Dark Winx 2: Rebirth

Chapter One: Return from Oblivion

"Ah man, it's good to feel a cold wind again," Stormy called out from where she was reclining against a rock outcropping.

"I agree. Shadowhaunt totally rules," Icy replied. It had been only yesterday that she, Darcy and Stormy had escaped the abominable prison known as Light Haven. Being in that place had nearly driven the three of them insane.

"So, what do you think we'll be doing next?' Darcy asked.

"Not sure," replied Icy. "Darkar's probably waiting for our magic to completely recover."

"I'm ready for a fight right now!" Stormy said. "Being locked for so long's left me with a lot of anger to get out!"

"Then go practice on some rocks or something," Icy suggested. "Blowing things up seems to calm you down." Stormy growled as she stalked off.

"Hey, I'm gonna get something to eat. Wanna come?" Icy asked Darcy.

"Sure, why not," Darcy replied. The two witches looked over to where Stormy was practicing her lightning attacks. "She's sure going at it."

"Yeah well, you know her. Come on." They were just entering a hallway when a huge beam of blue white light broke through the top of the cavern and struck near where Stormy had been. "Come on, let's find out what that was," Icy said, already flying off.

They arrived in what had once been a quarry. There was a large crater in the ground and Stormy was lying face down near the edge. Icy and Darcy hurried over. Icy rolled Stormy over. She seemed bruised and had a few cuts but was otherwise fine.

"Of man, what hit me?" Stormy asked when she woke up a few minutes later.

"Not sure," Icy replied. "But that beam must have been drawn to something. Come on. If we find something valuable maybe Darkar'll let us go out for some fun later."

Finally, after an hour of digging in hot soil and rock, Icy found what looked like a pyramid made of blue crystal and with a red stone set in the center on one side.

"Hm, wonder what this is," Icy said. Then suddenly the ruby in the pyramid began glowing. The witches heard a strange chant, and then the artifact was silent again.

"Well that was anticlimactic," Stormy said.

"Come on, let's see what Darkar can tell us," Icy replied, slinging the pyramid over her shoulder by a thin rope.

Lord Darker was deep in thought when the witches walked into his throne room.

"Ah, my witches," Darkar said in greeting. "Did you happen to see that light impact an hour ago?"

"Yep, and we found this where it hit," Icy replied, chucking the pyramid at Darkar, who caught it easily.

"Hm, interesting. This pyramid is giving off an energy I've never felt before, but a very powerful one."

"Cool, can we use it?" Icy asked.

"Perhaps. I can sense that whatever is inside this needs energy, and it just so happens we have several power sources right over there," Darkar replied, pointing toward where the Pixies were being held.

"Then let's give this thing a power boost."

Darkar and the Witches entered the holding room where the Pixies were being kept.

"Hello everyone. Did you miss me?" Darkar asked amusingly.

"Why would we be happy to see YOU? You're the one keeping us here!" Chatta replied.

"Exactly. Which means you should be grateful you're being treated as well as you are. Now then, I'm going to need your power for something. Let's start with the most annoying of you," Darkar said, grasping Chatter and using his power to drain her Winx and send in into the pyramid. When her power was nearly gone he stopped and did the same with Digit and Amore. After Amore was drained the pyramid began to glow. "Now we're getting somewhere."

Deep within the puzzle, a spirit drifted. It had nearly been destroyed by the Pharaoh, but it had survived, and soon its revenge was at hand. Suddenly it sensed energy entering the puzzle.

"What is this energy? Blah! It is sour, energy of light, but it is powerful. Ah, my power is being restored. I can see again. I must meet whoever has done this." The spirit focused and felt itself leaving the puzzle.

Back in the holding room Darkar felt something coming out of the pyramid. He placed it on the ground and watched as a projection of a man formed. He was a full two feet taller than Darkar and was dressed in Egyptian clothing.

"Well, this place is certainly different," the man said.

"Hello to you to," Darkar replied. "I'm Lord Darkar, ruler of the Under realm, and these are my witches. Who are you?"

"Witches you say? Are they skilled sorcerers?"

"We're witches," Icy replied. "We're all good with magic."

"Then you may be of use to me. I will require more energy to regain my physical form. If you provide it for me, I will reward you with powers and creatures you cannot imagine."

"All well and good," Darkar said. "But you still haven't answered my question. Who are you?" The man smiled.

"You may call me Anubis."

So what did everyone think? So Anubis has been reborn in a second Pyramid of Light. What will happen next? Feel free to provide suggestions. Well, see ya all in the next chapter, and don't forget to review! The Emperor protects.