The Strength of it all: Prologue:

Jesse Duke was doing up some breakfast for himself, and his family, he has a great niece named Pamela, who is Luke's daughter, a niece named Daisy, and 2 nephews, named Bo, and Luke, Pamela came to live with them when her mother, Luke's wife, Anita Blackwell, died in a car accident, and he loves his family. "I have a terrific family", Jesse said to himself, as he made some Grits.

Bo was working with Daisy on her jeep, "Dixie", and she said with a smile, "I appreciate you helping me like this, Bo" He looked up from under the jeep, and said with a dazzling smile, "Anything for one of my favorite women in my life, Cousin", and she smiled back, and they went back to work.

Luke was busy on the other side of the yard he was working on the "General Lee", the racecar he shares with Bo, and his daughter five-year old, Pamela was helping him by handing him tools that he needed, and she asked out of being curious, "Daddy, What makes us good people?" she was always curious ever since she was three, and he looked at her from under the car, and smiled, and said, "Well, we are caring, loving, and helpful, and would anything for each other, Your Great Uncle says, "That's the strength of it all" ", and Pamela was satisfied with that answer, and Jesse called out from the Porch, ringing the triangle, "Breakfast, Come, and get it!", and everyone went in to wash up. As everyone went in, no one noticed Luke rubbing his back that had been bothering him for the past 2 months.

Everyone washed up, and sat down to Grace, before eating, and when Jesse was done, he noticed that Luke was looking a little pale, and he said, "Luke, Are you feeling ok?" Luke said, "I am fine, Uncle Jesse, don't worry", but Jesse was not convinced. Pamela said, "Cousin Bo, you promised me we can go fishing after school, don't forget", and Bo smiled, and said, "Don't worry, Darlin', I won't", and he winked at her, and Daisy looked at the clock on the wall, and said, "I gotta go, Boss will be mad, if I am late", and she went outside to her Jeep, and the other Duke members heard the Jeep roared to life, and Daisy drove off.

Later that afternoon, everyone went to do their own thing, and Pamela went with Bo, and her dad to the local lake, to do some fishing, and they were having some fun, and having the picnic lunch that Jesse packed for them, they were fishing on the dock, Luke stood up, to reel in his line, and he suddenly got a pain in his arm, and he walking the pain off, all over the dock, and all of sudden, he got dizzy, and fell in, and Pamela saw this, and yelled, "Daddy!" she turned to her cousin, and yelled, "Cousin Bo, Daddy's in trouble!", and Bo looked up, and didn't see Luke in his spot, and he yelled down to the bottom, "Luke!", and he turned to his young cousin, "Pamela, Stay put, and don't move!", Bo turned back, and dove in after his older cousin.

End of: The Strength of it all: Prologue:

Balladeer: Can Bo get to his cousin in time? Stay tuned to find out