"Damnnit! I'm late again! Instructor Trepe is soo gonna kill me!" an auburn-haired girl cried as she raced through the halls of Balamb Garden. Her name was Raven Dracma, an ex-Galbadian student. She had on a camo tank top with khaki shorts, heavy black sneakers, a rifle over her shoulder, and a pistol in a holster on her left thigh.

Today wasn't her day, having gotten up late and now, being late to her pre-exam for her SeeD test. And, in addition to having bad timing, Raven had a poor attention span, causing her to collide with an innocent bystander. What a day.

"You okay?" the person asked. The voice was male.

"Ow...I think so..." Raven muttered, rubbing her sore behind.

"Here, let me help you up." and he offered his hand.

He was dressed in western style clothing, as some may say, cowboyish. He had blue-green eyes and light brown hair that was tied into a low pony tail.

Raven took his offered hand, and mumbled a 'thanks'.

"Name's Irvine Kinneas. Just what the hell do you think you're doing? It's like there was a ravring mob after you or something."

She hung her head, staring at her sneakers before replying, " I'm Raven Dracma. I was just on my way to my pre-exam for the SeeD test."

Raven shifted nervously and played with the red pendant on her choker, a nervous habit of hers.

"Oh Hyne! Instructor Trepe is really going to kill me now!" she shouted, and took off at full speed.

Irvine watched her go. When she was out of sight, he shook his head and muttered something about women being strange. He noticed a folded piece of paper on the ground.

" She must have dropped this."

Warily, he retrieved it and unfolded the paper. There was a poem or lyrics of some sort on it.

I prepare for battle

my gun loaded at my side

your name is carved

on every bullet

I saw you kiss her

tell her those words I

so longed to hear

Best friends forever, you said

is that all we can be?

I won't return home

The last bullet I have,

I'm saving for myself

You'll be the last thing,

that went through my mind

Raven Dracma

AKA "Bulls eye Birdie"

Irvine folded the paper and put it in his jacket pocket. "Better get this back to her..."

Raven was slumped over as she listened to Instructor Trepe's "You're late. AGAIN!" lecture. Something the teen heard quite often. She had just made it, catching her teacher right outside the main building. She heard Quistis sigh, and looked up.

"Well, let's go. Your grades at least permit you a chance."

Raven gave the blond woman a grateful smile. "I'll prove that you don't have to be able to use GF's to be a good soldier!"

"Let's go Raven." Instructor Trepe laughed.

"Okay, Thank you so much Instructor!" Raven squealed. She took one step, and fell over backwards.

"Alright, I'll give you a few minutes to get your composure." Quistis said, as she headed towards the front gate.

Raven stood up, only to fall backwards again, this time though, someone caught her. She looked up to see Irvine.

"Oh, it's you. Hello. Thanks again." She smiled.

Irvine smirked, "No problem. So, you're the "Bulls eye Birdie" I keep hearing about. That makes us rivals, ya know."

Raven stood and this time, managed not to fall over. A smile still on her face she said," Well, if that's so, then, Ciao!" and she left in the same direction Quistis had gone.

Irvine scratched his head,and put his other hand in his jacket pocket.

"Damn. I forgot to give this back to her..." he said, the folded peice of paper in his hand.

"What an odd girl…but she's cute." He mumbled to himself as he walked away.

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