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Brianna Ross sighed as she watched the blur of trees go by from her seat in the back of the car. Her parents were in their own world, busily discussing the directions to the house of the dinner party. Nimble fingers plucked at some invisible fuzz from her skirt. Her parents had said that the family had a son her age. So, in hopes of meeting a new guy, she primped herself to the extreme.

Mr. Ross was planning to expand his power tool company to other countries, England was his first stop. The family was staying in a local hotel, while looking for a home in the area, in hopes of being around to start the business there. The family who invited the Ross's to dinner was obviously hopeful to come up with some kind of business deal with the new company moving.

The car slowed down as they reached the house that matched all the other houses on the street. Brianna's long eyelashes blinked over her deep hazel eyes, as they peered through the glass of the car window and into the dusk. Mr. and Mrs. Ross both rose from their seats while they chatted lightly. Brianna sighed once again and got out of the car. She followed her parents to the wooden door.

"Aah, the Ross's how wonderful to see you! Come in, come in! Make yourselves comfortable!" The man who answered the door was a pudgy, stout fellow with a bristly mustache that seemed to be taking over his upper lip beneath his bulbous nose. Bri assumed this was Mr. Dursley himself, the one who wished so hard that he would make a business deal with her father.

She moved her head around trying to get a glimpse of any boy her age that was around. She saw a boy…but she didn't expect what she saw. The boy was very plump, and looked like he was holding his butt. He was dressed in a grey suit with a red bow tie. He glanced at me and starting grinning from ear to ear. Brianna bit her lip in front of her true smile, trying not to laugh at the sorry excuse for a love interest that her parents had picked out for her.

Bri shook Mr. Dursley's hand and smiled sweetly at Dudley when they were all introduced properly. Then followed Mr. Dursley into the sitting room where there was Mrs. Dursley. She was the only one who looked relatively normal within the Dursley household. Her voice was rather elegant which mismatched her aged face that looked worn from years of yelling or worrying. Mrs. Dursley wore a cute, little, frilly apron against her cocktail dress that made her instantly look homier.

"Sit down and make yourselves comfortable." Mr. Dursley had a powerful voice that was good for yelling. Noting the obedience of Dudley, Bri suspected that Mr. Dursley had bellowed a lot over the years. Both families chatted throughout dinner; mostly it was Mr. Dursley and Mr. Ross talking avidly about their businesses. Dudley kept staring nervously in Bri's direction. Both of the misses were chatting about recipes and motherhood, among other things.

After dinner, the group had settled back into the sitting room, chatting over tea and cookies, compliments of Mrs. Ross. . Bri was letting her eyes wander around the room, taking in all of the obsessive pictures of Dudley that adorned the sitting area. The conversation around the room kept fading in and out as Bri lost herself within her own thoughts.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Dursley? Where is your bathroom?" Bri later interrupted politely, blushing slightly at asking an embarrassing question. Mrs. Dursley just smiled; glad that she could be of some use.

"Upstairs and the second door on the right, dear. You can't miss it."

Brinodded with a smile of thanks and disappeared back into the hall with the tacky carpet. She wandered up the stairs, taking in the outlandish style of the rest of the house as she slowly went along. Remembering the directions that Mrs. Dursley had given her, Bri found the bathroom with no problem.

As Bri washed her hands, she heard a door close to the room next to her. Shutting off the water, she quietly peeked out of the bathroom door, and down the hall. Thinking that Dudley had come upstairs, her curiosity had gotten the better of her as she stood before the door with about a dozen locks down the side. Furrowing her brows she leaned forward and knocked quietly on the door as she pushed it open.

"Um…Dudley why did you?"

"I'm no Dudley." A boy with black messy hair turned around. "I'm Harry. Harry Potter. You really should leave... You're… not supposed to be here." Brianna's eyes widened and one eyebrow went up. "You know… I think I know what I'm supposed to do." Bri said with an unstable attitude.

"Is that where you go to school?" Bri asked gesturing to the burgundy and gold banner tacked to his wall. Harry nodded uneasily.

"It's a type of boarding school; I'm only home for the summer." He gulped thinking she might read the name carefully. "It looks really familiar… wait… Is it called Hogwarts? Are you a wizard? Oh my, gosh! No, way! This is awesome… I have never met one before… well I haven't known if I knew or not. But, I had gotten a letter, just a couple weeks back; it said I had been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry…? I'm starting this year as a 6th year…but all I know is that I am supposed to go to the train station next week. I'm supposed to go to Diagon Alley and bring either cat, toad, and owl or rat…plus; go on the Hogwarts Express."

"So, hold up, you're a witch?"