A/N: And here it is, the long awaited (yeah right) sequel to Damaged! Enjoy!

Warnings: Slash, MPREG

Severus woke early in the morning to the sound of retching for the fourth time in as many days. With a soft sigh he dragged himself out of bed and into the bathroom, pausing a moment to wet a cloth. He kneeled beside his lover who currently had his cheek pressed to the cool tile of the bathroom floor, and passed him the flannel. Harry took it gratefully and wiped his mouth before folding it over and pressing a clean part to his face. Severus carefully lifted Harry up off the floor to lean against his side.

"Thanks." Harry said weakly. "Is it bad that I've lost weight? I thought I was supposed to be gaining." Harry asked.

"It's the morning sickness. It's only been four weeks, if you haven't gained any weight by your third month you can start to worry." Severus said, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist, pressing one hand to his lover's stomach. If he concentrated closely he could feel the soft tingle of magic that was the child forming inside of Harry.

"I don't know if I can stand eight more months of this." Harry groaned, standing up to brush his teeth.

"Morning sickness usually subsides after the first trimester." Severus said.

"That's good." Harry said.

"Why don't you have a glass of water and come back to bed?" Severus asked.

"Okay." Harry nodded.

It had been a few years since Harry and Severus had bonded. Harry was now twenty-one and just as famous as ever, if not more so. He had played professional Quidditch for a season, bringing England to a stunning victory, but had decided to quit after winning the Quidditch World Cup. Because of practice and always traveling to different countries for their games, Harry had barely any time to see Severus.

Harry had tried a few other jobs, unsuccessfully due mostly to his fame as the Boy-Who-Lived, a.k.a. The Chosen One, a.k.a The-One-Who-Defeated-You-Know-Who, etc, etc... - all horrible names in his opinion. He had decided to give up on working and start a family with Severus, who was still teaching potions, albeit against his wishes. Severus was going to resign at the end of the school year so he would be able to spend his time with their child without having to have Harry live at Hogwarts as he was now.


"Great Hall or not this morning?" Severus asked.

"I can't. There's too much food, the smell alone makes me nauseous." Harry said.

"What do you think you could keep down?" Severus asked.

"Tea and toast, and maybe a little bit of egg or fruit." Harry said. Severus nodded and called one of the house elves to bring them just that for breakfast. While they were waiting Severus fetched a potion from his lab, the wizard equivalent of prenatal vitamins, though it was only needed once a week.

"Are we going anywhere for Easter Vacation?" Harry asked as he nibbled on a piece of dry toast.

"If you want to go somewhere." Severus said.

"Can we go to France?" Harry asked. France was one of his favorite countries to visit, especially since Severus' voice sounded especially sexy when speaking French.

"Of course. The flat in Paris or the cottage in the country?"

"Paris." Harry answered. Severus nodded his agreement, catching sight of the clock as he did.

"I've got to go, my first class is starting soon. Make sure you drink plenty of water and try to eat a small snack in a couple hours. I'll be back for lunch." Severus said, kissing Harry briefly.

"Yes mother." Harry said, rolling his eyes.

"Brat." Severus said from the doorway.

"Git!" Harry shouted back, though Severus had already left. Harry huffed and turned back to his breakfast. He grabbed a banana to eat later and called a house elf to clean away the rest of the stuff.

Harry left the dungeons and headed toward the muggle studies classroom. Hermione had become the muggle studies teacher only a year after they had graduated Hogwarts. She had become the first muggle-born to have the position. Most likely because of this, she found herself having to correct many misconceptions the last teacher had embedded in the students minds. Luckily she had a free period at the moment.

Harry arrived at the classroom to find Hermione's eldest daughter watching Barney on the television they had set up in the room. Dumbledore had created a small ward around the room that kept the magic from interfering with the muggle appliances. The only drawback was that the amount of magic used in the room had to be restricted. A small generator with a silencing ward around it powered the appliances.

"Uncy Hawy!" Isabel, Bell for short, exclaimed as Harry entered the room.

"And how's my favorite little goddaughter today?" Harry laughed as his arms were filled with squirming two-year-old.

"She's your only goddaughter." Hermione laughed.

"Where's Catie?" Harry asked, shifting Bell to rest on his hip, wary of the child growing in his stomach. He and Severus had yet to tell anyone but Madame Pomfrey, who would be Harry's main healer up until the delivery, the good news. They were going to wait until they were sure Harry wouldn't miscarry. It was extremely common in Male pregnancies during the first two months.

"She's with Molly. Ron's out on a mission and I felt she was too young to be around the students just yet. It's amazing how volatile the mixture of wizards and muggle technology can be. They blew up the blender last week, thank Merlin the girls were with Ron." Hermione said.

Ron was a reserve auror. Now that Voldemort was gone the ministry only kept a small number of aurors on active duty, rotating them every month and calling in the reserves when they needed extras for a mission. Ron didn't mind in the least as it meant he could stay home with his two daughters most of the time. Bell was their first daughter and was two years old, and Catie, or Catherine, was only six months old.

"Down Uncy!" Bell shouted at Harry, trying to squirm out of his arms. Harry smiled and set her on the ground. She ran over to one of the desks and picked up a piece of paper. "Look!" she insisted, holding up a finger painting.

"Tha's Mommy," She said, pointing to a brown blob, "an tha's Daddy," Here she pointed to a red blob. "an tha's you and Uncy Sev'us," she pointed to a green and black blob respectively, "an tha's ME!" she pointed to a smaller pink blob.

"It's very pretty." Harry said, humoring her. He inwardly laughed at the thought of Severus' face whenever Bell called him 'Uncy Sev'us.'

"Hang it? Pwease?" She asked.

"Of course." Harry said. Hermione passed him some tape and he hung the picture up on the wall beside Hermione's desk. "Do you want me to watch Bell today?" Harry asked Hermione.

"She should be fine, most of my classes are taking tests or doing paperwork. The students love her, I can usually count on them to keep an eye on her. Plus, I brought the Barney tapes." Hermione said.

"I always wondered what was so fascinating about a purple dinosaur." Harry laughed.

"Merlin only knows." Hermione said. Bell wandered back over to the telly as Harry and Hermione started up a conversation about the Weasley Clan. It seemed to be growing in leaps and bounds. Molly had three other grandchildren besides Hermione and Ron's two daughters, and three more on the way.

Bill and Fleur had been married partway through Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts, and a child had followed soon after. The eldest of the new generation of Weasley's was an almost four-year-old named Jerome. True to Weasley genetics he had a full head of bright red hair, but the veela influence of his mother was easily seen in his somewhat feminine looks and quiet, graceful nature. Fleur had found out two months ago that she was expecting another child, a girl this time.

Charlie had been married close to two years ago, to a woman named Amanda who worked with Dragons alongside him. Charlie also had a son of eighteen months old named Robert. Ginny had married Dean Thomas, and they had a bouncing baby boy only three months old. Fred had married Angelina and they were expecting twin girls in a few more months. George was still single, however. Percy had never quite reconciled with his family, and they had lost contact with him a while ago.

Soon enough the bell was ringing, signaling the end of first period. Harry left as Hermione's students trickled into the classroom, taking the back hallways that were rarely used to avoid most of the students. Even after so many years he hated the stares he received.

Arriving back in his and Severus' quarters he picked up the banana he had saved with a sigh, resigning himself to the fact that he would have to eat it since Severus always knew when he was lying. He had become very protective of Harry ever since they took the fertility potions that allowed them to conceive. Harry decided it was a fair trade for the small miracle he had been granted - an overprotective husband for his own biological child.

After finishing most of the banana Harry poured himself a glass of water and settled himself on the couch with a book. A sense of deja vu washed over him as he remembered sitting in that very spot as a student, doing his homework as he waited for Severus to get back from supervising detention or brewing a potion. With a nostalgic little smile Harry quicky lost himself in his book, the time flying by until the bell was ringing once again, signaling lunch time and Severus' return.


Days quickly fell into a pattern for Harry as the pregnancy progressed. He found the term 'Morning Sickness' was not very literal, as he usually had middle-of-the-night sickness. He usually woke up in the wee hours before dawn extremely nauseous. Sometimes if he laid really still it would pass, other times he had to rush to the bathroom. Severus usually woke up when he left the bed and followed him to the bathroom, brushing Harry's hair out of his face and rubbing his back as he purged the contents of his stomach.

Harry worried as he continued to lose weight because of the morning sickness, but Severus assured him that he would eventually gain and the baby would be fine as long as he tried to eat and took his prenatal vitamins. As the morning sickness eased up a little bit, cravings began. Harry especially liked pickles and olives, prompting Severus to keep a jar of each in the small kitchenette that was part of their rooms.

Mood swings set in, quite severe at times as Harry's body was completely unused to the hormones now running through it. At least once a week a shouting match broke out between Harry and Severus. Some of the time Harry would say something horrible to Severus only to have the color drain out of his face and his eyes widen in horror as he realized what he had said. All the anger would drain out of him and he would become extremely apologetic, crying as he tried to make it up to Severus. Severus usually calmed down after a bit and forgave him. Other times Severus would say something horrible to Harry causing him to burst into tears. Severus would apologize and gather Harry close, trying to stop the crying. One fight had somehow ended up with the both of them on the floor rutting like teenagers.