Easy Target 3

Kim's brow furrowed, as she inspected every inch of the pristine white suit, "Damn it, not even a spec..."

Ranma smirked, as he reclined on the couch, now dressed in a pair of black slacks and red polo shirt that stretched taunt across his chest... just how his girlfriend wanted the shirt to be when she bought it for him, "You want the magnifying glass? I guarantee you'll never find even a dot of blood on it."

With a sigh, Kim draped the matching linen jacket and slacks across the recliner, before striding to sit next to her love, "One day, you're going to slip up, and I'm gonna rub it in your nose how so not perfect you are."

Ranma chuckled, turning to face Kim, "You sound almost jealous."

Kim glared, "Jealous, of an obnoxious jerk like you?" Ranma paused, feeling a pang of recollection that dropped his smirk an almost imperceptible notch. That changed when Kim smiled, leaned in, and pecked him on the lips.

"Absolutely," the Korean woman responded, before getting up, and going to put the remains of dinner away for leftovers, "Hope you're all rested, don't you have to be back at 'the office' in a little bit?"

Ranma rolled his eyes, "But I wanted to spend a little more time with you..." Ranma then tilted his head to the side and slightly back, raising an eyebrow, "And talk about a marriage?"

A faint smile graced Kim's lips, as a light hue colored her cheeks. "Ah, w-we can talk about that when you get back, okay?" Her eyes scanned everywhere but in Ranma's direction, too timid to meet his amused gaze. She had been wanting to ask him for some time now, in fact ever since she found out the woman she unexpectedly fell in love with happened to also be said woman's 'neglectful husband'. She had practiced proposing to him, even planned out moments in which to do it, but how she had done it earlier that day had been on impulse; one she now wished she could take back, and re-do the way she wanted it. God, what Ranma must think of her to be so forward?

The pony tailed hitman shrugged, and brought himself to standing, "Well then, we'll talk about it later." He let a serious expression cross his face, "Don't go expecting anything, there are just too many things we both would have to consider. I mean, it's obvious you didn't think this out well."

Kim's eyes lit up in disappointment, "But I... I mean... what..."

Ranma walked up to her, and put a finger on her lips, "Hold it a second, alright? I didn't say 'no', but I'm not saying 'yes' either." Kim lowered her eyes, seeming to contemplate what Ranma was saying, as he embraced her, "I love you, alright? But, you well know its not like I've been very good at this love thing, you've met a few of my past... um... relationship failures... to put it mildly. I just want you to know first what you're getting into. And sincerely, you don't know all that much about me."

"Ranma, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't..."

Ranma let Kim go, "No, I'm sorry, but you really don't. I mean you think what I do is amusing for crying out loud."

Kim's lips pursed as her eyes narrowed, "Yeah, and it isn't like you're all stoic about it, either."

Ranma held his hands before him, attempting to placate the woman, "Alright, alright, I admit I'm a bit flippant about it, too, but that's more because I'd probably go crazy if I realized the scope of what I'm into. I kill people, and it wasn't too long ago when I thought I would only do that under the most extreme situations, and not as a job."

The Korean woman sighed, heading to the kitchen to put everything on the counter to further cool before going into the refrigerator, "I know, Ranma, I know. Just... just get going, like you said we'll talk about this later."

"Love you."

"Yeah, yeah, and I asked you to marry me, so you know how I feel," Kim flashed him a smile, "Bring an umbrella, it's supposed to get pretty bad tonight."

"Great, just great," Ranma groaned, knowing full well that he'll now be returning home as a woman tonight.

"I'll have some 'toys' ready for us when you get back," Kim gave Ranma a heated smirk, "that is, if your cute little red headed tush isn't tooooo tired when you get back."

"You might wanna have the sets of handcuffs ready; I might be irritable and disagreeable when I get back... if you know what I mean."

As Kim chuckled, Ranma fought the smirk from his face; Kim also knew his luck in such weather.

"You think this is the right thing to do?" The flight attendant turned to the three, interrupting their conversation to ensure they were properly buckled in. After three gracious smiles, the stewardess left to tend to the next set of passengers, leaving the three to discuss the reason for their voyage.

"Nonsense," the eldest one stated, leaning back in the seat while awaiting their takeoff, "He has an obligation, and I will not allow him to shirk it, no matter what he feels the situation."

"Yes, but he didn't exactly leave all of us on the most friendly of circumstances. It took all of my resources to find him in Korea, and even that information is dubious. You do realize we're spending what little money we had saved to fly on a hunch, right?"

"I cannot be helped," the eldest one replied, "It's the closest we've come to finding him or Akane."

"That's because they were going through great pains not to be found."

The eldest woman sighed, folding her hands in her lap, "I know, I know, but... there's not only the two of yours' future at stake, but our honor as well." She closed her eyes, sighing, "I hope he's become level headed enough to be reasonable."

"Heh, Ranma, reasonable? He hadn't contacted us in years, and most assuredly had no inclination of doing so. Considering the ties he has with at least one of us, I would think that rationale would have provoked him to at least letting us know he's alive."

The eldest waived off the scandalized response her second companion was about to give at the first one's rebuke, "I will give him a chance, but it's up to you two to complete things. Contrary to what may have happened between him and Akane, he does care about all of you."

"But Ranma cares about you, too."

"Thank you, dear, but I will hold my reservations..." The elder woman's companions noted her expression, and chose not to continue the conversation for the duration of the flight.

The man sat on his knees, stoically meditating upon the sheathed sword that stood out upon the wooden floor. Even without the full moonlight, blocked by the storming clouds overhead that thundered rain down in torrents, he could make out the eloquent design of the sheath and hilt. It was recorded in his mind's eye like an everlasting photo. His honored sword; more than simply a family blade, but his own symbol of the justice he fought to sustain in the lawless world he existed in. Even as one of the most powerful mob bosses in the city, if not Korea, he held order to be paramount among criminals. He chuckled to himself, realizing how far he had come in such a short time, thanks to one new employee that had recently come under his loyalty.

The soft scuffling against the floor was barely heard through the pounding rain, letting a slight smile as he knew his visitor only allowed him to hear his approach, "You have finally arrived."

No answer, typical, well, if it was a battle they wanted...

With a speed belaying his apparent age, the bald Japanese man turned, launching something at his newfound opponent. Almost as if expecting the attack, the newcomer twisted to the side, having to lean back at the waist to fully avoid the thrown dagger and catching his face in the sparse light that managed to enter the dark training hall. Without even regarding his opponent, the pony tailed assassin reached his right hand back under his left arm, and pulled out one of his dagger guns from the sheath, and quickly brought it up in a reverse grip to block the sword strike to his stomach.

Spinning the other way, Ranma swiped at his opponent's neck, forcing the swordsman to spin away from the cut, and retaliate with his own horizontal backhand slash. Ranma brought his dagger up to parry the blade, while reaching to his right dagger gun with his left hand. He was unable to unsheathe it, as he felt his opponent's free hand trap his arm, before kicking him away.

Rolling backwards into a backhand spring, Ranma brought both his preferred weapons to bear. With a grin, the assassin seemed to simply vanish. The swordsman knew better, as he quickly brought his sword over his shoulder, blocking a dagger's slash to his kidney. Immediately, he knew the extra weaponry hidden in his kimono was now gone. Dropping to a kneel, he reached down with his empty hand, and grabbed the pant leg of his assailant's supporting leg, pulling Ranma off balance.

Ranma fell to the floor, and quickly rolled out of the way of the sword that stabbed through the floor. Before recovering to his feet, Ranma performed a foot sweep, causing the swordsman to raise his leg to avoid it while withdrawing his sword from the ground at the same time. Stomping down, he attempted a fierce vertical slash that Ranma had to parry to the side. Taking the advantage of his imbalance, the assassin pulled the swordsman to the ground with him, straddling him and holding one of his daggers to the prone man's throat.

The swordsman chuckled, before speaking, "Stalemate, boy, stalemate."

Ranma's brow furrowed, "What? I got you fair and square!" Ranma blinked, before looking between the two of them, and finding his boss holding a small dagger to his stomach, "Where? I got all of them out of your damn robe!"

"Perhaps, but you didn't remove the one in my underwear."

Ranma growled as his boss laughed, both of them sitting up into kneeling, "I ain't about to reach down there!"

"You should know better than to allow your opponent any possible means, you must overcome that."

"Yeah, yeah, you're just a tricky old freak, that's all," Ranma smirked, letting Oyabun Takeo to understand he meant that in jest.

The crime lord needed no such sign, as he took Ranma's hand to be pulled off the floor.