As time rushed away into the night, Krillan and his darling wife, 18, headed towards the dance patio. Assurances that the moon would be seen perfectly from the angle of this specific dance floor, Krillan pulled out a handkerchief and gently tied it around 18's head, making sure that she could not see. Giving him her word that she would not peak, he led her out into the mystifying twilight.

Normally, moons can only radiate as so much as a shadow, but that night's moon glowed with such brightness that most of the shadows were eliminated. Anything and everything that Lunae graced with her light gave off an enigmatic aura. The people enveloped with the beams had an almost ethereal quality around them.

Krillan stood still for a moment, taking in the sight before he let 18 look. She slowly slipped the bandanna off of her head, and looking up, her mouth slightly dropped in awe. Reflecting from her eyes, she resembled a jack-o-lantern, where the light of a candle shines outward.

"Happy Anniversary, 18." Krillan said quietly.

For the second time that night, a tear ran down 18's fair cheek as she replied, "Krillan, this is so wonderful! I never imagined I'd get to see this! Thank you."

Extending his arm out to 18, they both broke into a slow waltz. With this signal, the awaiting orchestra gradually worked up a danceable tune. After playing for a moment, a man with slightly gray hair stood up and placed himself in front of a microphone. His dark suit blended with the ever darkening sky, allowing only his hands and face visible.

Calmly, the man started to sing in a deep voice that rang through the air with clarity only found in Heaven.

Krillan and 18 danced across the marble floor with ease and simplicity, making it look as though they had practiced this step over and over, until it was engrained into their minds and in their feet.

After a couple of minutes of this, the song came to an end, only to be followed quickly by a slow dance melody.

Getting closer together, Krillan looked intensely into his wife's eyes and confessed to her, "You know, I've always wished of a woman who was exactly like you. Alas, I never found her."

"What?" 18 asked, taken somewhat aback.

"Yeah, because, I got you, you see, and that is so much more." Krillan added.

Choked with overwhelming emotions, 18 couldn't find anything to respond with, and allowed the silence between them to take over, admiring the azure sphere above their heads.

Only a few clouds littered the sky, but they resembled spirits of another world, watching the land below them. No birds glided on the current that waved through the air. Bees had taken refuge in their hives for the night, awaiting the next day to reap the nectar from flowers not yet reaped. The dance floor was dimly lit by a few candles that hung from the walls and rested on a few tables. They must have been the bug repellent kind, because no mosquitoes had bitten anyone.

The silence was ever growing as time lengthened. The orchestra kept playing its magical piece of music, never missing a key, the singer never missing a note. Seconds lapsed into minutes, and minutes lapsed into more minutes, and with a final ring, the ensemble ended its song. This time around, they started a song that brought to mind a meadow in bright yellow sunshine.

Quick as the song was, it took about five minutes to complete, all the while, Krillan and 18 danced together with such style, it seemed unrivaled.

With the conclusion of the harmony, 18 and Krillan applauded politely, and then decided to take a breather. Just as they were sitting down, another couple appeared at the doorway, and became transfixed at the sight of the moon.

After remembering what they had come to do, the couple began to dance to a fox-trot classic that the band had played as background music.

Like Krillan, the man was dressed in an expensive tux, probably rented for the night. His shiny black hair was too shiny, due to an overdose of grease. On others, this look would not have been good, but it seemed almost like he was born with the grease in his hair. It was his look, obviously, 18 guessed.

The lady, a petit, red haired woman, wore a mauve dress that clashed horribly with her hair. But, she apparently didn't mind because she had a smile on her face that could take in a tire iron. Her bone structure seemed more apt for an ape, and although she wasn't repulsive, she could have done to put some makeup on.

The two of them flew across the floor, drawing more attention to themselves than necessary. Giggling, laughing, and just being rudely noisy, they probably had a record of annoying people, possibly unintentionally, but all the same, they were trying.

The fox-trot eventually slowed down and came to an abrupt stop with the blast of the trumpet player. Clapping and cheering wildly, the couple shouted for an encore. Pleased to hear such good reviews, the orchestra was happy to oblige with a famous tango.

Taking the opening, Krillan and 18 ran onto the floor, engaging the other in a little duel. Delighted at the challenge, the couple gladly accepted and started first.

The man and woman twisted and flailed, going to the beat, giving it their all. While dancing, the two of them were in a serious concentration, completely opposite as they had been upon entering. With confidence, they danced at the peak of their skill, proving that it does indeed take two to tango.

The orchestra picked up on the fact that there was a contest going on, so they ended the tango quickly and started up another one for Krillan and 18 to dance to.

Taking cue, the little man and his attractive dance partner matched the other couple move for move, and more. For every twist, Krillan and 18 did it a little faster and a little further. For every flail, there was more jumpiness to it.

This tango-tune turned out to be a short one too, so Krillan and 18 ended breathless, having done the best that they could do.

The opposing faction cheered at Krillan and 18's splendid performance, and they returned the courtesy. The both of them were fabulous dancers, and no one could have done any better than those two couple there that night.

Retreating to a table of their own, the other couple left the dance floor, worn out for the night. Taking another breather before having one last slow dance, Krillan and 18 went to their table.

Taking short sips from their wine glasses, Krillan and 18 just sat in silence, listening to the long, mournful lament that the orchestra decided to play for them. 18 was still looking up at the moon, thinking how much she has been blessed with this night, and every night from now on. Krillan was along the same train of thought, although, it was in a more manly way, because, you know, he didn't want to seem like a sissy or anything. cough cough

Finishing their drinks, 18 and Krillan stood up for one last dance, embracing each other tightly, as if this was their final time together, and they needed to enjoy every quarter-second of it. 18 looked down at her handsome husband, and bent down to kiss him passionately. In return, he fell powerless to her action, and allowed the love to surge from her to him.

Breaking their lip-to-lip contact, 18 spoke in a meaningful, soft voice.

"Isn't it funny how time mixes itself up? Sometimes, a minute seems to last a lifetime--"

"And a lifetime seems to last a minute." Krillan finished.

"If this were a dream, I hope to never wake." Krillan confessed to 18.

"Then, the feeling's mutual?" 18 giggled quietly.

"Yeah, it sure is. Let's go home. There just might be one last gift waiting for you there."

Applauding one last time, Krillan and 18 thanked the orchestra for their music, and then left for home, flying slowly in the air. They looked down on the illuminated land and soaked in the sight.

Landing on their front doorstep, Krillan and 18 engaged once more in a kiss. They kept together for a minute or so, and then headed inside.

The two of them ran upstairs together, hand in hand again. Rushing into their room, 18 looked around, hoping to spot her present.

"All right. What is it, Krillan?" 18 asked, unable to take the time to look further.

"Me." Krillan answered, closing the door.