kagome's attention and could never last long without it. She grinned to herself.

As soon as Kagome turned her back to InuYasha, his ears lowered flat on his head. The cold shoulder. That's just what he hated, but this time he wasn't going to give in to her sulking. No sir, not this time. Instead he turned his attention to eating the remaining pieces of his fish, expertly stripping every last bit of meat off the bone. Kagome was still turned away from him. InuYasha got up and put the fire out in the pit. Still she ignored him. He sat down in a corner and exaggeratedly started sharpening Tetsusaiga, the sound of stone sliding down the blade filling the hut. He finally sighed, standing up, putting Tetsusaiga back in its sheath, and walking over to his mate. "Kagome, turn around and look at me." She was silent. "It's not going to work this time, wench… I mean it." He wasn't even buying his own excuse. He sighed again, crossing his arms and laying his head in Kagome's lap. Her smile grew as she reached down and rubbed his ears.

"Apology accepted dog-boy."

"Keh. Who said anything about an apology? I'm just not in the mood to hear you blubbering all day."

"I don't blubber, InuYasha." She stood up, sending InuYasha's head to the floor and smoothing out her clothes as much as possible. Kagome wrinkled her nose at how big she had gotten over the past month. As much as she loved being pregnant again, she hated looking it. "I'm going to Sango's. She hasn't been feeling too well lately and I have to take her the remedy I fixed for her." Kagome picked up a bowl of freshly prepared herbs, giving it a quick sniff to be sure of the combination, and walked out with InuYasha nipping close at her heels. He still wouldn't let her go anywhere on her own. She stumbled once going down the path to the village and was picked up by the hanyou. "InuYasha, I can walk on my own. You're going to hurt yourself."

"This is nothing, wench."

"Kagome, InuYasha. What brings the two of you around here?" Miroku looked up from his napping spot against the tree.

"I brought that remedy for Sango. She's inside, right?"

Miroku nodded and Kagome disappeared inside the hut. "So, InuYasha. You really think Kagome should still be working in the village in her condition?" the monk's voice was of genuine concern.

"Keh. No. I think she should stay home and leave the villagers to take care of themselves for once, but no. That wench is too stubborn to listen to reason." He sighed. "Having Makoto wore her out enough. That's why I made her wait so long before having another. I made her promise she'd take it easy. But noooo, she just has to do everything the villagers ask her." He slumped down on his haunches with his hands on the ground between his legs.

Miroku yawned. "That's Kagome for you. Never caring for herself."

"Otousan, Hana and Cho left me again." An eleven year old girl wearing a pink kimono with her father's eyes and her mother's hair pulled on Miroku's robes. "They said they were going to see those boys in the village after you told them not to."

Miroku's eyes lit up and InuYasha couldn't help but laugh. "Your own fault, monk. Its pay back for all the women you've lechered over the years."

"What does lechered mean?"

"InuYasha," Miroku ignored his daughter's innocent questioning, "I am hurt that you would accuse me of such a sinful act. I am but a simple fallen monk with a wife and four lovely daughters. It is no fault of mine that they just happened to inherit my charming good looks and the men of the village find them too beautiful to resist." He stood, grabbing his staff after cracking his knuckles. "But, they will learn restraint, one way or another. Yumi, stay here with InuYasha. This will not be for young eyes." The little girl nodded reluctantly and took a step toward the hanyou.

InuYasha watched as Miroku made his way into the village. He could hear a few of his mumblings about how although his wind tunnel was forever sealed, he still felt cursed. InuYasha laughed. Miroku was cursed. Cursed with four young daughters in a village full of lechers such as he was before he married Sango. It really did serve the monk right to have such a curse. Mai had married the village headmaster's son, Kisho, not even a year ago. Miroku had tried everything in his power to stop the wedding. Sango nearly had to knock him out before the ceremony began. Kisho wasn't that bad, not for a human. A little on the dimwit side, but no more than Miroku was at times.

InuYasha had been proud when Mai had worn the turquoise necklace and bracelet he and Kagome had given her. They gave a set of different colors to all their nieces. Cho; Cobalt blue, Hana; yellow, and Yumi; pink. InuYasha had even given a special necklace to his nephew, Keiji. It was lined with fangs of different youkai InuYasha had defeated. At first Sesshomaru had merely introduced his mate and left. Usagi was almost the complete opposite of Sesshomaru, kind and caring. She didn't seem to mind his cold attitude at all. And Keiji was turning out just like her.

"InuYasha, have you seen Miroku?" Sango walked out, her face a little flushed and her eyes dark.

InuYasha pointed toward the village. "Cho and Hana are being chased again. Miroku went off to find them."

Sango's eyebrows furrowed with her anger. "That baka. Kagome, remind me again why I married him?"

Kagome smiled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Because you love him and he can be sweet when he wants to."

"Keh. I think it was just because she was already pregnant." Kagome shot him a nasty look. "What! It's true! I don't think she would have married him if she wasn't pregnant."

Kagome rolled her eyes and slapped InuYasha across the chest. In return, he gave her a fake look of hurt. "Remind me again why I became your mate."

InuYasha cocked a grin before leaning over her, his forehead nuzzling hers. "Because I bring you food and I protect you, lazy wench, that's why." He laughed as he felt the pup kick against him. He looked down at Kagome's stomach. "Oi. You can wait your turn, pup. Your Okaasan's all mine right now." The pup kicked again.

"Hm. That's right. Oyajii is just being a jerk, isn't he?" the pup kicked twice. "Alright already, don't you start being like your brother. I don't know if I can take all this kicking again. You're supposed to be a good pup and not move until you're ready to be born." Makoto. Why do you have to always go out on your own? She sighed, her gaze fixed on the path leading through the forest.


Makoto sighed as he leaned back against the tree trunk, his white undershirt blowing in the wind along with his silver and black hair. His amber eyes gazed off into the distance, arms crossed behind his head, black and silver ears twitching in different directions. His navy hakama was once again ripped to shreds from fighting with youkai, his haori lost somewhere in pieces on the forest floor. He looked to the darkening evening sky, the yellows and oranges of the sunset cascading over his face in heavy waves, swaying branches from the trees occasionally releasing shadows across his body.

He shifted his bodyweight so he could slouch even lower against the tree. He had been running around fighting youkai around the village all day, trying to do anything to keep himself from his problems and have a little bit of fun in the process. Kagome would be worried, and InuYasha would more than likely chew him out for being gone so long, but he didn't care, not at the moment anyway.

"Well, well. How strange it is to see you out here, Makoto." Akina looked up into the tree, her black hair thrown over one shoulder, the white of her small fur outfit making it look even darker.

"What are you doing here, Akina?" he asked in an irritated tone.

"My, aren't we grumpy. I came all the way here for a little visit and you don't bother with so much as a 'hello'. See if I do anything else for you, inu." She jumped into the tree and balanced herself on the branch beside Makoto.

"That's because you're not welcome here anymore. You betrayed me, Akina, you went behind my back with someone else. I don't know about mangy wolves, but inu do not stay at the beckon call of someone like you. Keh. I even gave you a second chance. What happened then, Akina?" he spoke without moving his eyes in her direction. He thought he loved the wolf-youkai at one time. Now it seemed so long ago. Growing up they were friends, he, Akina and her twin brother Kigai. Though they were older, he got along pretty well with the two. After awhile, he started to take interest in Akina, more than in just a friendly manner, too. His Oyajii had told him not to get that involved with a wolf, but Makoto didn't care. He thought he was in love. Until she betrayed him. He had left the forest to the wolf's den only to find Akina with one of her own kind.

The first time Makoto saw the two together, he felt only sadness. He had quickly turned and came back to his Oyajii's forest. Akina arrived a few days later, apologizing for what he had seen. He was so happy to have her back, without thinking he forgave her, like a dog crawling back to her. The second time he wasn't as easy to coax. The second time Makoto found her with another he felt only anger and resentment toward the wolf. He was betrayed. He had opened himself to her only to be rejected for Yasuo yet again. This time however, it was Akina who got dumped. Yasuo had played her just as she had played him.

A couple of weeks later and there she was, calling on him again as if nothing had changed between them. He refused her that time, which made her angry. She went running to Kouga, who in turn came to face InuYasha. The two had battled before Makoto's Okaasan had finally used the command on him and told Kouga to go back to his den. Ever since then, Akina would occasionally pop up expecting that she and Makoto were back like nothing ever happened, like he was supposed to accept her back with no problems at all.

"Come on, Makoto. Are you going to let something so trivial come between us?" she edged closer, laying her head on his shoulder and looked up to his face.

"A trivial matter? Keh. Go back home, Akina. There's nothing here for you anymore." Makoto stood up and jumped from the tree. The wolf-youkai followed suit. "If you don't go I'll find Kigai. He'll be happy to take you back home."

Akina stopped at the mention of her brother's name. Kigai was the new prince of the wolf-youkai tribe, and even though they were siblings she was under his command and had to do whatever he said. "You wouldn't. You wouldn't dare, Makoto!"

He turned to look at her for the first time during their encounter. "Yes, I would. If that's what it would take for me to never see you again, I'd do it in a heartbeat."

Akina's eyes were furious. She held her arms straight by her side, her knuckles turning white. "Fine. If that's the way you want it, Makoto. But I promise you this; you will regret this. You will regret letting me go." With a final swish with the wind, she was gone in the same tornado-like style of her father.

Makoto sighed. He knew his threat wouldn't last too long, not with that she-wolf. He growled. That's not what he needed right now at all, for Akina to pop her head back into his life again. And in a few weeks, she'd be back again, pretending nothing happened this time or any other time. He watched as the last bit of light finally faded from the sky, the half-moon shining brightly with the slowly appearing stars. Yep. He was gonna get it when he got back to the village. With a final gaze into the forest he took off down the path that led him back to the hut. He could see a fire burning in the pit from one of the windows, which meant his parents were waiting up for him.

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