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Ch 1

Small print.

"WHAT?" Keitaro screamed looking at Tsuruko.

"I said that since I lost I would have to marry you." Tsuruko said across the alter.

Mrs. Aoyama looked pleased with herself. "I told you one of these days Motoko would defeat you."

Tsuruko looked up at her mothers smiling face. "I know, but you still should have told me about the small print that you wrote."

"It was your fault that you didn't read it when I gave it to you." Her mother said simply.

Keitaro couldn't believe this in four days he had gone from bachelor to married man. Only a few days ago he was trying desperately to cheer Motoko up after her first defeat at her sister's hand. He had been surprised when Tsuruko showed up and handed him a contract that she said would allow Motoko back into the school if he signed it and with Motoko's aid manage to defeat her in three days time. If they failed they would be wed on the spot. Keitaro quickly signed the contract and rushed (as quickly as one could with a cast) to tell Motoko of the news. They barely succeeded in their victory. If Naru hadn't pulled that blade I would be marring Motoko right now instead of Tsuruko.

Keitaro looked over to the other tenets and saw varying degrees of emotion. Motoko was starring at him with a murderous glint to her eyes. Naru kept cracking her knuckles and was glowing with a red aura. Shinobu was crying as the glass of sake passed between them three times. Su and Sara didn't seem interested. Kitsune was wide eyed and completely ignoring the unopened bottle of sake in her hand.

As the glass passed one finale time between them he realized that he was now married to one of the strongest woman in the world. (A/N I thought Baretta and Voidhawk would like that) He saw a varying degree of emotion on her face. He was startled by Mrs. Aoyama as she moved next to him.

"Well what do you think of my daughter?" She asked leaning close so Keitaro wouldn't have to speak to loud for her to hear.

"I think she is beautiful, strong, intelligent, graceful, and devoted to her family and school." Keitaro said without hesitation.

"She deserves someone better than me. It took me three tries to get in to Tokyo U. I am constantly falling into the other girls, and I can't seem to do anything right." He stated looking down at the table.

Tsuruko heard his reply and moved down to sit beside him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

"That is not true Keitaro. I don't deserve you." Keitaro looked at her shocked that she would even think that.

Tsuruko placed a finger on his lips to stop his reply. "Let me tell you what I see. You love your tenets no matter how many times they have hurt you. You strive to do the best you can in any situation. You deliberately went out of your way to track down Motoko after her defeat, and even when you had her crying in your arms you didn't take advantage of her in that weakened state." Tsuruko looked over at the other tenets.

"However I want it understood that anyone who raises a finger to hurt my Kei Kun will have to deal with me." Tsuruko smiled as the other tenets coward before her.

She stood up and offered a hand up to Keitaro. "Now let us go see about getting that leg healed. Okay?" Keitaro nodded and with her support hobbled out the door. The other tenets still were shocked by the way Tsuruko had threatened them.

As the married couple moved to Tsuruko's room, Keitaro felt a little uneasy as he realized that it was now Tsuruko and Keitaro's room. She reached out to open the door but felt his hand stop on top of hers. Startled she looked at him.

"Tsuruko I want to make sure you understand I will not do anything to you in there or out here." She smiled at him, and kissed him softly. Keitaro would have jumped if she hadn't gotten a good hold on him.

"But I want you to understand that I am your wife now and I will not wait forever for you to work up the nerve to come and get me so I will give you some time to adjust, but remember if you don't move soon I will come and get you." She laughed at his shocked expression and kissed him again.

He relaxed in her arms and slid the door open and moved inside. She helped him lay down. Starring down at him she gently ran her fingers through his hair, which caused him to blush slightly.

"I will go and see if I can find a healer." She said as she moved to the door and opening it and walking out. "I will be back in just a few minutes." She said as she slid the door shut.

Smiling Keitaro lays back enjoying the lingering sensation of Tsuruko's fingers running through his hair. He heard the door slid open and raised his head expecting to see Tsuruko with a healer. He does see two people but it's Naru and Motoko who stand in the doorway.

Seeing the cold fury in their eyes he swings his legs over the bed and stands shakily to his feet. "Girls it's not what you think. I can explain."

But before he can say anymore he finds himself doubled over by Naru's punch and he crashes into the wall only to be struck by Motoko's wooden bokken there is an audible snap. The wall unable to deal with this much power crumbles and Keitaro falls out side. Naru and Motoko stare at what they just did and the unmoving figure lying before them.

Tsuruko who found a healer opens the door just as the wall crumbles. She stares at Keitaro who is lying on his back eyes open but not seeing. She rushes to him calling his name but she stopped by the healer who grabs her arm. "No we must not move him incase his neck broke."

Tsuruko nods getting herself under control. Instead she turns to Naru and Motoko who are still standing next to the bed. Grabbing both girls she hauls them to the rooms where the other Hinata residents were staying. Releasing the two terrified girls she pounds on each of the other doors waking the inhabitants. As they open them and stare at the Naru and Motoko who are now openly crying, Tsuruko beckons them to come out of their rooms.

As they file out in front of her she stares at each of them until she comes to Shinobu.
"Shinobu Keitaro has been hurt again. The healer may need some help could you please assist her any way you can." She smiles as the bluenette runs to help.

The others start too sweet as she keeps her back to them. "Your welcome has run out. If I find you here in the morning there will be hell to pay." With that she walks out of the guest compound and heads to the healers hall.

Kitsune turns to Naru and Motoko. "What did she mean by attacked again?"

The girls only start to cry and Kitsune stares at them. "You attacked him didn't you?"

With a sigh she takes took girls by the arm and steered them towards their respective rooms. "Doesn't matter we are packing and leaving now!"

As the girls hurriedly pack the few things they brought Tsuruko joined Shinobu as they watched the healer work. "Shinobu I made the other girls leave but you are welcome to stay as long as you like." Tsuruko said gently hugging the girl to her.

Tsuruko was surprised when Shinobu looked up at her. "I will leave to they need me and I know you will take care of Keitaro." Shinobu hugged the swordswoman and rushed to pack her things.

As the healer moved away Tsuruko took a seat next to Keitaro and gently squeezed his hand. "I'm sorry Keitaro I should have known they would want to confront you. I should have never left you alone." She started to cry until she felt him squeeze her hand. Startled she looked up at him his eyes were still closed and yet he still held onto her hand. She felt her tears dry as she laid her head down by his hand and watched him as she slowly drifted off to sleep.