"These things are beginning to get really annoying." Noelle sighed as the Pico Devimon continued their assault.

"PLANT SHOCK!" Palmon shouted, electrifying a few Pico Devimon with her vines. "I'm sick of zapping these things like bugs..."

"Damn that kid, Miko." Noelle scowled, the image of the Tamers resting on the beach burned into her mind. "He always comes in at the wrong time."

"Well, we do have a mission." Palmon said, taking down a few more Pico Devimon. "We would've eventually had to come to Boston to fight anyway."

"Yeah, well..." Noelle looked down, "it didn't have to end so soon."


Digimon Tamers: Infection

DISC 02: Attack on The Chosen Saga

Chapter 22: Tyler's Battle against Baruuk! Beyond Good and Evil!


"I-I won't." Leon said, realizing what he'd just ordered Stingmon to do. "I won't! I swore upon my brother's grave that I'd never take the life on another human being or Digimon that wasn't infected by the virus." Leon grabbed a card from his deck and walked towards Miko. "It's not over, Miko. This card will bring Hawkmon back to you. Use it."

"Primary Village?" Miko stuttered as he read the card, staring at Leon in shock. "He's helping me, even after everything I've done to him..." Miko jumped up and hugged Leon tight, then let go, looking up at Leon with glassy green eyes. "Thank you! I'm sorry for the things I've put you through..." He then walked back to the center of Boston, raised his D-Ark and slashes the card, causing him to vanish in a bright flash of light.

Miko opened his eyes to find a colorful village, eggs laying on what looked like a plush valley, though it seemed to be deserted at the same time. Miko began his search for Hawkmon's egg, though there were so many Miko was overwhelmed, losing faith in his own ability to find the egg, bursting into tears. "What am I doing here? I'm a horrible person and a bad tamer."

Then, suddenldy, a noise. A giggle?

"Silly, you're crying again." The laughing voice giggled, Miko looking up to find Hawkmon's Baby II form of Poromon. Miko hugged is partner rather tightly before parting with him.

"I'm sorry, Poromon."

"Hey, don't worrk about it." Poromon giggled. "Moumentai."

"Well, you know what?" Miko smirked. "Things are gonna change, and we're not gonna be part of The Chosen anymore."

"Yay!" Poromon chimed as the illusional area around them vanished, both appearing in the ruined city again.


"Hey, a message..." Miko commented, grabbing his D-Ark, and opening the message. "A video file?"




December 2001, Tokyo, Japan

Miko watched closely as he saw three forms come into the picture, ones he knew very well...one of Dukemon, one of Saint Galgomon, and the last being Sakuyamon, finding these three flaoting around a gelatinous red blob in the center of Tokyo as strange, hooded looking creatures flew from the blob. They had feet like sickles, which they proceded to use to slash at the three Ultimate level Digimon, who dodged the attacks with ease. Another creature emerged from the blob as well, one that was large, muscular, and green...one that flew towards the Ultimates.

"ROYAL SABER!" Dukemon cried out, sending a blast of energy from his lance and towards the large, green Agent of the D-Reaper, who dodged it, letting it crash into the Pendulem Feet ADRs.

"Oh shit!" Saint Galgomon shouted as the green, Horn Striker, ADR flew towards the group, grabbing the large, cyborg Digimon and throwing him, knocking him into a small apartment complex. Miko's eyes widened in shock as the realization hit him...that was his old apartment complex. Miko's eyes glared with hatred as he realized he'd been living a lie...It wasn't the Tamers who'd killed his parents, rather the D-Reaper...

"Tachikawa Miko," A voice emerged as the video ended, "Do you want to make up for what's happened? For all the Tamers you've killed?"

"Huh?" Miko looked at his D-Ark. "O-of course!"

"Help the ones lead by Leon Jones..." The voice responded as the video stream ended, and Miko nodded.

"I'll destroy The Chosen to atone for my wrongs..." Miko said with a smirk. "Come on, Poromon..."

"AHH! I'M GETTING TIRED OF THIS!" Noelle screamed in frustration, across town, as the Pico Devimon swarmed. "CARD SLASH! BLIZZARMON'S AXES, EJI AND OJI, ACTIVATE!"

Suddenly, two giant battle axes dropped from the sky in front of Palmon. "You think you can handle those?" Noelle smirked as Palmon grinned, picking up the axes.

"Oh yeah! TAKE THAT, AND THAT!" Palmon screamed, slicing through hoardes of the Pico Devimon swarm.

"Tyler! Are you and Angemon done fighting yet?!" Noelle shouted as Tyler sweat-dropped.

"Hold on, we haven't even started yet!" Tyler shouted back as he and Angemon stood near Baruuk and Devimon.

"Well, can you hurry it up?" Noelle asked.

"Noelle, you can't rush these things!" Tyler yelled back as Noelle giggled.

"It really turns me on when you yell like that!" Noelle yelled back as Tyler blushed.

"Wh-what?!" Tyler shouted back as Noelle smiled.

"Hey, dumbass kid!" Baruuk shouted. "Quit paying attention to your girlfriend over there and fight me!"

Tyler sneered. "Angemon, kick his ass!"

"He's so cute when he's angry." Noelle smiled as even more Pico Devimon emerged around the group. "UH! LEON, HURRY UP! I hope you're almost done kicking that kid's ass, because we need you!"

"CARD SLASH! RENAMON'S FOX LEAF ARROW HEAD ACTIVATE!" Kaili shouted, slashing a card through her D-Ark as the Pico Devimon swarmed around the group like moths to a light.

"This is so much better than the Firebal Card...FOX LEAF ARROW HEAD!" Tailmon shouted, releasing a barrage of energy. The attack worked better, destroying more Picodevimon than one of Tailmons' Neko Punch attacks.

"Ever notice how a Card Slash is always more powerful than your ordinary attack, Tailmon?" Kaili piped up.

"Get'cha head in the game, Kai! FOX LEAF ARROW HEAD!" Tailmon replied, destroying a lot more of those annoying Pico Devimon.
"Nice shot!" Kaili smirked.

"Yeah, I've always had good aim." Tailmon laughed in response as Kaili sweat-dropped.

"Looks like someones on the path towards modesty."

"Nah, I strayed off that path years ago. It's too much fun!"

"Why am I not suprised?"

"FOX LEAF ARROW HEAD! Think a power card'll help now, Kaili?"

"Only one way to find out! CARD SLASH! POWER ACTIVATE!"

"Come on Angemon!" Tyler, away from the others, shouted, in an attempt to keep Angemon's spirits up, "Go get him!"

"Right." Angemon nodded, flying towards Devimon, spinning his staff around. "HOLY ROD!" Angemon yelled, pulling back his staff and swinging it around towards Devimon.

"Get him," Baruuk called to Devimon, "CARD SLASH! DAGOMON'S TENTACLE CLAW, ACTIVATE!"

Devimon laughed as his arm became a long, blue tentacle, which flew out, wrapping around Angemon. "And now, for the claw part..." Devimon smirked sinisterely as spikes erupted from the tentacle, stabbing into Angemon's skin, and causing blood to seep out around him as he screamed out in pain.

"ANGEMON!" Tyler shouted, rage in his eyes. "Dammit!"

"Devimon, do what you will with him." Baruuk laughed as Devimon smirked.

"TENTACLE CLAW! TENTACLE CLAW! TENTACLE CLAW!!" Devimon laughed maniacly as the spikes jabbed in and out of Angemon, causing blood and data to seep out. "This is too much fun..."

"Angemon..." Tyler spoke as Angemon coughed up some blood.

"Ty...l-l...er..." Angemon spoke softly as his energy left him. "I'm o-o...ka-y-y..."

"ANGEMON!" Tyler screamed as he grabbed his D-Ark and a random card. "CARD SLASH! CERBERUMON'S INFERNO GATE, ACTIVATE!!"

Suddenly, a huge gaping hole opened under Devimon, one full of darkness. Devimon didn't notice at first, but he soon came to realize it's presence as he sunk down into it. "What the hell?!"

Tyler chuckled a bit. "The Inferno Gate is a move that makes all of your movements almost impossible." Tyler smirked. "It also eliminates your benfits of a Card Slash..."

Suddenly, Devimon's tentacle arm vanished, dropping Angemon to the ground as Devimon sunk into the gate. "Devimon, get the hell out!" Baruuk screamed. "GET OUT NOW, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!"

"He's not the only one sinking." Tyler smirked, pointing to Baruuk's feet, which were being ensnared by the Inferno Gate as well. "See you later, General."

"NOOOOO!!!" Baruuk screamed as black tentacles emerged from the gate, pulling he and Devimon down as the gates closed and Tyler ran over to Angemon, who'd de-evolved into Patamon.

"Patamon..." Tyler spoke softly, picking up his partner and his D-Ark. "CARD SLASH! HEAL CHIP S, ACTIVATE!"

Suddenly, a white light enveloped Patamon, and he became healed once more, jumping on Tyler's head. "Thanks, Ty." Patamon giggled. "Can we go back with the others now?"

"Of course." Tyler smiled. "I'm ready for another break..."

"Tyler, are you okay?!" Noelle shouted, running towards him.

"Yeah, just a few scratches." Tyler replied as Noelle looked down, noticing a black hole widening behind Tyler.

"What's that?" Noelle asked, pointing to the growing black hole.

"SHIT! It's the Inferno Gate! It still hasn't closed!" Tyler shouted, then turned to the others. "WE HAVE TO GET OUT BEFORE IT SWALLOWS US!!"

"What can we do to stop it?" Lina asked as the group began to run from the gate.

"I don't think we can." Kaili replied.

"Well, it'll eventually close, right?" Noelle asked frantically.

"Yeah." Palmon shouted back, "But not anytime soon!"


"I'll try..." Wizarmon replied, moving his hands together and concentraiting. The group blacked out, then awoke, finding themselves in the area in which they'd left Leon and the others. "Looks like it worked..."

"Great job, Wizarmon." Lina smiled as she noticed Leon in the distance, then ran towards him, hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you're alright, Leon."

"Awww...that's sweet." Noelle smiled, looking at the two. "They were worried about each other like that..."

Tyler smiled, turning Noelle towards him and pulling her face to her's, trapping her in a kiss, then breaking it. "What was that for?" Noelle asked as Tyler smiled.

"That's for you being you, Noelle." Tyler replied.

"Well, I'm gonna stop being me and turn into a hungry beast if I don't eat soon." Noelle replied.

"It really turns me on when you're aggresive like that." Tyler smirked at her as Noelle laughed.

"You're a loser," Noelle giggled, "But...you're my loser."

Leon stood confused as reality warped back to that of the beach the group had been on earlier. "What the?! Noelle? Tyler? Kaili? Jason? Lina?"

"You called?" Lina smiled as he stood dumbfounded, Wormmon smiling beside him. Suddenly, the sky darkened as a familiar voice boomed...

"Good job, tamers. You've defeated yet another of the generals of The Chosen. The next General's name is Kula, and she occupies the city of Philadelphia." The voice laughed. "But I'm very sure you can handle her, she's the sister of the General you just killed. That is all I have to say."

The voice vanished, with Lina deep in thought once more. "Just who is that voice?"

Wizarmon looked at his tamer and sighed. "And how do we know we can trust it?"

"Well, I don't know if we can trust it." Noelle replied. "But you know what?"

"What?" Leon asked.

"IF I DON'T EAT RIGHT NOW, I'M GONNA KILL ALL OF YOU AND EAT YOU IN A HUGE FEAST!!" Noelle screamed, her stomach growling.

"Whoa..." Palmon said in shock as the others stared at Noelle in terror.

"I'm sorry...it's just, I haven't had a good meal in a long time." Noelle laughed nervously.

"Well eat your spit..." Palmon said sarcastiaclly.

"SHUT UP!" Noelle yelled, punching her in the head.

"You sure are a bitch when you're hungry." Palmon winced.

"And if you don't shut up, I'm gonna turn you into a salad!" Noelle yelled back.

"Well, I'm a little hungry too." Tyler piped up as his stomach let out a huge roar.

"Just a little...?" Leon said with a shocked face.

"Well, I say we go find something." Lina said as the others nodded.

"Yeah, let's see if there's anything in that abandoned TGI Friday's." Patamon piped up.

"What?! A Friday?! Where?!" Noelle screamed desperatley, looking around her.

"Over there!" Patamon replied, pointing to the city.

"Well guys, let's go see what we can find." Leon sweat-dropped.

"Where's Noelle?" Lina asked as Palmon sighed.

"She's already over there...she's fast when she's hungry."

"..." Leon stood in awe as Noelle and the others ran on. "Wormon, what do you think we should do?"

"Hmm...Whaddaya mean, Leon?" Wormon inquired.

"I mean...I dunno..." Leon said, his face full of confusion. "Let's just go eat."

"Alright." Wormon smiled, still concerned about Leon.

"So...these will be my allies..." A voice said coursley..."Very good."


An undisclosed location...

Beneath his mask, Yashamon was smiling grimly. Days of following suspicous persons down dark alleys, eavesdropping from rooftops, and "interogating" Chosen agents outside what taverns remained had finally paid off. He'd finally found some information as to the whereabouts of the Chosen higher-ups. Apparently, the Chosen's top dog was living somewhere secret, under the protection of five card keys given to his generals. This was fairly top-secret information as it was, though, and Yashamon was unable to pull much more information that the locations of some of the generals. Checking the map section of an abandoned library, Yashamon set his course for Independence Hall, Philadelphia; where resided the closest of the generals. Yashamon was hell-bent on tracking down the demon who had murdered Sara: Even if he had to rip his way through the entire Chosen collective to do it. Inevitably, his thoughts turned to revenge, and his blood began to boil. Oh yes, he would find that monster. And then, he'd make him pay...


Next Time: Leon is drawn into a trap by the next General of the Chosen! Will the Tamers be facing a new General, or simply their own leader?!

Digimon Tamers : Infection

DISC 02: Attack on The Chosen Saga

Chapter 23: A Sign of Leadership! Goggles, and a Corruption of the Soul! Leon is the Enemy?!