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Quick background (in case I forget to mention it later!) this is what happened between the last story and this one: Luke and Lorelai got married. William died, Luke was really upset. They moved into Luke's house. Luke turned Hardware store into diner. It's end of August, Rory's 5 and starting school in the fall. (Lorelai- 21, Luke- 22) that's it.

Hope in a Locket; The Story of Us, Together

Chapter one- Morning Sickness and Apples?

Luke woke up to Lorelai gone. That was unusual; he was usually up way before her. He heard her in the bathroom, and it sounded like she was sick. He climbed out of bed, and headed for the bathroom. There she was, leaning over the toilet. Luke sat down on the edge of the bath tub and held her hair back from her face. Neither of them said a word. It wasn't because they were fighting; there was just no need for words.

When she was done, she laid her head down on his lap and started to cry.

"Are you ok?" He asked gently, then realised the stupid-ness of the question, and asked "What's wrong?"

"I think I must have the flu or something" She answered.

"You ok now?"

She nodded "I think so"

He picked her up off the bathroom floor, and carried her back to bed. He kissed her softly. "You're staying home today" He told her firmly.

"But Luke!" She whined "Work-"

"No buts. I'll call Mia and tell her you're staying home"

She didn't try to argue, she was too tired.

"I'll be right back" he told her. A minute later he was back with a glass of water, and 2 Gravel.

"Thanks" she smiled softly.

She took the medicine and lay back down.

"I'm going to check on the Diner, I'll take Rory with me, and we'll be back soon"

"Mmmhh kay" She told him sleepily "Apples"

"What?" Luke asked puzzled.

"I want an apple"

"But-" He knew that she didn't eat fruit, but if she wanted some, he wasn't going to argue. "I'll be right back"

Luke brought an apple upstairs and Lorelai ate it. Then he took Rory and went to the Diner


Lorelai, not being able to sleep, and bored with Luke and Rory gone, turned on the TV. She surfed the channels for a little while, but there was nothing on. Then her mind drifted back to the apple.

"Apple? I don't eat apples" she thought to herself "The last time I ate an apple was when… When I was pregnant with Rory"

She sat bolt upright in bed. "Pregnant? She couldn't be… There's no way… well actually there was lots of ways…" She got dressed and in 3 minutes was out the door.


She was pretty sure there was no way she could be pregnant, but she had to be sure. She parked the truck in front of Doose's. (Luke had walked to the diner, and taught her how to drive a stick!) She ran inside. She went straight to the pregnancy test row. She never new there were so many new kinds! She grabbed the one she recognised as being the same one she used when she was pregnant with Rory. She ran to the till, paid, and sent home.


She sat in the bathroom, waiting for the timer to go. She started to wonder if it would be such a bad idea if she was pregnant. She and Luke were married, and another kid might be nice. To have a kid with Luke… that was a nice thought. She loved him, and she knew he loved her, but was it the right time? Hell! Why not? Lorelai smiled. She imagined Luke holding their baby. She started to wish she was pregnant. She was getting very impatient, and couldn't wait for that timer to beep.

How would Rory take it if they had another baby? At first Lorelai thought that she might be jealous, but that quickly changed. Rory would love it. Now Lorelai was really getting excited. She wanted to have this baby, it was an ineffable (it was the word of the day, had to use it! if you don't know what it means, look it up!) excitement! This was exciting!

The timer went off and Lorelai jumped up from her chair. She grabbed the stick and looked at it. It was blue.


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