Tamer Profiles...

Description-5'6", with shoulder-length black hair
Apperance-Long sleeved black shirt that has the kanji for 'Fight' on it, tattered blue jeans.
D-Ark Color-Dark Green
Digimon Partner- Wormmon (Leafmon/Minomon/Wormmon/Stingmon/Dinobeemon/GranKuwagamon)
Biography-A former member of 'The Chosen' a group that used evil Digimon to persecute Tamers, Leon is a reclusive youth, being a loner more than anything. After witnessing his Superior slaughter his younger brother for being a Tamer, Leon left The Chosen and has his sights set on revenge...

Description-He has black hair and blue eyes.
Apperance-Blue jeans and a black shirt with a picture of a star on it.
D-Ark Color-Black
Digimon Partner- Agumon (Botamon/Koromon/Agumon/Greymon/MetalGreymon/WarGreymon)
Biography-Jason grew up in America. After watching others die, he vowed to destroy 'The Chosen'. He stuck to himself until the others convinced him to join them.

Name- Tyler
Gender- Male
Description- meduim short high school student, dirty-blonde curly hair, blue/green eyes
Appearance- Light brown shorts, dark green zip-up sweatshirt/hoodie, a black wristband, black skate shoes
D-Ark Color- green
Digimon Partner- Patamon (Poyomon/Tokomon/Patamon/Angemon/HolyAngemon/Seraphimon)
Biography- After one of Tyler's best friends was killed right in front of him by 'The Chosen' thinking his friend was a tamer, Tyler searched to find a nearby tamer to be able to teach him so he could help fight against 'the Chosen'. Soon after his trainer was captured along with his partner. He wants to meet face to face with his friends killer and to rescue his trainer/friend

Name- Lina
Gender- Female
Age- 15
Description- 5'3". Light brown hair w/bangs that is shoulder-length in front and short in the back, fair skin, dark brown eyes.
Apperance- Black tank-top, blue choker, white shorts, fingerless blue gloves, loose socks, blue & white running shoes.
D-Ark Color- Pink
Digimon Partner- Wizarmon (Mokumon/PetitMeramon/Candmon/Wizarmon/Mystimon/Dynasmon)
Biography- Lina has heard of the terrible things that has happened to tamers simply because of what they are, and cannot stand it any longer. She decides that she must help fight against The Chosen no matter what. While she might not seem very powerful, she has a strong will and determination to assist those in need.

Noelle Hearttilly
Age- 15
Description- Blonde shoulder lengthhair, blue eyes, pale skin
Apperance- White tube top that shows stomach. wears light pink jacket, and blue jean skirt, with white and baby blue shoes.
D-Ark Color- Light green and Pink
Digimon Partner- Palmon (Yuramon/Tanemon/Palmon/Togemon/Lilymon/Rosemon)
Biography- Born to a rich family Noelle had it all, she was the most popular girl in her school. Her father had a thriving buisness and was wealthy and successful, her mother was a top notch fashion designer and her clothes were worn by all the celebrities. But during the D-Reaper incedentfive years ago, the D-Reaper destroyed her father's company and her mother waskilled by one of the D-reaper's agents. Her father became coldhearted after losing his wife, he even became abusive towards her at times. Noelle became withdrawn from the world as well, she lost all of her friends because her father locked her up in her room all the time except for when she went to school. One day while coming home from school, she visited her mother's grave site. She broke down in tears as she told her mother how lonely she was in the world and the way her father keeps her locked up. At that moment she made a wish that she could have just one friend with her in this cold world, she shed a tear on a flower bulb on the grass. At that moment, the flower bloomed and a light arose from it and turned into aD-Ark.The flower arose from the ground asPalmon. During all this,her father blamed the D-Reaper and all Digimon for his sorrow and failure. He became part of a group that disposes of Digimon and Tamers known as The Chosen. But what he didn't know was that his own daughter had become a tamer,.so he had a choice: The Chosen or his daughter. He choseThe Chosenbecause of hishate forDigimon and he would do anything to destroy all things related to them, even his own daughter. Now Noelle runs in fear from her father and The Chosen...

Kaili Lee
Gender- Female
Age- 13
Description- tall for her age, shoulder length dark brown hair, light blue eyes
Appearance- red bandana on her head, black jeans, red T-shirt with black stripes across the bottom, grey jacket tied around waist, grey gloves
D-Ark color- Red
Digimon Partner- Tailmon (YukimiBotamon/Nyaromon/Plotmon/Tailmon/Angewomon/Ophanimon)
Biography- Kaili was a loner, who wanted nothing to do with Tamers or Chosen. Then, on December 31, 2005, when the virus broke out, Tailmon had shown up at her door, bruised and hurt. Somehow, that changed Kaili's heart and she decided to be a Tamer, to stop the Chosen. She's still a tough loner, who loves the action of a fight.