Title: It Was Because of Me! 2

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: nautika

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst, violence, guilt. OOC just in case. OC's. Bad or good endings… lol!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them to use with my own bunny. The OC's are mine.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Princeling Legolas could not stand the fight between his naneth and his Adar, so he ran away, thinking that it was his fault… and things go way out of control.

Note: Legolas's age is 6; only an elfling compared to the other elves.


Next morning…

Süitruîn walked to her son's room, and panicked when she saw the door open wide. She noticed the emptiness, noticed that something was wrong… Legolas was not there.

Süitruîn ran towards Thranduil, her heart beating quickly as she feared for her son. "Thranduil, call the guards right now. Legolas is gone!" she said in a hysterical voice, her body shaking from the fear that something might have happened to their son, their only son.

Thranduil looked over his wife and noticed the short breaths. Coming closer to her, he hugged her even though he, himself, could not believe to his own ears. 'My son, my only son. Legolas, ion-nín, where are you?' Thranduil thought sadly, as he tightened his hands about his wife, letting her know that he was worried too.

"What should we do? I am so worried…" Süitruîn spoke fearfully as Thranduil tried to comfort her, saying, "We will make a searching trip, and we will find him, do not be worried."

"I hope so," Süitruîn said in defeat as she took comfort from her husband's nearness.

"We will find him, no matter what," Thranduil continued.

Süitruîn kept crying upon her husband's shoulders as he shouted for the guards.

Somewhere in the forest…

Legolas awoke from unconsciousness to a new world. He quickly recognized that he was not in his bed, nor the palace, but amongst enemies. He opened his eyes slowly, his sight blurry at first. Then he noticed the elves. He noticed his uncle, his mother's brother.

"No… it cannot be…" he muttered in fear.

"And why not?" Reîcå asked his nephew. His eyes bore into the child, causing Legolas to look away.

Reîcå was Süitruîn's brother. His eyes were darkened with a shade of black, his hair was dark with tinge of white. The colors made Legolas imagine the web of a spider whenever he looked up at the sight.

"But you're my nana's gwador… why?" Legolas asked, still fearful as he did not know what would be done with him. "Do you not love me?" he inquired childishly with pleading eyes as he stared at his uncle.

Reîcå looked over his nephew and answered in return, "And have you ever loved me, sweet nephew? Have you ever… have you ever been there for me when your adar hit me?"

Legolas filled quickly with rage, and muttered to him in a brave defense for his Ada, "My Ada does not hit unless he had a good reason to."

"Has he ever beaten you?" Reîcå asked, and he glared hard at the elfling.


"Then why are you not in the palace?" Reîcå interrogated his nephew.

"That was my decision."

"What? To leave your parents?" Reîcå was attacking him with questions.

Legolas nodded, and lowered his head.

Reîcå smiled; the plan would go well, as the princeling was wholly in his hands. "Since you left your parents, you will follow my words or else…" Reîcå glared menacingly at the boy, clearly showing no mercy.

Legolas sank onto the floor and covered his head on his knees, crying quietly. He thought of his naneth and his ada, of how they might be happy if he vanished, just what they wished. The true hopes in his heart were that they still had a place for him in their heart.

"What should we do with him?" one of the elves asked as he glared at Legolas.

"Leave him tied in some cave or near spiders webs… and if the Valar spare his life, before the King falls into the trap… then I will not be responsible for my actions," Reîcå answered.

Legolas lifted his head and noticed his uncle's eyes become like a glass, a cold glass without any emotion. "Why me? Why do you wish to kill me? What have I done to you?" Legolas burst in question as tears left his eyes.

"Why? You are the weakness of your family. Your parents will do anything to save you, including giving up the crown and being my slaves." Reîcå answered with a smile.

"No, they won't!" Legolas answered im return, and added in his best sharp voice, "They hate me!"

End of Chapter 2.