-1Chapter One: Tired

Dean and Sam had been in this little town for three days looking into the death of a museum curator that had been killed in a supposedly haunted museum. The strange death actually turned out to be someone trying to make it look like the legendary ghost did it. He was trying to get the poor guys job. After they went back to the hotel, Dean just sat at the table and put his head down.

"This was a total waste of our time." he said sighing

"Yeah well at least we know now that there really isn't a ghost. Don't have to worry about coming back here anytime soon." Sam said smiling at his brother.

"Well I'm fucking tired of these pranks. And I don't like being in this town." Dean snapped back with a serious look on his face. "The sooner we get out of here the better I'll feel"

Sam just looked confused at his brother. "Why do you hate the town so much, you've done nothing but complain since we got here, oh and sleep and mope around." Sam was a little angry now. "I mean we get here and you like shut down, I don't get it what's going on, what aren't you telling me?"

Dean looked surprised at Sam, he couldn't believe how mad he got in such a short time, but he was right, he had been really tired, but couldn't figure out why. "Sammy I'm sorry, I know I've been tired and not much help the past couple of days. But you don't have to freak out."

Sam just laughed. "You haven't just been tired Dean, I mean you sleep until like noon, you freak on me for no stupid reason. And you've done nothing but dis this town since we got here"

Dean just sat there, he knew it was true, but he couldn't figure out what was going on with him lately. Maybe it was the town and what happened that last time he passed through it. "Sammy I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on. Lets just get some sleep and we'll head out in the morning."

"Okay" was all Sam said before heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Dean just sat in the chair and let his face finally show the worry he felt. He decided that before they left he would have to make a quick stop to make sure he was wrong. And god he hoped he was wrong, because there was no way he could face it again. He probably wouldn't't make through a second round.