"So you told everyone to pretend they forgot

"So you told everyone to pretend they forgot?!" Lorelai asked Luke, who was twirling her hair around his fingers. He smiled and nodded. She hit him playfully. "You're mean!"

"I know, but you still love me."

She smiled. "That I do."


The months flew by. Rory became really good friends with Lane, Luke painted and set up furniture in the baby's room and Lorelai got bigger.

Christmas went by, then New Years and before they knew it, it was April.

On April fifteenth, Luke and Lorelai's beautiful baby boy was born. They named him William, and he was healthy and happy. Everything in their lives was perfect… well as perfect as life can get.

William went home a few days later and Luke was an amazing father.

Everything in their lives was great.

Christopher took Rory every second Saturday afternoon, and was extra careful not to leave her with a girlfriend.

Emily and Richard stopped in every so often to see their grandchildren, and hardly ever criticized them. (I said hardly, not never!)

Over time, Mia made Lorelai manager of the Inn, and Luke's was very successful. (He does make the best coffee in the world, after all.) They always had their problems, but nothing they couldn't solve.

For once, Lorelai Gilmore was proud of where she had come. She may not have made the best choices as a kid, but she had found herself somewhere wonderful. She had a wonderful family, great friends, a fun job, Luke's coffee… What more could a girl ask for?

The End.


Authors Final Note:

So that's it. Two years later, I finished this story. Aren't you proud? :P

I've sort of outgrown Gilmore Girls factions… but if you would like to read anything else of mine, I've written for NCIS and I'm now writing for Grey's Anatomy.

I want to thank all of my readers and reviewers. With out you, I NEVER would have loved writing as much as I do and I would never have become the writer I am today. So thank you all!