(spoilers up through "SotH", birthdayfic for crhblack)

John gave her the key to his apartment six months ago. Mari tries not to play the mental game of wondering if Shayera had a key, if she still does. Sometimes she wonders anyway, like she wonders what John thinks when he watches his ex and her new lover.

Today she and Shayera are pretending to be pleasant over cobb salad, and she is wondering how to ask without asking. They discuss the surprise party Flash is planning, and Mari makes her gambit: "Can you go over early and start setting up without me?" And Shayera agrees and it hurts.

A/N: Third verse, same as the first. Drabbles are too small to get their own files. If one of these grabs you, feel free to run with and expand it further. - N.B.