Title: Laughter
Author: ferretgirl1124
Pairing(s): Spaqulad
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Speedy always laughs, and Aqualad wants to know why.

A/N: Yes, another random SpeedyxAqualad fic. I have realized that this is the only slash pairing that I really write. I wonder if this is a bad thing. 0.o

Dedicated to Jimmy the Gothic Egg, who doesn't mind when I squee over Spaqualad fics.

"Why do you always laugh?"


Piercing black eyes met with masked eyes. One boy was kneeling in front of the other, bandaging his ankle, while the injured sulked on the couch. "Every time I get hurt, you laugh. Do you really hate me that much?" Eyes meet again, the masked boy obviously stunned.

"No!" The redhead shook his head as he wrapped the white gauze around the swollen ankle tightly, making sure to stop when the other boy winced. They seem highly attuned to each others every action and word, and yet they couldn't see the forest for the trees. Subtext hid beneath everything they did, but they didn't seem to notice. Or perhaps, simply didn't want to. Selective blindness can be amazingly convenient.

"Then why do you laugh?" The dark haired boy's voice was rising in pitch, showing his frustration with his team mate. How Speedy managed to piss him of so much, he would never understand.

The boy in question scowled and flopped down next to Aqualad, mask narrowed, "Why?" He shifted nervously and glared at the wall, trying to keep his eyes from meeting Aqualad's, because if he couldn't see the accusation there, it might not exist.

"That's what I asked." The other boy's voice was calm, but hurt. His best friend wouldn't even meet his eyes now; what the hell was going on?

Speedy sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, finally turning to look at Aqualad, "I-i don't know. Maybe because...I'm just happy that you weren't hurt worse."

The Atlantean stared, blinked, then scowled, "So...you laugh because I'm..."

"Hurt, but not hurt as badly as you could have been. A sprained ankle can heal. A broken neck wouldn't." The two exchanged glances and Speedy swallowed thickly before continuing, "I'm just glad that you're basically okay."

He squirmed under Aqualad's stare and started to stand, "Listen...I'll leave you alone." A foot in front of his legs tripped him, and the hand on his arm pulled him back to his previous seat, "Ahhh! What the hell?"

The dark haired boy wrapped his arm around the redheads waist possessively and pulled him closer, "Be careful. You could have gotten hurt, and then I would have had to laugh." Their gazes locked for a few seconds, then both smirked. Speedy leaned against the Atlantean and sighed, content; who would have thought that a sprained ankle and some laughter would end in such a perfect moment?

He knew that it would end soon, but if he wanted it back, all he had to do was laugh.