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Armed and Deadly

Much later that night he simply stared at it.

If he had been any other man he would have called it "cute." However, "cute" was not a word a Specialist used.

…Unless that Specialist happened to be Kurz. He often used the word to describe females with prominent anatomical features. In turn, this act usually resulted in decisive and effective action by Lieutenant Mao.

But Sergeant Sousuke Sagara was not one to call anything "cute." That was not proper behavior for a professional Specialist.

He remained staring at the object for a few minutes more, silently contemplating what he was supposed to do with it now.

Kaname had waited for him to return all night, sitting outside of his apartment. When he had seen her, she was mostly asleep, her legs folded up, arms resting upon her knees, forehead leaned against them. Exhausted, he sat down next to her without another thought. Unexpectedly, her head drifted to his shoulder.

It was a strange occurrence. A new occurrence.

There was someone who had waited for him, someone to come home to.

That was when she had given it to him, silently pressing it into his hand.

It was a cute, blue, dolphin keychain.

He shivered at using that word. He could feel it chipping away at his reputation as a Specialist. But perhaps there was more to his reaction than that.

And now, he could do nothing but stare at it, wondering what to do with it. He had never received such a gift because, besides his fellow comrades, he had never had anyone worth returning to.

After a moment, he gave a curt nod, pulled out his pistol, and hooked the keychain near the trigger.

He looked at the strange mixture of the souvenir dolphin and the Glock with a feeling of accomplishment.

It somehow just felt right.



He had hit both the suspicious individuals right between the eyes with a rubber bullet each. They had been gesturing backwards toward Kaname, possibly devising a strategy for kidnapping her. Naturally, he had rushed forward and apprehended them before they could carry out their battle plans

Now they were sprawled across the pavement, one of the combatants drooling in his bullet induced stupor.

As Kaname approached, she caught a brief glimpse of a shiny, blue object hanging from his gun. But before she could clearly discern what it was, with almost inhuman reflexes, the gun was swiftly deposited in his back pocket.

"Sousuke…?" She said, momentarily forgetting about her rage.

"Yes, Chidori?"

"What was that?" Her voice was deceptively sweet, but she had that look in her eyes. That look would have made even most Specialists fear for their existence. It always reminded him of the gaze of an enemy interrogator. He could feel himself begin to sweat.

"It was nothing, Chidori."


"It is not a problem."


The rage had returned, and he knew the halisen would follow. The battle would be grueling, for the enemy was exceedingly strong.

But as a Specialist, especially this particular time, he would rather die than give up such classified information.