Title: It Was Because of Me!

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta:Tinorial Peredhil

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst, violence, guilt. OOC just in case. OC's. Bad or good endings… lol!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them to use with my own bunny. The OC's are mine.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Princeling Legolas could not stand the fight between his naneth and his Adar, so he ran away, thinking that it was his fault… and things go way out of control.

Note: Legolas's age is 6; only an elfling compared to the other elves.



At night…

Süitruîn lay her son to sleep, gently tucking him in. She blessed him with "Good night" as she left the room and closed the door halfway.

On the other side of the door, King Thranduil angrily waited for his wife.

"Why have you taking him to The Old Forest Road?" Thranduil asked, noticing the frown face that marred his wife's face.

"To enjoy the nature, to enjoy his childish…" Süitruîn answered softly, only to be cut again by her anger husband.

"You should at least tell me, so I could arrange guards to go with you." Thranduil raised his voice a little; he just wanted his wife to know how worried he was.

"Then, my husband, you should have been joined us. Instead of being a king, spend a day or two with your elfling," Süitruîn retorted.

"That wouldn't happen if…" Thranduil started to say, but stopped as he noticed his wife's face, scrunched with anger and teary eyes, and he came closer to her, hands shaking, and embraced her.

The princeling had awoken at the sound of the loud voices. As he walked quietly over the door, he heard every word and his eyes filled with tears. His parents must not love him; they were fighting because of him!

He turned from the door and sat on his bed, frowning. He did not know what should he do.

"If we did not have the son that we have now?" Süitruîn asked as she cried on her husband shoulders.

"I did not mean it," Thranduil pulled her from his embrace and looked into her eyes, continuing, "There is not a day that I do not worry for you."

They hugged and walked over to their room, wrapping their hands together.

Not wanting to feel the warmth of the bed anymore, he grabbed a few clothes and left the palace unnoticed. He felt that his parents did not love him anymore, and if he left they would be happy. His father's words still echoed in his head 'It wouldn't happen if…' and Legolas let a whisper of sorrow flee from his mouth, "I had never born…"

He left the palace with his clothes in his hands, wandering into the dark forest although sound of wild beasts scared him. He climbed on the first tree, over the highest branch through fear of the unnamed beasts, and cried out. Then he took a deep breath as he gathered courage and got down from the tree, running as fast as he could, fearing the mighty beasts that he heard, orcs and Uruk-Hai.

Legolas the elfling ran and ran, the scene of his parents fighting flying through his mind, over and over, and at that time he wished that he could scream, if only to quiet the sound in his head, but it did not stop, even if he screamed in his mind.

He fell on the ground as pain filled his being, and he did not notice the rocks or the branches that were spread on the ground. He could felt the tears falling down as the pain climbed in his body; he rubbed his eyes the place that hurt him, trying to make it stop.

He still heard the sound of the evil beasts, as he tried to cheer himself and keep running, nothing standing in his way. He seemed unaware that the clothes that he held in his hands minutes before were left on the winding path behind. Through the darkness as he ran as if hands were pulling him. Legolas tried crying for help, but his voiced trailed off. His mouth was blocked… a hand had covered it.

'Please… help…' he cried in his thoughts.

There was no one to hear the cry of an elfling in the middle of the night except the kidnappers who kidnapped him. Legolas tried to turn around to see who took him, but instead of finding out, he only felt waves of pain hitting him over and over. Warm liquid dripped from the elfling's body and he cried with panic when he noticed what it was: blood.

"I am bleeding, I am bleeding…" he whimpered in pain as he saw his blood leaving his body.

"What do you know? The princeling can cry as well," one of the kidnappers said with a smile to his friend, "Maybe we should kill him, and save him from what we planned for him?"

The one that spoke, Legolas could swear that he had heard the voice before, but he still had no idea who took him and why or for what purpose. Then his world went black and he lost consciousness.

End of Chapter 1.