Summary: Well...Lets just say the combined forces of Team Possible and Global Justice finally managed to either take down the world's villains or force them into retirement. After she was out of enemies, Kim Possible retired. That was four years ago, but now the fates are conspiring to pull Kim Possible back into the world she left. Read on to see the rest.

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Now, onto the chaos that is "Four Years Later."

Chapter 1

After a hard day's work at Tim Hortons, all Kimberly-Anne Possible wanted to do was curl up on her couch with a good book.

Throughout the ten-minute drive home, as always, the twenty-one year-old redhead's thoughts turned to her own life and how it had changed in the past four years. So, to the calm melody of her favourite Great Big Sea song, she began to reflect on her life, the choices she'd made, and how those decisions had led her here.

Four years ago, she had been Kim Possible – professional crime fighter, high school student, and captain of the cheerleader squad. She had stood toe-to-toe with the best in diabolical nefariousness without flinching. Her team's work had halted hundreds of attempts at both world domination and manufactured global destruction. Ron Stoppable, Kim, Wade, and Ron's pet naked mole-rat Rufus had risked their lives to save the Earth from futures that were certain to be dark.

But all things must come to an end.

Kim had learned from experience that no matter how brilliant a mad scientist could be, he would always inevitably make mistakes. While Kim had been off globe-trotting, keeping the villains of the world on the run, Global Justice had secretly been building a detention centre for the…exceptionally gifted psychopaths. Then, one-by-one, Kim's enemies had each been convicted and sentenced to life in the Global Justice Detention Centre. Slowly but surely, the most dangerous of the super-villains had ended up off the radar, so to speak, either by capture by Kim or by retirement.

After a while, Kim had realized that her list of villains-on-the-loose had suddenly grown shorter, to the point that it was nonexistent. Essentially, Kim had found that she was out of a job, since no criminal masterminds were left to be caught. There was the odd large-scale bank heist, but it wasn't nearly the same as trading blows and banter with her nemesis.

So, Kim Possible had retired.

After hanging up their hero-going equipment, Ron, Kim, and Wade had gradually gone their separate ways. Ron had stayed in Middleton and applied to a nearby college. Wade had finally left his room and moved out of town to go to M.I.T., studying some kind of computer engineering. And. Kim had allowed herself to follow one of her secret dreams and moved to Canada so she could attend Concordia University and study Theatre.

She hadn't seen or spoken to her former team-mates in over two years, but she rarely regretted it. Her life was lonely at times. She had made some friends up here, but every once in a while, she found herself missing her old life – the adrenaline rush of running for her life, the satisfaction of saving the world, the camaraderie she had shared with her team…

Of course, this didn't mean that she was incapable of having fun without them.

Now, as always, Kim's thoughts turned to the one super-villain that had thus far eluded Global Justice. Dr Drakken had been a dangerous foe, concocting incredibly grandiose plots for world domination. The scope of his plans had been equalled only by his inability to see one from conception to fruition. His schemes had always had a tendency to blow up in his face. In the end, however, the most dangerous villain by far had been Drakken's mercenary sidekick:


Kim sighed as she pulled up to a red light. After the six months it took to round up the major players like Duff Killigan, Senor Senior Senior, and his son Senor Senior Junior, Kim had tracked down Dr Drakken and Shego. Working carefully, Kim had infiltrated the blue-skinned scientist's most recent lair, not only to find that Shego had seen her coming, and ditched her employer, but that she had also beaten Drakken senseless for no apparent reason. With all four of his limbs broken, and without his volatile sidekick and bodyguard by his side, Drakken's capture had been all too easy to accomplish.

And just like that, Kim's career as a globe-trotting heroine had come to an end.

Sighing again, Kim pulled into the parking lot of her apartment building and made her way to her spot, exiting her bright green Honda Civic.

For a few months, Kim had kept her ear to the ground for any sign of Shego, her only equal in this world of heroes and villains. At first, Kim had thought that the raven-haired woman had gone independent, a far more dangerous prospect than her work for Drakken. It wasn't well known, but Kim knew that working for Drakken had slowed Shego down – held her back. Kim had initially thought that the villain was simply waiting for the world to calm down before making her grand return to the scene.

The longer time went on, however, the more it seemed that the raven-haired villainess had completely disappeared. If she was doing anything illegal or diabolical, it was either so far below the radar that it escaped notice, or she was being incredibly sneaky about it.

But no matter…Part of Kim had been relieved when it was finally over and she could finally get herself a life. She'd had enough brushes with death and loss of limb for a dozen lifetimes. She felt that her Mom had been relieved beyond words that she had retired. One of her first steps to getting a normal life had been to get as far away from Bonnie Rockwaller as possible. Bonnie had been Kim's nemesis in the hallways of Middleton High. The word was that she had planned to go to a dance school in Florida, so Kim had gone North…to Canada.

Kim climbed out of her car and stood still for a second before reaching into the backseat to grab her black-and-green knapsack, a smaller version of her giant hiking pack. Today had been her last day of work at Tim Hortons. After six months of part-time work and full-time school, she had decided it was time to relax a little. She had more than enough money to see her through several years of school, and then some. Although her work as a crime-stopper had been largely pro bono, for the thrill of the chase, many of the people, countries, and corporations had felt that they owed her something, and had donated something to the cause. The sum of all this generosity had afforded Kim the ability to live quite freely with her finances.

Besides, it would soon be summer vacation, and no girl wanted to work all summer.

Walking into the apartment building, Kim looked around at the bare walls of the lobby, and the hard pine benches that dotted the walls. This said it all. While not a five-star hotel, Kim's home wasn't a sleazy motel either; it was neither fancy nor sleazy. It simply served her purposes: Eating, living, and sleeping. It was all she needed at this point in her life. There were…other places she could perform the other needs of her way of life.

Kim walked five steps across the plain, white-tiled floor before noticing the smell.

It was the faint scent of leather, mixed with a stronger element of – what – lilies? There was something oddly familiar about that odour, but Kim couldn't pinpoint it. It seemed like that smell had appeared every so often in the last two or three months as she had gone about her daily routine. This was the first time she'd detected it in her apartment building, however, and Kim had no idea how to take in this new information. Someone had recently moved into the building, so maybe they used a strange, but not unpleasant perfume.

Kim shrugged it off and walked to the elevator. The building was small enough that it needed only one.

Right when she was about to hit the call button, Kim decided to pass up the easy way, and pushed open the door to emergency stairwell. Since there was only one elevator and the building was only six stories tall, many people would opt for the stairs, so the doors to the stairwell were not hooked up to any kind of alarm.

That suited Kim just fine.

Taking the steps two at a time, she felt her body adjust easily to the change in pace. In the entire four years since she retired, she had gone out of her way to maintain her fighting skill, simply because she had nothing better to do. And so, she had signed up at a gym nearby, where she exercised regularly, with no intent to build up her strength – only her stamina and muscular endurance. She felt that, in trying to maintain her vigilante fitness, she had actually improved herself. She found that her reflexes had never been better, an observation she'd made only a few months ago during a practice session she'd had on the roof of her apartment. Another piece of evidence that supported Kim's theory were those few dozen times when she'd quietly hired some thieves to attack the one and only Kim Possible. Of course, the law-breakers had never been aware that the woman who hired them was the same person they'd attacked. In those many encounters, though Kim had taken every opportunity to diminish her chances of winning and give her attackers the most absurd advantages, she'd come through every time with the thieves unconscious at her feet.

Then, she'd vanished into the shadows again.

As she mounted the stairs at a rapid pace, Kim felt her mind slip back into the past.

There was one other reason why she'd been relieved to retire from constantly saving the world. If she was to be completely honest with herself, she could have lived with the constant threat to life and limb. She had grown to love the adrenaline rush of dodging villains and henchmen. Kim had especially enjoyed it when the mission involved Drakken, because that meant she'd have to go up against Shego, the scientist's right hand woman, and Kim's only true equal on the entire planet.

That was why she'd been so unsatisfied when she had brought Drakken to Global Justice. Shego had not been there, so the end of her three-year career had been a bit of an anticlimax.

No, the real reason she had been so relieved to retire was because she'd gotten tired of keeping her secret from every single one of her friends. It wasn't that she didn't trust them to accept her if they knew she was…different. She just didn't trust her secret to remain hidden once so many people knew about it. She couldn't afford to give her enemies any inkling of how she always beat them, or they'd find a way to defend against her.

The truth was that Kim Possible wasn't merely another martial artist vigilante. She had been given a range of abilities that had made her far more than a superior candidate for the job – it had made her destined for it.

Sometime during puberty, her abilities began to present themselves, but slowly enough for her to become accustomed to each one before the next one came out of her genes.

First, Kim had become a telepath, gaining the ability to sense people's thoughts. There were limits to her powers, however few. For some inexplicable reason, the potency of her telepathy was tied directly to her mental state. When she was calm and controlled, her powers were reduced to a strong form of empathy. Depending on how direct her exposure to the target was, she was able to sense a varying degree of emotions and surface thoughts, but nothing deeper. If she was just looking at a person, she could only sense the uppermost emotions in their minds – whatever they were feeling right at that moment. At the university, Kim was more accustomed to sensing boredom in this manner than anything else. Then, if she was able to look a person in the eyes, she was able to dig a little deeper and gather information about their basic personality. To dig even farther, Kim had to be able to make physical contact – skin to skin. At this point, Kim was able to sense the deepest things about a person's core personality, as well as various surface thoughts. Of course, these rules only applied to those times when Kim was absolutely calm, or only mildly nervous or active. As her mind and body became more active, such as when infiltrating a villain's base or cheerleading with her team, her telepathy would grow much more powerful. In the heat of battle for instance, Kim's mind would connect to her opponent's mind, and she would unconsciously create a mental link with them. Through this link, Kim was able to anticipate punches and counter them, transforming her into an incredible fighter – not that she hadn't been an awesome fighter before; her telepathy just gave her an edge over her opponent. So, in essence, the higher Kim's heartbeat rose, and the faster her mind worked, the stronger her telepathy would become and the better her fighting got.

A strange side-effect of her telepathy was her ability to form a bond with any mind she chose. Kim had never before used this secondary ability, but she sensed innately that if she ever formed a bond with another person, she could suddenly learn everything about the person to whose mind she was linked. There was no slow, comfortable unravelling of this information, unfortunately. No, it was an instant-long headache so intense it left her gasping and wanting to swallow a fistful of aspirin. When she finally recovered, she simply…knew things about the person – things that she couldn't have learned anywhere on her own. In most cases, so much information flooded her head that she couldn't even absorb it all. It didn't take long for Kim to realize that this super-link was nothing like the standard link that she had gotten used to. In this case, although the person still would not sense the existence of Kim's connection to their mind, Kim could allow the information to flow the other way, opening portions of her own mind to her partner on the other end, but she had to allow the information to fly out of her mind.

Kim had linked with dozens of people before entering her career as a vigilante, and it had come as no surprise that a link had formed when she met Shego. What had surprised her – shocked her, really – was when the link had escalated into a full-fledged mental bond, completely without her consciously creating it. Her mind had just decided to go on without Kim's agreement, and went ahead and reinforced her link with Shego, strengthening it into a much stranger mental bond. Kim had only encountered Shego for the third time when it had happened, making the redhead pass out from the sharp tension in her temples as Shego's entire life exploded into Kim's head, filing itself away with all the subtlety of a wounded elephant. That little mishap had landed Kim and Ron in Drakken's prison of a basement, for the briefest of hours. After that, Kim had been extra careful not to reveal anything to her arch-foe through their unexpected connection.

As Kim rounded the corner of the last flight of stairs before the top floor, she thought back to the other abilities that had appeared. One had come out only a few weeks before she had met Shego for the second time, giving Kim just enough time to understand what her new powers were exactly.

The second and last major ability that Kim had acquired before retiring had been more of a transformation than a power.

She had become an elemental of the water variety, gifted with the power to change from her normal form to water in any of its three states: Liquid, sold, and gas. She had also learned to turn anything she touched to water, vapour, or ice, as well as control the purity of any form of water by adding or subtracting any elements that were available in the surrounding area, or that were mixed into her water sample. The coolest thing she'd done with this sub-power had been to create a ball of ice that had broken a steel panel, thanks to iron atoms she had gathered from the floor through the palm of her hand. At rest, of course, she looked like any other teenage girl: redheaded, young, and in her prime. By far the greatest side-effect of her new elemental nature, however, was her ability to heal from any wound if she had access to some water. By splashing some water on the wound, she was able to stop bleeding, repair bone fractures, and accelerate healing from cut, to scab, to fresh skin. The same went for any sickness she got; all she had to do was drink some water and wait a few minutes.

When Kim had encountered Shego after gaining this new tool, she had been glad to have her water-healing ability because her Nemesis-to-be had acquired her own set of lethal powers.

Thanks to some kind of industrial accident that had happened in the month after they met the first time, Shego's hands had become permanently altered at the genetic level to emit an incredible amount of radiation that quickly dissipated at only a few centimetres distance from them. Shego's hands were able to melt through anything, especially young red-headed teenagers like Kim. Inexplicable, Shego had also somehow learned how to throw highly reactive balls of superheated plasma from her irradiated hands. Without her abilities as a water elemental, Kim would never have been able to escape from Shego for an instant to slash open a water main and heal the searing burn in her side. She would have died were it not for her new ability.

The strangest thing about that encounter, however, was the hatred and pain in the raven-haired villain's eyes. The first time they'd met, Shego had been a young, innocent lab assistant and bodyguard, hired to watch Drakken's back and thwart Kim's attempt to stop his scheme. The henchwoman had been indifferent, both to her employer and to her new enemy. She had been…bored, almost. Her job had been just that to her – a job, nothing more. Then, when Shego and Kim had met again, Shego had been sporting a new outfit, a new ability – hell, a new self in fact. She had been a completely different person, and weirdest of all, she blamed Kim for the change in her hands. She held the teenage vigilante responsible for ruining her personal life, since she was now unable to get close to anyone without burning them, quite literally. She blamed Kim so vehemently, that Kim's attempts to clear up the entire situation – and figure out what in the world was happening – had been summarily ignored or dismissed.

Kim paused just before the door to the sixth floor of the stairwell. There was only one other ability that she had acquired, and it had appeared only two months after her retirement. Kim felt fortunate that her weather-control ability hadn't presented itself before she'd quit hero-going, because she might have been tempted to stay – if she could find a practical use for controlling the weather. She hadn't been sure what to think about this new power that she'd gained. In the end, she had seen no way that it could have helped her, were she still in the business.

There was nothing really complex about this latest gift she'd gained, and she had only used it often enough in the first six months to get used to it and be able to switch it off. After that, she'd limited her weather-witching to several hours of practice every couple days. When she concentrated on what she wanted to create, Kim's eyes clouded over with a fine pearly-whiteness, but her vision remained perfectly clear. She had learned to create a miniscule rainstorm over a flowerpot, which was easy. It had taken some time for her to be able to summon something that small. A smile crossed the redhead's lips as she remembered the first few times that she'd tried to water her African violet. It had gotten the water it needed, but so had the area two metres around it. As it turned out, the bigger she wanted a storm to be, and the longer she wanted it to last, the more concentration she needed. The largest thing Kim had ever created was a chaotic two-hour blizzard over the entire region of Montreal in June, and that had taken all of her concentration. After her focus had finally broken, Kim had found that she had a killer headache, and had gone two days without being able to do anything. Her boss hadn't been pleased, but hadn't fired her, thankfully. She thought that it would have been easier to create that blizzard during winter, since the local atmosphere was more conducive to the formation of snow.

Kim had practiced her powers as a weather-witch every other day for the entire three-and-a-half-years after she had learned to be able to turn her power on and off, stretching them out to strengthen them and find her limit. As far as she could tell so far, she didn't have a limit, but she'd stopped short of any more large-scale anomalies. Instead, she had worked on a crude method of gauging her control over incredibly small-scale systems, and then translating that into the equivalent for much more drastic weather systems. She'd added a portion to her training schedule that included conjuring miniature storms in her bathtub, testing how long she could sustain them before her control wavered and the storm collapsed on itself. So far, she had noticed that the length she was able to hold control of the small thunderheads had increased over the years, leading her to the conclusion that if she kept exercising all of her abilities, she would eventually get to the point where she would have virtually no limit to what she could do – in the way of telepathy, elemental power, or weather control, anyway.

Kim finally opened the door to the sixth floor.

As she stepped through, she felt the thrill of…something rush through her body from head to toe. She shivered at the sensation, and found herself unable to think about it for a handful of seconds. She suddenly detected that smell of lilies and leather again, but she couldn't trace it to a source. Although Kim's unique experience with puberty had sharpened her senses, and increased her mind and body's capabilities, she was still unable to detect the origin of the faintly familiar odour. The scent had been in the air far too long, and had expanded to permeate every corner of the sixth floor hallway. Whoever it was that had moved in with that unique perfume and wardrobe choice was now living on the same floor as Kim, and had been here recently enough that the ventilation system had not yet been able to filter out the scent particles that hung in the air from their passage.

Kim shrugged it off. She'd meet this person eventually, and then the familiarity of the odour might be explained. Kim moved on to her apartment, 606. Pulling out her keys, she unlocked the door and pushed it open…

Only to have it slammed in her face by someone on the other side.

The sudden burst of adrenaline from the sharp movement jumpstarted Kim's telepathy into overdrive, and she immediately sensed a fierce burst of amusement ripple out from the single mind on the other side of the door. She also sensed something familiar, a mind that she hadn't encountered in a long time.

"Shego," she breathed, scarcely believing it. She felt dozens of memories flood through her head as the door opened once again. "What are you doing here?"

"Now, now Kim," the opening door revealed the raven-haired woman herself, the young villain who had eluded capture for four years now. "Is that any way to greet an old friend?" She grinned wryly.

Kim stood silently on her own doorstep for a full minute before replying. While she was justifiably stunned, she studied the older woman closely, seeing her nemesis for the first time in a very long, boring four years.

Shego hadn't changed much in all that time. Her night-black hair was still just as long and full as ever, hanging loosely down just below her waist, and her bright green eyes – a feature they shared – still shone with the mischievous playfulness of her youth. The callous cynicism that had made her a top villain was slightly less evident in her eyes than it had been the last time Kim had seen her. Her face hadn't changed, other than to become a hair narrower and a shade darker. Her skin was still pale though, a result of the ever mysterious industrial accident that had turned her against Kim. Her body, though covered in her all-too-familiar neon green and black leather bodysuit, wasn't too difficult to notice. She'd managed to keep her same figure, broadening in the shoulders as well as in other regularly used areas of her body, no doubt because of her four years spent dodging Global Justice and the world's Kim Possible wannabies. Shego had gained maybe two or three centimetres in height, making her stand a good deal higher than Kim. The expected emerald glow that always surrounded her hands wasn't gone, but it was muted somewhat, as if she had lost some of the energy in her hands. The fact that Shego hadn't immediately attacked her led Kim to believe that something had happened to the super villain to steal away her overbearing hatred for the teen heroine. Her posture had usually been tense, as if she had wound herself like a spring and was just waiting for an excuse to release the tension.

Today, however, her stance was relaxed, and the smile on her face wasn't the cruel one she had always worn.

That was something, at least.

Finally, Kim crossed the threshold and entered her apartment. "When were we ever friends, Shego?" She closed the door behind her, deciding against pressing her guest for details right away. If Shego had come to attack her long-time rival, Kim Possible, she would have done so already, so she had probably come to confront a past issue, which meant a lot of talking. Kim turned with narrowed eyes and assessed Shego's stance. If she wants to talk, let her talk in her own time. She'll talk when she's ready; there's no need to invade her mind.

Shego shrugged, her wry smile unshaken. "Well, I think we stopped being enemies some time during our last fight, so what else is there, Kimmie?"

Hearing that nickname cross those thin dark lips for the first time in four years brought back even more memories for Kim. She had battled Shego far more often than any other villains, thanks to the fact that Doctor Drakken always had some kind of scheme in the works, no matter how many times he was thwarted.

Then, the full extent of Shego's words hit her. "What do you mean, Shego? What happened the last time we fought?"

Shego shrugged again, betraying no emotions for Kim to read. She turned away from the door and Kim and strode farther into her nemesis' home. "I never really expected you to remember it since nothing out of the ordinary happened to you, but I've never forgotten it." Shego turned back to Kim, her voice very quiet now. "At some point, images and thoughts suddenly flooded my head, and then you knocked me out cold."

Kim's breath caught in her throat as she realized where her guest was going with her story. "Oh no…"

She thought back to that last fight, and a fleeting thought that had, apparently, opened her secrets to her greatest enemy.


Kim had taken great pains to quietly infiltrate Dr. Drakken's latest lair. This new scheme of his was the craziest thing she'd seen in a while. Somehow, he had managed to get his hands on a fully stocked, decommissioned nuclear missile silo somewhere in the open desert of the Sahara. Kim hadn't even been aware that there was any kind of nuclear capability in Africa, but she'd gotten over her surprise very quickly.

When she'd finally gotten to the heart of Drakken's lair, completely undetected thanks to the absence of both Ron and Rufus – Ron had been grounded a few days earlier for two weeks because he hadn't warned his parents that he would be breaking curfew to go on a mission with Kim, into Drakken's previous lair no less.

So, Kim had tracked Drakken down on her own this time, ensuring a stealthy mission, since Ron had a tendency to give away their movements with his clumsiness.

When she'd reached the control room of the silo, keeping to the shadows inside a ventilation duct, she'd relaxed back to listen to Drakken's extra-loud gloating.

"Look at this, Shego!" He beamed at the control room's million switches and dials. "My latest scheme is about to succeed with a payoff greater than anything you can imagine." He started to pace, "and it's all thanks to the blundering of that buffoon!" The blue-skinned evil genius burst into a fit of maniacal laughter. "My sources tell me that his parents grounded him, and without her sidekick, Kim Possible will never dare take me on."

Shego appeared below Kim's vent cover and the redhead quickly backed deeper into the shadows. "Don't be too sure, Dr. D. Kim Possible isn't quite as dependent on Stoppable as you think she is."

Drakken brushed away her comment. "Nonsense, Shego! Kim Possible is helpless without her friend and his rodent." He turned away. "But enough! It is time for me to reveal to you my secret plot!"

Shego grinned cruelly and interrupted her boss. "Let me guess," she stepped away from the grating Kim was hiding behind just before sneezing. "You're going to use your new super-secret lair as a platform from which you'll launch your fancy drilling equipment to tunnel to a major city of your choice. You'll lay down railroad tracks from here to there, and if your demands aren't met, you'll launch a nuclear missile into your tunnel to explode beneath your target city. Did I get it?"

Drakken made a pained noise, as if he'd just had something precious stolen from him. "Aw! Shego – I hate it when you do that! You take all the fun out of my gloating. At least Kim Possible doesn't second guess my plans." He grumbled a little more.

Shego wandered back toward the vent grating and didn't reply until she was almost right under Kim's hiding spot. "She doesn't need to, Drakken," she breathed, and then lowered her voice even further. "And I'm beginning to see that you don't know a single thing about her. She is everything you say she isn't, and it's taken me a long time to see it."

Kim had grinned from her hiding place. Shego's sudden hatred for her had always seemed a little fishy to her. It had been far too sudden a change in the woman's character, without any known source. The first time they'd met, Kim's telepathy had told her that Shego was curious about where Kim had learned her considerable fighting skills, but the second time, she had literally burned with such a fire that Kim had been completely stunned – and for a long time, perhaps a little more than a year, Kim had rolled with it. She'd followed Shego's personality change without wondering where it had come from, and what could have caused it.

As she had crouched in that air vent, sitting just a few metres above her nemesis' head, Kim realized with a sudden insight from Drakken's mind, that Shego was being lied to, had been lied to for her entire employment under the scientist. "If only you knew, Shego," she'd whispered to herself.

Beneath her, she'd heard a soft gasp from Shego. She'd bent down, clutching her head in one hand.

Drakken noticed it of course; in such a cramped control room, and with her flashy green-and-black jumpsuit, it was hard not to. "Eh? What's the matter with you Shego? If Kim Possible does make her way here, I'm certain you'll need to be in top form."

"It's nothing," Shego had straightened back up, over her sudden discomfort, "just a headache." She glanced up at the vent grating over her head, and coughed quietly. "We just moved in here, so the air's a little stale."

Kim had taken that opportunity to smash in the grating and drop down right behind Shego. "No more stale than the last lair's ventilation."

Shego stiffened as everyone else drew back from her, Drakken and henchmen included. "My, my, my," she turned slowly, an amused grin lighting up her pale face. "Kim Possible, what is this – two visits in one week? I must say I'm flattered."

Kim grinned lopsidedly, "I'm sorry about your headache, Shego, but I don't pull my punches." She settled back into a defensive posture. "Shall we?"

Shego relaxed too, but her hands tensed up into claws, their bright green glow intensifying. "I thought you'd never ask," she grinned, her eyes lighting up with anticipation.

Drakken had gotten over his surprise by then, "enough talking, Shego. Attack!"

(((End Flashback)))

Kim let the memory fade away from her mind. From there, Shego and Kim had gone at each other's throats, just like always, and Kim had ended up throwing Shego into a hard wall, knocking her out cold.

She looked at Shego, and opted to maybe try and worm her way out of this. She coughed uncomfortably, "I – uh – I don't know what you mean, Shego." She leaned back against the door, feigning a casual, unworried manner.

She sensed amusement and disappointment shoot through the older woman's mind like a lightning bolt. "Oh, drop the act. Lying isn't like you – it's unbecoming."

Kim relented, her shoulders slumping. "Hey, it was worth a shot," she explained with a smile.

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