Title: I hate snow

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Alas, not mine, never will be.

Summary: Aragorn and snow, the world is just not big enough for the two.

A/N: Written for the MC Challenge with the theme "Snow".

Words: 517

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Aragorn´s Pov

Snow! I hate snow! Honestly, what is snow good for? Right, nothing. It is cold, it is wet, it is slippery and it is just absolutely useless. The Valar have made so many good things, but snow?

The sun warms us and makes us feel comfortably, rain cleans us and gives us water to drink, wind calms us and soothes our mind. And snow, snow is just useless. You cannot eat it, for fear of freezing your teeth. You cannot drink it, as it is too cold and has to melt first. You cannot sleep in it, as you will be drenched in the morning. You cannot, well…use it at all!

Once, when I have been a child, my brothers tempted me to try and walk on snow. Needless to say that they had their fun, while I time and again tried to stand on the white substance. They still taunt me with it.

Then, when I was older, I crossed the Misty Mountains to visit Legolas in Mirkwood. On the highest pass, far from any help of course, an avalanche caught me off guard and I was buried under masses of snow. I was lucky that I could free myself after only a day.

And even now, as I make my way back to Imladris to meet with my family, it is there. Everywhere. Snow. For the last days the snowfalls have not lessened and the white flakes have covered the ground as far as I can look.

Legolas and I have crossed the mountains and are nearly home. I have fallen ten times during our trip, have sneezed more often than I can tell, my feet that trudge through the snow are cold and numb and my cloak is as wet as if it had fallen into a river.

I am wet, I am cold and I am hungry. And I feel an insuppressibly need to throttle Legolas who -again- turns around, his feet barely sinking into the snow, and grins sweetly at me. Ai, if only the snow would not be so high, then we would be in Imladris already, sitting before a warm fire, a cup of tea in hand and with something delicious to eat for my starved stomach.

Hunting in the snow is not as easy as the elves claim it to be. On the other hand, for them it probably is.

Nay, snow is not fun, or pleasure, or fluffy. No, it is evil, only designed to make me trip and fall -face first- into it. And my brothers and Legolas (all elves for that matter), will laugh and snicker and have their fun at my expense.

I hate snow.


Legolas! This prissy elf has thrown a snowball at me! Bending down and making a snowball as well I quickly throw it at him, but he dodges expertly. Loudly yelling at him for retribution but grinning broadly, I chase after the fleeing elf who laughs and snickers and smiles at my clumsy attempts to catch him.

Let the games begin.

Well, maybe I do not hate snow after all.

The end.