"How are you Larry my friend?" ask Chloe.

"Very bad!" answer Larry.

"Why? Are you depression with someone or something?"

"Of course not!" reply angrily.

"Larry! Oh come on! What's wrong with you?"

"I'm falling in love,"

"With who?"

"With you."

"Are you sure?"


"Lar! If you don't answer me with the true I will……."

"You will kiss me!"

"Of course not!"

Chloe leaving Larry at the canteen.

In that day, Larry is very bad mood. Riley was surprising when she hear about Larry. Riley think that Larry like her.

At Larry's house

"Samantha….. Oh….Samantha…… I love you…."singing Larry.

At the Twins' house

"Riley, what's wrong with Larry? I'm very confused today," tell Chloe.

"You say, Larry is falling in love with you, is it right?" ask Riley.

"Maybe, but I thing he just joking."

"But I think Larry is falling in love with you, he's not joking, and Larry is like you Chloe!"

"Can you answer me seriously?"

Riley just laughing.

"I hate you! I want to go to bed." Said Chloe angrily.

"Don't angry with me, Chloe! I'm sorry," said Riley.


The next day at canteen.

"Larry, tell us, why you so weak? Or we gonna kill you!"

"Ok , I will tell you, I'm falling in love with the new student!"

"With Samantha?"

" Yes," said Larry mortified.

"Larry…Oh…Larry! You make us very confused!"

"I'm sorry," apologize Larry.

And the twins left Larry at canteen.