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"It was all over now."thought Zoro.
"Uh,we.."Zoro said,but Nami inturupted him.
"I was trying to explain to Zoro how I navigate by the stars and weather,but his head is so thick he didn't understand."she said knocking on Zoro's head.
"I can understand that."said Sanji smugly.
"You better hold you're tongue before it gets cut off."Zoro warned,putting his hand on one of his swords.
"Whatever."Sanji said,walking to his room.
"That smug little bastard."Zoro whispered.
"Atleast he didn't find out."Nami told him yawning.
"Ya,but next time he's about to find out,don't insult my head."replyed Zoro.
"Goonight."Zoro said walking into his room.
Nami smiled and whispered,"goodnight."

The next morning Kikyo was up before everyone else,she sat in her temple outside Seto's manchon, staring into the fire.
She put her hands around the jewl and said,"shikon jewl,show me Zoro's where abouts."she opened her eyes and stared at the fire,an image of Zoro sleeping on the side of his face with his butt sticking out appeared.
"Same old sleeping habits."Kikyo stated smiling.
"Kikyo!"yelled Hotaru from outside.Kikyo lost her consentration,and the image dissapeared.
"If Hotaru finds out about me being able to check on Zoro through the fire,she'll never stop bugging me,but atleast I can reasure her." Kikyo thought.
"Kikyo,what are you doing?"Hotaru asked from the doorway.
"Just medditating,but I'm done."Kikyo said standing up.
Hotaru smiled,"good,now you can make me a snack,or better,breakfast"
"Fine,but we better get ready for school first,it's 6:15,school starts at 7:00."Kikyo explained.
"Easy."Hotaru said,getting a grey device with a red button on it,out of her pajama pocket.She held it in front of her pj's and pressed the button.Her pj's turned into her school uniform.she then held it in front of Kikyo,her priestess clothing turned into her school uniform as well.
"Hotaru!"Kikyo yelled grabbing the device.
"Do you want to cuase a ripple in the timeline?"she scolded.
"Sorry."hotaru said hanging her head.
"I realy didn't mean it."Hotaru apologised.
"...,comeon,let's go inside."Kikyo said putting her hand on Hotaru's shoulder.
"Hotaru,why don't you just ask the cook to make you something,that's why Seto hired him."Kikyo said,as they walked across the lawn.
"You're cooking is better than his."Hotaru said smiling.
"Fine,fine,let's go."Kikyo said,but as they entered the kitchen they froze, at the door way,there sitting on the kitchen table was setsuna,kaiba kissing her,his arms wrapped around her waist.
"Talk about good morning kisses." Hotaru statted.Seto let go of Setsuna.Kikyo grabbed Hotaru,and ran out the door.But then ran back and grabbed both of thier black school brief casess.
"I better start heading to kaiba corp."Kaiba said,grabbing his silver brief case.
"Right."Setsuna said,jumping off the table and fixing her skirt.Kaiba smirked at setsuna,befor walking out the door.Leaving her blushing blood red in the kitchen.
"Ok,we're finaly done!"Zoro said leaning on his chair.
"You sound like if it was the hardest thing you've ever done."Nami said,putting her hands on her hips.
"It sure was."Zoro said getting up.He opened one of his drawers,and pulled out a silver,clear,oval,shaped box out.
He opened it, put the letter inside and closed it.A low grinding sound was herd.
"I think it ripped it."Nami said.
"No,that's just the noise it makes since it's processing it to the future."Zoro explained.
"Oh."Nami said intreged.
Zoro stared at her.
"She's so cute when she isn't bitching about something."Zoro thought.
"Wait,what am I thinking,I don't mean it that way,well,I don't know what I mean,but,I,I,I just gotta stop thinking!"Zoro yelled inside his head.
He closed his eyes,his heart pounding,finaly the noise stopped.
"Ok it's done."Zoro said,looking for the machine,his eyes still closed.
"What are you doing Zoro?"Nami asked him annoyed.
"Looking for the box."Zoro responded,eyes still closed.
"Open you're eyes,or have you forgotten how you're eyelids work?"Nami said angrily.
"No,I just can't stand looking at you."Zoro teased opening his eyes.
"Ok then,you don't need my help anymore,so see you."Nami said,getting up and leaving.Even though Zoro was just jokeing her fealings were hurt.
"Why am I upset,he says things like that all the time,and I know he was just kidding."Nami whispered to herself.
"I can't belive I thought that,about her!"thought Zoro."I need help,and I know who's the right person to ask.
"I'ts times like this I wish school was longer."Hotaru said to her sister.
"I know."Kikyo replyed,looking at the ground.
"Hey,is that Harukapapa?"Hotaru pointed out.kikyo looked up,right on time to see haruka's yellow convertable stop in front of them.
"Hey,you guys need a lift."haruka said,taking off her sunglasses.They smiled as they got in,Kikyo taking the front seat,and Hotaru the back.
"So Harukapapa,why'ed you pick us up,where's Michirumama?"Hotaru asked .
"I wanted to make sure someone picked you guys up,becouse if you asked you're idiot father,he wouldn't have cared,no offence."Haruka explained.
"I'ts ok,his future self is much better than his past self."Hotaru said sadly,she was biggining to miss her father.
"Our father even said so,the future one."Kikyo said,also sad.
"She had a concert to perform,but I told her I'd meet her in her dressing room after I dropped you guys off at home."Haruka said,trying hard not to blush.
"Thank you Haruka,but you didn't need to pick us up,we're in high school,we can walk home."Kikyo said.
"I know,I just wanted to do something nice for you guys,since you're stuck with that rich jerk."Haruka replyed angrily ,as she clenched the car's stiring wheel tighter.
"I bet she's trying to tell Seto he's a bad father,without actualy saying it."Hotaru whispered to Kikyo.They tried to hide thier laughter,but Haruka just glared at them.
"We're here!"Hotaru said cheerily.as she hopped out of the car and opened the door.Seto was typing on his laptop,a coffe mug next to him.He didn't seem to notice her.Hotaru walked on her tipytoes behind Seto.
As he was about to take a sip from his coffee hotaru yelled,"aieeee"
Seto jumped up,spilling the dark brown liquid all over his face and trench coat screaming,"ahh!"from fright,and the burning of the coffee.
Hotaru hit the floor in a fit of laughter.Haruka and Kikyo laughing from the door way.Seto growled,glaring at Hotaru.Then he turned around to see Haruka and Kikyo.
"What are you doing here Tenoh?"Kaiba said coldly.
"Dropping them off at home,Kaiba."Haruka said,with the same cold tone.
"You would have forgotten,since you're too busy typing on you're inaniment object."Haruka finished.
"Are you calling me a bad person."Kaiba said menacingly.
"Not only that,but a bad father too."Haruka stated.Kaiba was red,not only becouse of the coffee burn,but anger as well.
"Get out."Kaiba growled,pointing at the door.the luaghter stopped.
"I don't have a problem with that,I can't stand looking at you for more than a minute."Haruka said as she walked out the door.
"You,upstairs."Kaiba said,pointing to Hotaru,as he tried to control his anger.
"Why!"Hotaru said getting up.
"For this."he said,pointing at his now brown trench coat.
"Hmph."Hotaru said walking up the stairs.
"Scaredy cat."she whispered.Kikyo looked at Kaiba,then at Hotaru,then walked outside,grabbed the mail and stepped inside again.
"You know,bleech can get that out."Kikyo said going through the mail,her face lit up,but she quickly stopped smiling and hid the letter she was holdng in her uniform sleeve.
"If you're from the future,how come you know so much about the past."Kaiba said,doubtingly.
"I did as much reserch as I could,before we got here."Kikyo explained.
"Right,but I still have doubts."Kaiba stated.Kikyo smiled.
"So,why was Setsuna here so early in the morning?"she asked him queriously.
Kaiba turned red and said,"I,I,I,forgot my cellphone at Kaioh's mansion,she was bringing it to me"
Kikyo smiled slyly,"Don't worry,I belive you."she hugged him and ran upstairs.she knocked on Hotaru's door.
"Hotaru,Zoro replyed."she whispered.The door swung open,Kikyo showd her the letter,Hotaru grabbed it,as she started crying her eyes out.
"Finaly."she whispered.she carefully opened it,and unfolded the letter,it said,

What's up,
I'm glad the secrets out,now you guys don't have to be so carefull around Michiru and Haruka .
I'm also glad that Setsuna's happy.Tell her not to worry about me,I'll be fine.And I gess we can use the communicators,
just be extremely carefull.Kikyo needs to take it easy,we need her to be able to controll her visions,or we're all doomed.
There has been craziness on the ship,our navigator found out about you two,so she's in the secret now too.Don't worry,though she promised she wouldn't tell.About you two visiting us soon,I'll have to get back to you on that.Not much to say,so I'll end it here,but Nami want's to say something,so the rest of the letter,she wrote,I'll sign off with these words,
I miss you guys,but I have to fullfill my dream,and promise.
your bro,
"What did you tell Zoro about my visions."Kikyo asked Hotaru angrily.
"Nothing important,but if Zoro let this girl Nami in on our secret,why do you think he'd do that,he's so carefull with time traveling."Hotaru wondered.
"I bet he has a thing for her."Kikyo answered.
"Yes,or he wouldn't have told her,he would have denied it,this makes me want to go see him even more."Hotaru mischieviously said.
"But before we do that Hotaru,let's read what his girlfriend has to say."Kikyo said,unfolding the other letter.

Dear sisters of Zoro,

My name is Nami,
How are you two,I was realy surprised when I read you're letter.From the picture I saw,you guys resemble Zoro alot.
I would realy like to meet you two soon.It must be great to be from the future.Zoro's told me soo much about you two,
you three seem to be realy close.I never thought anything like time travel could be possible.I have soo many questions to ask you two,
but they wouldn't fit on this paper,so I'll ask only one question,what are communicators?There must be tons of inventions that would help my navigation.But I think I'll use the "old fashion way".I wish you guys could visit,but Zoro keeps talking about time distortions,so I'll just writing to you both.My letter sounds pretty dull,but I'm so exited,I'm lost for words.I'll write a better letter,once I know what to say.Don't worry,you're secrets safe with me.

you're new friend,

"Peaple shouldn't know too much about thier future."Kikyo said.
"Exactly,but I think we'll have fun visiting Zoro without him knowing."Hotaru replyed.Kikyo grabbed her bow and some aarows.
Hotaru grabbed her transformation pen.Hotaru walked out the door,followed by Kikyo,who closed the door and turned off the lights.
Back on the ship,while everyone slept,two peaple were walking on the deck.
"So,you wanted to ask me something"
"Yes,I've been feeling funny everytime I think about this girl I uh used to know."Zoro replyed.
"So you decided to ask me of all peaple"
"Yes."Zoro said,looking at the wooden floor.
"Well,you came to the right person."he said,walking out of the shadows.