Tristan and Rory had planned everything out. They had decided to not tell her grandmother that they were getting married until she received her invitation for the wedding. It was easy enough to hide it from her; Rory would never wear her engagement ring around her grandmother or when they were in Hartford for fear that someone would tell Emily Gilmore.

So far they had kept the secret for 6 months and it was getting harder with it nearing Christmas. It was the annual Gilmore Christmas party and Rory and Tristan were in attendance. The party at first was going great until Paris and Jamie arrived because Tristan had to tell Paris since they were so close. Paris had promised to keep her mouth shut and Tristan was beyond nervous that something was going to happen.

Of course people at Yale knew that Rory was engaged because she always wore the ring and she soon grew nervous as she saw some of her friends from Yale. They were on edge all the way through the party anxiously awaiting dinner where people wouldn't be so focused on them.

Tristan looked over at his father who was talking with Richard Gilmore. Rory squeezed his hand hoping to make him and her for that matter feel better. "Relax Tris, people are going to think something's up." Rory whispered her voice shaking a little bit.

"I'm sorry but I can't help it. All it takes is one person saying something to someone else and we're toast."

"I think we should leave so if something does happen we won't be around to hear about it."

"How are we going to get away?"

"I don't know." Dinner was announced moments later and unfortunately Rory and Tristan were seated at the same table as Richard and Emily along with Lorelai and Luke. Lorelai nudged Rory under the table, "Stop worrying." She mouthed and Rory felt somewhat better. Dinner went well until Rory noticed that people were pointing at her and whispering to each other. She hated being watched and talked about so she excused herself and walked quite fast for a Gilmore out of the room. Tristan grew worried and saw Rachel looking worried as someone leaned in and whispered something into her ear and after Rory excused herself Tristan went to see if she was okay.

When he found her she was sitting at the top of the stairs her head in her hands slightly rocking back and forth. He sighed and sat down on the step before hers looking up at her. "What's wrong?"

"They all know Tristan and its only a matter of time before she finds out. I mean it was bad enough to lie to her but to have her find out from someone who's not me or you she's going to flip a lid."

"We both agreed not to tell her until she got her invitation in the mail. You were adamant about not telling her. If you want we'll tell her right now and I'll defend you. I don't want you upset over this." Rory nodded and looked up at Tristan.

"It's a double-edged sword because if she finds out from someone else she'll be mad that we didn't tell her ourselves and if she finds out from us now she'll be mad that we didn't tell her sooner." Tristan nodded and rubbed her thigh. He hated seeing her upset over their engagement it always made him feel bad because he couldn't do anything. He wrapped his arms around her and held her on the stairs as the people downstairs gossiped about the engagement ring and Emily not knowing.

Finally after awhile Rory and Tristan returned after they decided to stick to the plan and not tell Emily. She would just try and get her hands on the wedding plans even if they weren't getting married till after their sophomore year. As dinner whined down everyone was enjoying dessert when the news finally spread to Emily. She at first laughed it off as gossip until more people told her. Now she was furious; no one kept a secret from Emily Gilmore.

"Rory I would like to speak to you in private." Emily hissed startling Rory a little bit and Lorelai instantly knew that Rory was going to get it. Emily led Rory into Richard's study and shut the door. "How could?" She asked calmly not wanting to blow up.

"How could I what?"

"How could you get engaged and then not tell me?"
"You freaked out when Tristan gave me a promise ring. You said that I was going to run off and get married so you couldn't have anything to do with the wedding. You're still mad that mom didn't let you do anything for her wedding to Luke. I was going to tell you when I got engaged after your comments at Tristan's birthday party I couldn't. Ever since I got accepted to Chilton and we've been coming to dinner you've been trying to make me what mom wasn't. I don't want to be in your cushy little fake society." Rory looked at her grandmother trying to gauge her reaction.

"I'm sorry that I want you to have a good life. I'm sorry that I cared about you're future. I'm just sorry that I gave you everything!" Emily screamed at Rory. Lorelai was in the room in a second trying to break up the fight with Tristan right at her side.

"Mom keep your voice down everyone can hear you." Lorelai warned hoping that Emily would give up at least until everyone left.

"Don't tell me what to do Lorelai." Emily yelled looking straight at Lorelai giving her the coldest glare.

"Don't talk to mom like that when you're mad at me. She didn't do anything wrong except want me to be happy. If you love me then you'll respect my decision not to tell you. I know that I should've told you but you would've wanted us to get married right away when we want to wait."

"I wouldn't have done that!" Rory sighed knowing that she was fighting a losing battle.

"You can either accept the fact that we didn't tell you or you can lose me out of your life. I won't sit back and have everyone I love suffer your wrath because you're mad at me. You make the decision." Rory hissed. Tristan looked at her in shock; he had never seen her this mad ever. Lorelai smiled a little at Rory finally standing up to Emily.

"Don't talk to me like that young lady. I can pull the plug on Yale and you'll be forced to live like your mother going to community college and going nowhere with your life."

"Fine pull the plug! If it means getting away from you then fine." Rory stormed off the tears flowing down her face and Tristan went off after her leaving Lorelai and Emily alone.

"Don't think that if you pull the plug Rory will go nowhere with her life. She will have everything she needs to go to Yale even if I have to sell off everything I own for her to go. You just lost your granddaughter and your daughter again." Lorelai left a stunned Emily alone in the room. When Lorelai found Rory and Tristan they were at the end of the driveway and Tristan was holding Rory as she sobbed into his chest. She smiled at how great Tristan was with her. She sighed at what caused her daughter and best friend to be sad and walked up to them.

"I know you're upset but I just wanted to say that even the best laid plans backfire." Rory looked at her mother unsure what the future held for her. At least she had people who loved her.

Author's note: So that was end, I hope you enjoy it. I will be writing a sequel not sure of the Title of it yet but be on the look out for it in the next couple of days. I want to thank everyone who reviewed this story.