Title: Making an Observation
Author: Amm (SoulSeeker)
Pairing: Yuki Juudai/Tenjoin Asuka (Jaden/Alexis)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Theme: #5—"ano sa…" ("hey, you know...")
Rating: For Everyone (PG)
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. I am just playing 'Barbie' with them, cause god knows they're a lot more fun than real Barbies.
Summary: Alexis could be quite observant at times…

A silly one to start off, but it's cute too n.n


That was the only thing Jaden Yuki managed to think, as he walked out of the Slifer Red Dorm at Duel Academy – his beloved home. He breathed heavily, seeing each breath he took as he walked onward, staring down at his footprints in the snow that he made with each step. Even the footprints he had made on the way into the dorm not a half an hour before were still perfectly visible; though they wouldn't be for long, with the relentless snow continuing to fall. There was no question about it – winter had definitely come.

The taste of teriyaki chicken was still fresh in his mouth from lunch, which he had the privilege of eating with Alexis, and of course, his best friends Syrus and Chumley. They had been near a tree outside the Obelisk Blue Dorm, and it had been Alexis that had cordially invited Jaden and his friends to eat with her. Her friends certainly didn't seem happy about their visitors, but being able to tease the little Slifers amused them enough to stay around – and plus, they all loved the snow.

It was no later than 1:40pm in the afternoon, yet the dark clouds in the sky made it seem like it was nearly 4. Jaden was alone; after all, there was no sense in making his friends suffer in the cold, too – especially since they had nothing to do with the reason he was even out there. He told them to stay behind, assuring them that he wouldn't be long.

Yet he realized that the path to the Obelisk Dorm area seemed much longer than he anticipated, with a foot's worth of snow on the ground and fierce chilling wind biting at his face. After about ten minutes which he could've sworn were hours, he finally got to the beautiful sakura tree they had sat under earlier that afternoon – and that was where he would find what he was looking for; or so he hoped.

He was suddenly beginning to wish he had brought his nice Slifer winter coat the Academy had provided for him and the rest of the students for the season. Granted, he was wearing a nice black turtle neck sweater, but against the heavy snow, it wasn't enough. Anticipating a short period of time outside, he had figured he could just quickly run out and find what he had misplaced in no time; a most prized possession of his, there with him before lunch, there during lunch – and gone afterwards.

His Winged Kuriboh Card.

"Come on, Jaden; think…" he told himself. "You were sitting here…Alexis was over there…Sy was sitting over there…where could you have left it?"

The young boy saw no sign of the card, and began to lightly dig around in the blanket of snow around where he had been sitting at lunch with Alexis and the others. It just had to be there – somewhere amongst all the white.

He dug for about half an hour all around that area until finally could feel the ground, and his dirty and now numb hands were shaking, and his breaths got shorter and shorter. His hands wouldn't let him dig any longer, leaving him sitting there, leaning against the tree and thinking to himself. He silently wondered if someone had stolen it – Chaz perhaps? Maybe one of Alexis's friends?

He couldn't help but laugh lightly at the thought. "Stupid…no one would want to steal that card of yours…" he muttered to himself. "This was your own fault…"

He sighed, figuring he should probably get back to the dorm. He was freezing cold, the card wasn't there – there wasn't any reason to be out there anymore. He convinced himself that he probably dropped it on the way back to the dorm from lunch, and probably missed it on the way back to the tree. It gave him a motive to get up and head back; but his body simply didn't feel like moving. He sat there, watching the snowflakes fall one by one and disappear into the blanket of snow on the ground.

Come on, Jay, get up and move, he thought to himself. You know, the whole standing and walking thing?

"You know I have to wonder, Jaden – do you treat all your cards this way?"

Jaden's eyes widened and he gasped in surprise as his heart skipped a beat. He had magically sprung to his feet, and turned to his right, where the voice had been coming from.

"Alexis!" he exclaimed.

Wearing her nice warm Obelisk Blue winter coat, she simply smirked, having a certain card in between her two of her fingers, which she made sure Jaden could see. "I thought I might find you here," she said. "Looking for this?"

She brought the card closer to him, and upon closer inspection, he could definitely see that it was his very own Winged Kuriboh. It was soaking wet, having been buried in the snow, but luckily, Alexis had spotted it before the snow covered it completely – and right after Jaden left.

His eyes grew wide, and a sudden grin appeared on his face. "YOU FOUND IT!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms around her and squeezing, giving her a quick hug. He took the card from her hands, and looked at it, reassuring himself that it was indeed in his possession again. "Oh my god, I thought I'd never see it again – thank you so much, Alexis, you're a life saver!" His breathing became heavy once more, his body reminding him that he had been out in the cold for way, way too long. "…literally…" he added, falling back against the tree with a smile on his face. He kissed his precious Winged Kuriboh card and sighed in relief, and he put the card in his pocket, where it would stay until he was back in his warm dorm room.

Alexis giggled at Jaden's behavior, and knelt down next to him, beginning to unzip her coat. She took it off, revealing a black and navy blue sweater underneath, and she put it around Jaden. "Stupid. What were you thinking, coming out with only a sweater in weather like this?" she asked.

"But Alexis, it's your co— "

"Oh, don't worry about me," she interjected. "Just put it on. You need it a lot more than I do right now."

Jaden sighed, obeying her; he had to admit, it did feel good – but he still felt awkward about putting on an Obelisk Blue coat that didn't belong to him. He could see Crowler's reaction right then. How dare he – why that insolent little brat! Soiling a perfectly good Obelisk Blue coat! Never mind the fact that it could've very well saved his life just now! Yes, Jaden Yuki never was on top on Crowler's list of favorite students. "Happy?" he asked, getting up and brushing the snow off of him. He felt like a total fool.

She laughed; indeed, Jaden dressed in blue around the Academy was definitely a sight she had to get used to. "Come on, I'll walk you back," she said, lightly pushing him in the right direction.

They both walked forward, slowly heading towards the Slifer Red Dorms. "You don't have to…" Jaden said.

"What, do you not want me to?" Alexis replied, folding her arms as she gave him a smirk.

"No! No…" Jaden quickly replied. "It's not that...It's just that…I mean…I have your coat and everything…I just don't want you to get sick because of me."

Alexis giggled. "Hey, you know…I just noticed something," she said. Jaden turned around, waiting for her to continue, and at the same time, Alexis had waited for him to ask what it was. They had gone into silence, each expecting the other to speak.

Jaden finally sighed, wrapping his arms around himself, feeling cold. He chuckled lightly. "Hey, you know Alexis, I'm not gonna know what it is you noticed until you tell me," he said, mimicking her tone of voice.

"And uh, you know Jaden, I'm not gonna tell you what it is if you get that attitude with me," she replied, mimicking him back with a smirk.

He put his hands on his hips now, ignoring the cold. "And uh, you know, Alexis, I have my ways of getting information out of people," Jaden replied, continuing to use that same tone of voice.

"And uh, you know, Jaden, they're not gonna work on me," she said, folding her arms, continuing their little 'game.'

He stopped and turned around. "You wanna bet?" he said confidently, finally ending it.

"Ohh, whatcha gonna do, tough guy?" she asked mockingly. "Duel me?"

Jaden just laughed. "Trust me – you don't want to know," he said. He suddenly ran up to her, forgetting that he was still tired as all hell, and began to relentlessly tickle her – and it worked.

"How's that for dueling, huh? Huh!" Jaden said as he tickled her. Alexis had burst out laughing, falling to the ground now, having forgotten about her weakness of being extremely ticklish; and also about the cold.

"Okay—okay—stop! Hahaha, Stop! – I'll – I'll tell you! Hahaha!" she said, in between her laughter, finally giving up after few minutes of the torture.

He finally stopped, and he was on top of her now, having trapped her on the ground. Jaden waited for her to go on.

"Well, get off me first!" she demanded.

Jaden rolled his eyes and sighed, getting off the poor Obelisk girl, standing up and brushing the snow off of himself. He looked over to her, and she was smiling, yet breathing heavily now. The tickling had tired her out a bit. "Well? What did you notice?" he asked, staring at her.

She giggled. "You really want to know that badly, huh?" she asked.

"YES! Come on, we already made this big of a deal out of it, just tell me already!" Jaden exclaimed.

Alexis folded her arms and looked at him with mocking disbelief. "Hey, you know, if you're gonna yell at me—"

"Just SAY it Alexis, come on, no more stalling!"

She couldn't help but laugh, so hard that she could barely form the words to actually tell Jaden what she noticed.

"Whaaattt IS it!" he demanded again. "Stop laughing and just SAY it, come onnn..."

Her laughter died down to a small giggle, and finally it stopped. She loved to tease him. She stared at him standing there, looking frustrated and almost desperate, wearing her own Obelisk Blue coat she had taken off her own back to lend him. She almost considered teasing him more by claiming that she had 'forgotten,' but she decided that he had had enough...and finally, the simple words escaped her mouth.

"You look really good in blue…"