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A Prank, a Closet, and a Little Love

The Plan

Sirius watched as James sat at the table practically drooling over Evans. Though she wasn't paying him much attention, and talking with her friends. Every time she laughed at something one of her friends said, James would look even more longingly at her. Sirius decided right then and there that this had to stop.

Giving both Remus and Peter meaningful looks, they discreetly got up and walked out of the Great Hall. Nothing was said between the 3 friends as they walked through the corridors of Hogwarts. Sirius knew that his two friends must be wondering what was going on, but he didn't stop to enlighten them. Not until they got to a secure room, where James could not find them.

He walked past a spot on the wall three times, and a door appeared out of nowhere. He opened the door and let his two friends enter before him, then he closed the door and it disappeared on the outside; James would not be able to find them.

He watched as Remus and Peter walked over to the armchairs and sat down. The room looked like the Gryffindor common room. Though it didn't always look like that. But he stopped admiring the room and went to stand in front of his friends. As the other two looked at each other and back at Sirius, Remus asked, "OK, Sirius. What's up?"

Sirius stopped his pacing and looked at his two friends. "I think we need to do something about James." He said.

Remus looked confused, so Sirius decided to explain a bit more. "What I mean is we need to do something about James' crush for Evans. His little show at the dinner table was anything but entertaining. Sighing every few minutes, practically drooling over her. I mean that is just disgusting. So what I was thinking is we need to find a way to either, A. get them together, or B. get James over his crush. Now do you guys have any ideas?" he asked.

Remus looked thoughtful while Peter looked lost. Inwardly Sirius knew that Peter wouldn't be able to do much in the thinking department, but when it came time to initiate the plan, he probably could help out. Sirius sat down in a chair that had appeared out of nowhere, and started thinking himself.

After about 5 minutes Remus sat up straighter, "I have an idea." He said. Remus had both boys' attention. "We need to do something that will be a plus or a minus. So that it doesn't matter whether he ends up going out with her or getting his face smacked. Do you get what I mean?" he asked.

Sirius nodded, "Yeah, like something that could work out for either situation. Did you have something in mind, Moony?" he asked knowingly.

Remus smirked, "Actually I do." He said. And they all went into a small huddle as Remus described the plan. After about 15 minutes of planning it was decided. Everyone knew what he was supposed to do, and when he would be doing it. Sirius silently thanked God that it was Friday. They had the entire weekend to do this, and without many repercussions.

"Well we'd better get back, before James starts getting suspicious." Remus stated, looking at his watch.

Peter nodded, "Yeah, he might think something is wrong." He said.

Smelling trouble Sirius decided to make his meaning clear. "There will be no talk of this anywhere outside of this room, you got that, Wormtail?" he asked, making sure Peter knew exactly what he meant.

So, the three friends stated walking back towards the Gryffindor Common Room, just chatting about classes and such. Having a sudden thought Sirius said, "If James asks where we were, I'll do the talking and, Remus, you'll follow my lead. Peter you will be quiet." So having a plan they continued on their way in silence. All thinking about the prank that they were about to pull on the King of pranks himself: James Potter.

'Speak of the devil, here he comes now,' though Sirius. Sure enough, James was walking down the hall to the portrait to the Gryffindor common room. James spotted them and sped up his pace.

"Where were you guys, one minute you were there and then I looked around and suddenly you were gone." He asked his friends.

Sirius smiled, "Well, James. As much as we love watching you stare and drool at the Evans girl…" he said, sarcasm dripping from every word. "We actually wanted to get a fresh scene for a change and decided to leave you with your obsession of drooling over Evans, and leave." He said.

James smirked, "Well, you could have said you were leaving or something." He said sarcastically. Remus decided to take this as his cue and he started in on the conversation as Peter said the password and they all walked in, "Well, we thought that our empty seats would speak for themselves."

James smirked as they climbed up the stairs to the boys dorm, he said, "Do you notice that when Evans laughs, her eyes sparkle like the stars?" he asked.

The other three friends shared a rolling of the eyes and decided to not comment about it. They entered the dorm and as a part of their plan, the friends decided to go to bed early, so they could get an early start to the next day. Though James was confused, he decided to go to bed early as well, seeing as how he wouldn't be able to do anything if they were asleep. So they each got into bed and said, goodnight to each other, and drifted off to sleep.

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