Title: Exchange
Author: nancybrown
Fandom: Justice League Unlimited
Characters: Black Canary, Amanda Waller
Rating: G
Summary: Double Drabble. It's like a partnership, and also like a trade.
A/N: Written for halfamoon. (It's like this. I was at Target and saw they had Amanda Waller toys and was suddenly wondering why I hadn't already written three million stories about her already.)

"You should know, I was expecting they'd send the Bat."

Dinah laughs. "You should know, no one sends Batman anywhere he doesn't want to go."

"True enough." Mrs. Waller turns from the window and fixes Dinah with the most piercing stare anyone without x-ray vision has ever given her. She tries not to squirm. "I will be liaising with the League. You will be liaising with my people."

"We're not a threat."

"I realize that, now. The more we work with each other, the more we'll both remember that."


Dinah knows she is here because the League needs a metahuman to act as their token voice in the room. A pretty blonde, no matter how strong her power or how confident in her ability to kick the ass of any doubter, is a quieter threat than a muscle-bound vigilante or an alien. So the logic went, anyway.

But she is sitting across from the woman they call The Wall, who has no powers, no weapons, nothing but her mind and her presence and her unflinching knowledge that she can order men and women to their duty and they will obey, and for the first time, Dinah is afraid.