A loud, gong like noise rang inside Krillan and 18's two story house, which was shortly followed with the silence of expectance. Krillan raced down the stairs to answer the door, praying that he would get there before his wife. Upon opening the door, the martial artist was greeted by a massive bouquet of cerulean and cherry roses. The delivery lady beamed with positively happiness as she handed over the flora. Delighted, Krillan accepted them, and then passed her the money. Quietly wishing him good luck for his special day, the woman departed hurriedly, making sure that she was not seen. Her uniform rustled in the gentle breeze as she strolled to the delivery van.

Closing the door briskly, Krillan rushed to get the flowers in a hiding place until they were needed. He had been planning this day for weeks, heck, months! Every detail needed to be smoothed out with the most precise clothing iron. Today was his and 18's one year anniversary, and he required that it be just right.

The roses were just for starters. They took Krillan a couple of weeks to hunt down. On top of that, he had to find a diner whose food would be more than scrumptious. The restaurant must have food that was so succulent; any thirst would be forgotten of. After asking around for advice, it was decided that the Château Fleur was the appropriate place for the occasion. Expensive as it was, Krillan believed that no price could be put on love. After eating their meals, they would dance the night away to a respectable orchestra that has been boasting its talent to anyone who cared to listen long enough. But, better than the flowers, better than the diner, better than the dance, that night would hold the most fabulous event Mother Nature could provide, for that night would be a full moon, but no ordinary full moon. Oh no, this was a special moon. It was rumored that every three thousand years, the moon would turn an almost azure color. 18 fawned over the moon, and this would put her over the edge.

"Who was that, honey?" a sensual voice called from upstairs. This voiced belonged to the unsuspecting person, 18.

"Just a door-to-door salesman, dear. Nobody important." Krillan replied with a sigh of relief. Good, she didn't see who it was, Krillan thought to himself.

Krillan walked back up the stairs to his study where he had been doing work before the flowers came. Waiting in his office, 18 stood with her lithe figure. While he was downstairs, 18 must have opened up the windows, because a refreshing draft of air blew through the room, making papers shiver. His wife was interrogating him while he pounded on the keyboard, trying to make him tell her what he had planned for their anniversary. She tempted him with lustful thoughts, the begged him, and she went as far to threaten him with a divorce if he didn't tell her. However, with the years of training in patience, Krillan was able to withstand this barrage of tactics.

Finally, sensing that the time was right, Krillan decided to tell her the gift, but only if she followed him downstairs to the roses.

"Aww! Come on! I want to know now!" 18 whined as if she were a child.

"I know, I know, but you have to follow me first." Krillan teased.

Krillan walked extremely slow, firing 18's urgency to see what she got. Getting impatient, she hollered at her husband to hurry up. Laughing, Krillan picked up his pace and they walked hand in hand through their house to where Krillan concealed gift number one.

Kissing her gently on the cheek, he asked her to close her eyes and not to peak. Only after receiving her word that she wouldn't peak, he quickly pulled the flowers from their place. Holding them in front of himself, he told her that she could look.

Dropping her hands to her sides, 18 opened her eyes and was enchanted by the bouquet of sweetness. Taking the bunch of flowers, she shrieked with glee and took in a lungful of their enrapturing fragrance. The smell was enough to elicit another shriek.

"Thank you! They are beautiful!" 18 whispered in her husband's ear.

"No, they're not. In comparison with you, they hardly rise above acceptable. Now, this is only the beginning. Darling, if you're willing, would you accompany me on a night of everlasting bliss?" Krillan whispered back.

"I can't think of any other thing I'd rather do on our anniversary." 18 said as a tear fell from her crystal-blue eye.

With her response, they embraced each other tightly, glad to have each other, and no other.

After hugging for what seemed an eternity, they broke apart hesitantly with Krillan advising 18 to go and have a look in her closet. She needed to get ready for their night, and gift number two was waiting for her. Happiness was erupting from her body as she bolted from the room and to her extravagant walk-in closet. Looking high and low, 18 found a little box that was wrapped in a royal blue covering. On it was a card that read, "Happy Anniversary, my love." Below the schmaltzy note was Krillan's signature. Ripping through the gift wrapping, 18 discovered a majestic purple dress in the box.

Stepping out of her jeans and worn t-shirt, 18 slipped into the dress and gazed deeply into the mirror, taking in the glorious sight.

"Hmm. Don't you look pretty? Are you going to dance barefoot, or what?" Krillan said as he watched her from the doorway.

Coming of her entranced state, 18 realized that she didn't have any shoes to go with her gift.

"Why don't you check under the bed." Krillan said slyly, almost as if reading her mind.

Looking at her husband with a curious smile, she obeyed him. Stooping to look beneath their bed, she caught sight of another box. Bringing it up off of the ground, she sat on the bed and placed the gift in her lap. This box had no card, but it was wrapped in the same paper as the previous one. Opening the present, 18 pulled out a pair of high-heeled shoes, and they were the same color as the dress she wore.

"Honey, these are wonderful! Thank you!" 18 cried.

"Only the best for the best." Krillan informed his wife as he walked over to sit with her.

"Whew! You stink! Maybe I should give this to you before we leave." Krillan said while pulling his drawer open and retrieving a bottle of perfume. It was clear in color, and the name was something fancy. 18 marveled at the gift, knowing that it was of an expensive brand name.

"There we go. Now you can go out in public." Krillan joked as 18 gave him a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Krillan, these are all wonderful gifts, but how did you afford all of them? They must have cost us a fortune!" 18 asked.

"Don't you worry about finances. I've been saving up for a while, and there were a few people who needed to pay back." Krillan said, thinking of Master Roshi.

"Although, your neck does look a little bare. Shall we add a little décor?" Krillan asked as he pulled a box from his pocket.

Taking the gift, 18 opened it to find a pure silver necklace that had diamonds embedded in it. Krillan pulled it from the box and carefully laid it around her head.

"There! Now look at you! I didn't think it was possible, but you've increased in beauty!" Krillan exclaimed.

"Oh, you… I love you, Krillan." 18 said.

"And I you." was his response.