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Foreman and Chase sat around the briefing table reading the newspaper waiting for the day to begin. House came in just after 9 looking for his third ducking before starting.

"Where's Cameron?" he asked.

"Don't know. When we came in the coffee wasn't made, so we assumed she wasn't here." Chase answered.

"You know what happens when one assumes. Cameron can catch up when she gets here. Mr. Jenkins is improving. If he continues on this course he'll be out of here by noon. Unless we get another patient it's clinic duty all around. I'll see you later. If you see Cameron, send her up here."

"Dr. Cameron won't be in today," Cuddy states as she enters the conference room. "Her brother died. I won't think that she'd be back before next week. And House, I see you don't have a patient, I expect you in the clinic." Then she left the room.

"Clinic duty, I'll take care of Cameron." House said while he continued to his office.

"You think there's something going on there?" Chase asked once House was gone.

"Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you." Foreman stated and left the room. Since Chase had ratted out House when Vogler was around, Foreman hasn't really trusted Chase with certain details.

She's lost count how many times her phone rang this morning. After her parents called at 7, her phone had pretty much rung not stop. Though it did stop for the five minutes she spoke with Cuddy. She knew that she should have called House and told, but she just wanted to talk to the person that would ask the least amount of question.

She and House had been, she guessed, dating since her return to work. They had been very low key dates, nothing big, not expensive dinners; mostly take-out and rented videos. She had cooked a few times, he cooked once. And what she thought was the best part was that no one knew. House hadn't even told Wilson. Well, the only person that had known was her brother, because House had come to spend New Year's with them. The part that surprised her was that House had asked to meet her brother. And now she sits at home, by herself, flipping through various photo albums of her and Danny's childhood; Danny's European album, which he had lent her when he visited; Charlotte's baby pictures; and the pictures that were taken at New Year's. The New Year's pictures contained happy stills of the day. She and House, She and her brother, she and Charlotte, and she had missed one when she first looked through them, it was of her, House, and Charlotte. He was looking down on her as she tickled the baby. House was looking at her like…she couldn't place it. She'd never seen him give that look before.

"Hey it's me. Cuddy told us what happened. Why didn't you call me? I'm worried about you. Call me. Page me. Get me out of clinic duty. Call me, I'm worried," came House's voice out of the answering machine. She should have picked it, but decided that he could do with a few hours of clinic duty.

Turning the volume of the answering machine down and turning the ringer on the phone off, Cameron gathered the albums and loose pictures and headed back to bed. She made sure that her pager was by her bed in case that was an actually emergency at the hospital. She knew no one would page her unless it was dire and it wouldn't matter how many times they would call and she not answer they still wouldn't page her.

After wondering through the hospital the man finally found the diagnostic department. He quietly knocked on the conference room door and pulled it open.

"I'm looking for Dr. Cameron." He stated.

"She's not in today. Is there something we can do for you?" Foreman asked.

"Is that any way I can reach her? The only contact information I have for her the hospital." The man responded.

"I'm sorry we don't give out employee contact information." House stated as he came through from his office. He stopped suddenly when he saw who was with the man.

"Owse!" cried out the little girl in the strangers arms.

"Why do you have Charlotte?" House asked as the man let the little girl to toddle over to House. Foreman and Chase looked perplexed. They had no idea what was going on.

"I'm Jason Ackerman. I was Danny's best friend and lawyer." House nodded his understanding, but the other two doctors were still confused. Especially as House sat and pulled the girl to sit on his good leg.

"What do you need Dr. Cameron for?" House asked not even looking at Jason, but Charlotte.

"When Danny married and just before they moved to Europe, Danny asked Allison to take care of his estate and whatever children that he and his wife would have should anything happen. And since Danny never drew up another will or any other documentation, Allison is now Charlotte guardian."