summary:What happens when nami finds out that zoro,not only has two sisters but also comes from the future?zoroxnami setoxsetsuna(later chapters)

I don't own,one piece,sailor moon and the sailor scouts,inuyasha,or yugioh.

past,present future part 1

"Lunch time!"Sanji yelled from the kitchen as Luffy ran inside screaming,

"meat,meat,meat,meat!"Usopp following close behind

"No eating untill my beautiful nami get's here!"Sanji told them.

"Aww,but we're hungry!"cried Luffy.

"Oh Nami,wheer are you!"Sanji called,
his eyes turning into hearts.

"Coming Sanji!"yelled Nami,stepping out of her room.As she started walking towards the kitchen she saw Zoro,
smiling as he read what looked like a letter.

"Zoro,what are you reading?"she asked him in her sweetest voice.Zoro froze,he stuck the pieces of paper in his sash as fast as lightning.He looked at the floor.

"Zoro."Nami spoke.He didn't answer.

"Zoro,answer me!"she yelled at him.
He slowly got up,and walked to his he opened the door he looked at Nami,who was now following him.

"It was nothing,now leave me alone!"he said,a worried look on his face.He walked into his room,and slammed the door.

"Did Zoro just look scared?"thought Nami.

Later that day,while everyone was seated at the kitchen,ready to eat dinner Luffy asked,"Where's Zoro,he wasn't down for lunch,and now it's dinner time and he's still not here!"

"Good,that marimo desereves to stay in his room."said Sanji.

"Nami,you saw Zoro last,go get him."ordered Luffy.

"I don't want to,Ussop,why don't you get him."said Nami.

"Me,last time I tried to knock on his door,he almost killed me!"said Ussop.they all stared at Nami,a silence falling apon them.

"Fine,I'll get him."said Nami,leaving the kitchen,as she opened Zoro's bedroom door,she saw Zoro wasn't in there,neither were his three swords.

"He must be out training."thought Nami.
his room was completely dark,she looked towards his bed,the paper he was reading,earlier that day was resting on his pillow.
She walked towards his bed,looked around,and then sat down.With a sly smile she grabbed the paper,and started reading,
this was what it said,

Dear brother, I will not bother in using my name,since my identitey does not exist in this time,
the golden age of piracey.Kikyo and I knew you'de be leaving,once we time traveled to the twentyfirst century to find our parents.the evil Kikyo saw in her vision has not appeared yet,but her visions seem to get darker and darker by day.I worry that she won't be able to controll then soon.I think she should stop using her shikon jewl,or whatever she calls it,to look into the future,it's dangerouse!I don't want to worry you,so on to another topic.
I want to see you brother,we all do.why can't we just use our communicators?I know you don't want to cuase a distortion in the time line,but we miss you, all we want is for you to achive you'r dream as the worlds greatest swordsman,so if you don't want usto use our communicators,we won't,although this century sucks without you here.
But I have good news,Seto and Setsuna mama finaly told Harukapapa and Michiru mama that they were you know,boyfriend ,girlfriend,and when Seto told Setsunamama that they were married in the future,she nearely fell over the table ,if Seto hadn't cought her,she would have fallen overboard,as a pirate might say.she was angry,happy,and surprised at the same time.
Angry becouse we time traveled,happy that she knows she has a family,and doesn't need to guard the time line for an eternity anymore,(since she is not aloud to see her own future)and she was surprised to find out she had three children in the future.Seto and Setsunamama turned so red,I think it was a shade never seen before.That's whats been happening around here.Setsuna mama is realy worried about you Zoro.Although Seto's smiling more now,he says he is not worried about you,but he is,we can tell.
So many things have been happening,I bet it's the same crazziness on you're ship.Kikyo and I realy must visit you soon,that is if you want us to.I'm expecting a letter back Zoro,do you know how hard it was to send this?

love always Hotaru.

"Nami what the..."she herd Zoro say from behind her.She instantly froze,she turned to face him,the paper still clutched in her hand.
Zoro grabbed it so fast,Nami didn't realize he had it untill she looked at him,his face red with anger,his hand was in a fist now,
still holding the paper.Nami slowly got up from his bed,and walked backwards towards the door slowly.As she turned to open the door she herd a thud,she turned her head slightly,she was face to face with Zoro's sword.