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"Welcome to Diagon Alley!" Samantha smiled and stepped through the opened wall.

"This is so cool!" Cody said amazed. They all walked in and Bri took out her lists of supplies. "Sam, first we need to go get our books. Where are we headed for that?"

"Flourish and Blotts, it's the bookstore here." Bri and the twins walked behind Sam toward where ever she was headed. There were lots of wizards and witches there, shopping for supplies of course. Sam stopped at a shop filled with books. "Well, here it is! Come on, let go get our books!" Sam tugged at Bri's sleeve and pulled her toward one of the aisles of books.

"OK, ok!" Bri said as she tried to catch her balance after being pulled so hard. "First we need 'Defense against the Dark Arts: Year 6' Where's that?"

Sam took her finger and skimmed it over the books searching for the specific title. "Aha! Found it! Shoot! There's only one copy. Let's go ask if they have any other copies in the back."

"K!" Bri and Sam walked up to a plump woman with brown curly hair. She was wearing a name tag that happened to her name on it 'Caroline Brown' then the name tag switched from her name to the picture of her.

"Hello, are there any other copies of this book?" Sam asked hopefully. "Yes, darling there's lots! Let me go get you one! I'll be right back!"

"Thank you so much." Bri thanked the lady. Sam and Bri stood there for a while, waiting, when Bri spotted Harry.

She tapped Sam on the shoulder constantly. "What?" Sam finally turned around.

"That's him! That's him! That's Harry!" Bri pointed t him.

"Where the heck is he?"

"There! He's right there!" Bri was getting annoyed. "I can't see!"

"Here is your book, darling!" The lady came, she looked exhausted. She handed Bri the book and Bri thanked her.

Bri and Sam had gotten all their books and had gotten Zack and Cody, who had gotten all their books, too. They were walking, when some one tapped Bri's shoulder.

"Hello." A tall boy with red hair and freckle was standing there smiling.(A/N; I'm not that god with details so don't be complaining!) "Do I know you?" Bri smiled sweetly, but still had some confusion on her face.

"Oh, sorry. See, my friend here, Harry, he says he knows you, he wanted to say hi, but I guess he was being to shy." Bri's grin got bigger. She looked behind the tall boy and saw Harry. He was bright red. He caught a glimpse of her and turned his head the other way.

Bri looked back at the boy. "Ok, but you still haven't answered my question."

"Oh…" The boy blushed a bit. "I'm Ron, Ron Weasley."

So, you're RON? Wow, I had imagined you a lot different." Bri smiled.

Sam, Zack and Cody were stumped. They had no idea what the heck they were talking about.

"You know this guy?" Sam asked. Bri turned to Sam. "Yeah, no, no, not really, long story."

"Sam, meet Ron, Ron meet my brothers, Zack and Cody, and they're twins."

"Nice to meet you! I have brothers that also are twins, Fred and George, they're somewhere."

"Sweet!" Zack said excitedly. Ron turned and saw Harry standing there.

"So, let's go over there, shall we?" Ron asked for Harry's sake.

"Sorry, we can't, we still have to get some stuff. Anyway, I'll probably see Harry and you guys at school later today or tomorrow."

"Oh, ok." He walked over to Harry and a bushy-haired girl. Ron said something to Harry that made him look disappointed. He waved to Bri as she was walking out.

"I can't believe you did that! That's so mean!" Sam turned to Bri as they were walking. 'What I was not! We have to finish getting our stuff! Gosh!" Bri told her.

Zack and Cody looked at each other and shook their heads. "Bri if that had happened to me, I would be totally crushed!" Cody pointed out. Sam giggled a bit. Bri hit her hard on the shoulder.

"Of course you would be totally crushed!" Zack laughed. " I would just be upset."

Cody rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, well what do you guys know?" Brianna started feeling bad.

"EVERYTHING!" Zack and Cody answered.

"Well, lets just get on with the day. I'll fix it later, ok?" Bri smiled a bit.

"Okay, Bri you need to go to Ollivanders Wand Shop and get a wand, I have to do a couple things." Sam walked off.

Bri was about to ask where it was when she saw the store. It was right in front of her. The shop was huge. It was like a mall for wands.

Brianna walked in and saw millions of boxes with wands in them.

"Hello? Anybody here?' She asked. She heard rolling wheels and saw a man rolling on a ladder.

"Well, hello, how may I help you?" Bri was confused.

"Um…I need a wand…"

"Well, OF COURSE YOU DO!" The mad smiled and handed her a wand. "Try this one." The wand was short and brown.

Brianna did nothing. Then frowned and shook his head. "Give it a flick!" The man shouted. This startled Bri so she did as she was told.

"When she flicked it , it hit the window and bounced off and knocked all the wands off the next wall. Brianna turned back to the man, who looked startled.

"Nope, definitely not that one. Well, here's one." He handed her a long wand that was pink. She flicked it softly. It got all windy.

"Aah, the unicorn hair. I was thinking that might be the one for you." He told her with a grin.

"Thank you!" Brianna turned and walked out the door. Sam popped out of no where.

"Oh my god Sam. You almost scared me to death." Sam was smiling and she was hiding something behind her back.

"What's that?" Brianna asked curiously. Sam took her hands out from behind her. She was holding a cage with a small brown owl in it.

"Aaw! That's so cute!" Bri was practically screaming. Sam smiled. "It's for you! I thought since you didn't have a pet for school, I would get you one!" Sam handed her the owl.

Brianna gave Sam a hug with the arm that wasn't holding the cage. "THANK YOU!"

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