Hey guys! Just a little random "ficlet" that I wrote, while chatting 2 a m8 online. Figured I'd spread the luv, so enjoy!

Sawyer walks through the dark and misty forest he is unsure of what he is looking for, but is almost certain that it will be the end of all his past pain and sorrows he is unable to e plain it he just knows he walks on further, when he hears a twig snap from behind him.

He turns around, in time to see the most beautiful sight, he had seen in all of his life his heart skipped a beat, as he looked up and down the sight before him from left to right, top to bottom, she was perfect.

He opened his mouth, but was unable to form the words to e press how he was feeling at that moment, his mouth Watered, as he looked upon the McDonald restaurant in front of him.

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