"Haldir! You wait till I get my hands on you! This is your fault! If you ever come near me again with that amorous look in your eyes, I am going to break off your..."

Haldir winced, as he turned to the healer. "Is this...normal?" he asked, a little concerned at the obvious pain his wife was in. The healer nodded, as he concentrated on delivering the baby. "Although most elleths haven't quite the varied or colourful vocabulary that your wife has, Lord Haldir," Haldir winced again.

Cahra glared at him from the bed. He went back to her side, and took her hand. She squeezed it so tightly, he winced again.

"Shhh, my love," he murmured to her, "I am here,"

She snorted in between contractions. "How is that supposed to make me feel better!" she asked, glaring at him. He decided now was an excellent time to check on the progress of their birthing child.

When Cahra had gone into labor late that night, he had not known what to do. She had had to get dressed herself, and then help him find a shirt and lace it correctly for him, so worried was he. He was absolutely useless at times like these, she had thought, as he ran around like a chicken with no head, unsure of what to do first.

"Haldir, you do realise that I am the one who actually has to give birth? She had asked him, exasperated, as she tried to get him to get her a healer.

"She cannot keep the abuse up for much longer can she?" he whispered at the healer, a little concerned. "You were more than willing at the time," he turned and told her, which was met with another snort, and her assurance that she was "faking it".

Haldir turned back to the Healer. "She isn't serious. She really was enjoying it, I could tell" he justified. The sudden progression of his wife into labor had turned him into a babbling mess.

The healer just shook his head. The Marchwarden had no idea. Haldir looked back to his wife. "Will it be much longer?" he asked, hating to see her in this much pain. Also, he hated the abuse that she was hurling at him.

three hours later

Haldir stood beside his sleeping wife, their son in his arms. When she awoke, that was the sight that met her eyes, and she smiled. He sat upon the bed, putting his arm around his wife.

Haldir looked at her worriedly. "You didn't mean any of that did you?" he asked.

"Meant what?" she asked confused, as she reached out to take their child from him. Haldir breathed a sigh of relief. He held his small family close, and closed his eyes in contentment.

"However, it will be a long time before I give you any of anything, lover," she muttered, as she stroked their child's cheek.

"What!" asked Haldir, not having quite caught what she said.

"Oh, nothing," she said, smiling up at him reassuringly. There would not be a dull moment in their futures, of that, she was certain.

And Cahra and Haldir shared a tender kiss, as their little son slept between them, a son, who would have a very…unique upbringing. And Haldir looked at his wife then who was nestled securely in his embrace, with his son in her arms, and he knew then, that he would give up the forever he had, to have them. And as he fought back the tears of happiness that threatened to fall, he knew then that this moment, his family, could never be broken.

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