Seals chapter 4

In the following days, seals, eared seals and true seals, and even a few walruses arrived at the island from far and wide. King Stephen sent a seagull messenger to alert the drifting Springfielders of the plan to retake the city from the malevolent dolphinidae.

"Leopold…welcome. Leopard seals, fierce predators. They'll be very helpful. Elephant seals…hello Al, welcome, welcome. Harbor seals…California sea lions, grey seals, harp seals…They're all here. Good."

Steven climbed to the top of his rock. He clapped his flippers together to call the seals to attention.

"Fellow pinipeds, I have called you all here today, to do battle with our ancient enemy."

"Sharks?" asked the fur seal.


"Tuna nets?" asked a monk seal.


"Canadians?" asked the fluffy white harp seal.

"No! Dolphins! The snatchers of our mackerel, the devourers of our children!"

"I thought that the dolphins had lef the sea," a fur seal bull said.

"Yeah," the wrinkled red seal joined, "I heard they were all headed to Springfield, to kick the humans out."

"That, my brothers, is why we are here. The humans who once resided in Springfield have come to me asked our aid in reclaiming their home."

"And you agreed? Of course you did. I always knew that you were soft for the two-leggeds, Stephen. Why don't you just join the circus and play the bike horn chorus?"

"They saved my people from a killer attack, and the risk of their own lives. We owe it to them."

"Yes, but, even if we should help them, and if we were to succeed, what then? What will the dolphins do once we drive them back to the sea? Surely, they'll take it out on us."

"It's the risk we take. But we are obligated to repay them for their aid. We owe them a life-debt."

"Hey!" Comic Book Guy snapped, "Watch it!"

The seals growled and spoke amongst themselves.

"Give us some time," the fur seal said, and they flopped over to the other side of the island.

Hours passed, the tide receded and then rose, and the sun sunk wearily.