Kagome climbed up the vines covering the inside walls of the well, before hauling herself over the lip of the well. Sitting on the rim, she sighed as she gazed up at the stars speckling the night sky, wondering why her impatient hanyou wasn't already dragging her into the village. "Oh," she whispered to herself, "That's right, I wasn't supposed to return until tomorrow afternoon."

She had really meant to spend some more time with her family, but Sota was spending the night at a friend's and her mother had taken her grandpa out of town for the night. Not seeing the point in staying home alone, Kagome decided to return to the Feudal Era early. At least Inuyasha wouldn't get grumpy about her spending too much time in her own era for once, but just where was he anyway?

Sending out her powers, she tried to sense for his youkai. He didn't seem to be anywhere. He wasn't at the Goshinboku, or in the village, maybe Kikyo was nearby, but then again, she couldn't sense Miroku, Kilala or Shippo's auras either. Maybe they'd been called away on a demon hunt, not bothering to leave anyone in the area because they weren't expecting her to return so early. She did, however, sense a youkai in the forest, and it was carrying a jewel shard.

'Damn it,' she thought, 'there's no one in the area I can call on.' Focusing on the youkai she realised that even with the jewel shard, it was still pretty weak. 'It's not that strong, and if I can get this shard, maybe it'll prove to Inuyasha that I'm not useless in a battle. I may not be as strong as Kikyo, or as pretty, but at least it'll show I can defend myself.' Setting her bag down by the well she grabbed her bow and quiver of arrows before running off towards the youkai.