Marauders All Over Again…

By Silvain Star (and Princess of Dark Dragons)

Summary: " 'It's like the Marauders all over again…' Lily Potter said, watching her grandson leave for Hogwarts." a story of returns from behind the Veil, of mischief-makers and angry teachers, and of Harry Potter's son at Hogwarts.

Disclaimer: If I owned it, do you really think I'd be posting fan fiction on a website for no payment at all? I highly doubt it. It all belongs to J. K. Rowling, believe me.

Prologue- From Behind the Veil

CRACK. Remus Lupin Apparated into Harry and Ginny's flat, where they were laying on Harry's bed listening to a Muggle CD. Harry sat up suddenly at the sound of someone Apparating, hoping it was Ron with news about Hermione's appointment. Hermione was 2 months pregnant, and Harry was curious about how she was doing, since all he'd heard from Ron on the subject was that she was having mood swings and driving him crazy.

"Oh. Hey. Something wrong?" Harry asked, seeing that it was Remus, not Ron, standing there.

"Sorry to burst in like this, but I was told to bring you to the Department of Mysteries by the Minister of Magic himself. Something about a discovery he thought you'd want to know about," Remus said.

"Oh. Okay. Let's go," Harry said. They Disapparated, and seconds later they were in the room with the veil behind which Sirius had fallen almost 4 years ago. "What are we doing here?" Harry said, wondering what the discovery was if it had to do with this room.

Rufus Scrimgeour was walking toward them with the three Unspeakables who had made the discovery.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I brought you here," Scrimgeour said. Harry nodded. "I'd heard you were close to several people who had died, Harry. These researchers have found a way to revive the dead with this veil," Scrimgeour explained, motioning to the three Unspeakables.

"We found a way to bring them back across the veil from the other side. The only problem is, they won't stay unless someone they care about is nearby, where they can see them," one Unspeakable explained.

"So, Harry, anyone in particular you want back?" Scrimgeour asked.

"Yeah. My mum and dad, first of all. And Sirius Black. And Dumbledore," Harry said.

"Your parents were Lily and James Potter, right?" a second Unspeakable asked.

"Yeah," Harry replied.

"Okay. Here goes," said the third Unspeakable. He conjured stairs leading up the back of the archway and climbed them, touching his wand to the top of the arch. The other two stood on either side of the arch, touching their wands to it at a spot 4 ft. high from the base. The three of them began to chant, and as they finished, James Potter stepped out from behind the veil.

"D-dad?" Harry said, stepping toward him.

"Harry?" James asked, stepping away from the arch and walking towards Harry. Harry nodded, speechless. The three Unspeakables chanted again, and this time Lily stepped out.

"Mum?" Harry said. She stepped forward and hugged him.

"Hi, Harry," she said as she pulled away, a tear in her eye.

"Women. So emotional," James said, shaking his head.

"Hi, Mum," Harry said. "This thing really works," he said, staring at the veil, where the Unspeakables were chanting again. Sirius stepped out this time.

"Hey, Harry, James, Lily," he said, stepping away. The Unspeakables were chanting again and this time Dumbledore stepped out.

"Okay, now that we're all here, I'd say we have some catching up to do," Harry said.