It took a few tries for Harry to conceive and keep a child past the first trimester. They were beginning to give up hope, thinking the abortion potion had somehow damaged Harry's ability to carry a child, when at last a child was conceived that was carried to term.

It was March 9th when Harry woke just after midnight to an odd pressure in his abdomen, followed by a pain. Panicking slightly, Harry shook Severus awake. The man quickly woke when he heard the urgency in his husband's voice.

"What's wrong?" Severus asked.

"The baby, there's something wrong with the baby." Harry said fearfully. He was only two weeks away from his due date.

"Elaborate please." Severus said. Harry had no idea how he could be so calm.

"A pain in my stomach. It's gone now though." Harry said, calming down a bit when he realized the pain was gone instead of increasing as it had when he was poisoned.

"You're probably having contractions." Severus said. "Get dressed and we'll floo to St. Mungo's." Severus said, rising out of bed and moving around the side to help Harry get out of bed. At nine months pregnant, his large belly gave him trouble when he was trying to get up. Severus was helping Harry on with his robe when another pain hit and Harry sucked in a deep breath, clenching his stomach.

"The pain's back." Harry said, eyes clenched shut.

"It's been several minutes, like I said you are most likely having contractions." Severus said. At that moment, the panic hit Harry for real this time. Not panic that his child was in danger, but panic about what was about to happen. "Harry?" Severus asked gently, feeling the smaller man begin to tremble.

"I'm scared." Harry whispered. "What if I can't do this?" Harry said fearfully.

"There is very little for you to do." Severus said sarcastically. "The healers at St. Mungo's will be giving you a c-section. You merely need to suffer the contractions until then." Severus explained calmly, helping to quell Harry's fears.

"But what about after?" Harry asked as Severus dressed himself. "What if I'm a horrible father?" Harry said.

"Now is not the time to be worrying about that. I'm sure you will make an excellent father. Now come along, we need to get you to the hospital." Severus said, pulling out the bag of things for Harry and the baby they had put together for when the baby was finally due.

Severus and Harry flooed at the same time so Severus could hold Harry up. While he was never very good at flooing, the added weight of the baby had thrown off his center of gravity and his balance was not very good anymore. The last thing he needed now was to fall out of the floo and hurt the baby.

Harry was quickly admitted to the hospital and told that yes, he was suffering contractions. They became increasingly more frequent and more painful as they waited for the healers to be ready to operate.

Severus stayed resolutely by Harry's side as he suffered through the contractions, letting him squeeze his hand and mopping up his sweaty forehead when the contractions got bad. Finally they were ready and a numbing potion was applied to the skin where the incision was to be made. It had the added benefit of taking the edge off of the contractions. A spell was used to make the actual cut, and soon a wailing child was pulled out into the world.

"It's a girl." The healer said as she handed the baby off to a nurse, turning back to heal Harry. The baby was quickly cleaned and measured and wrapped in blankets, and then the nurse was placing her in Severus' arms. He stared down in amazement at the tiny little thing that he and his husband had created.

Once Harry was moved out of the operation room, Severus gently placed the tiny baby girl in his arms. Harry smiled and ran one finger over her cheek. She was asleep, but stirred slightly at his touch.

"Hey there baby." Harry whispered, tears beginning to make slow tracks down his cheeks while at the same time a smile threatened to split his face in two. He couldn't believe she was actually here, a child of his own. A blood relative that didn't despise him. Severus perched on the bed beside Harry, wrapping an arm around his shoulders and placing his other hand on their daughter, staring at her in awe.

"She's perfect." He said. "She'll look like you, a little imp." Severus smiled. The moment of peace was interrupted slightly by the entrance of one of the healers.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Snape, congratulations. Do you have a name picked out for her yet? We'll need it for her birth certificate." The healer said. Harry and Severus shared a look before turning back to the healer

"Eleanor Aiden Potter-Snape." Harry said.


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