Funny Valentine

By Mezzo-chan

Disclaimer: Beast Boy, Raven, and the Teen Titans belong to Cartoon Network and DC Comics


They had moved so slowly. No sudden bursts of passion, no heated caresses in the moonlight. Instead there were accidental touches.

His hand would rest on hers a split second longer than necessary.

Her shoulder would brush against his back in her rush to the door.

Little moments that made the two of them blush.

A brief sensation of skin upon skin and their hearts would race through their ears and into their throats.

Sometimes, after they'd stopped short in the hall, he'd watch her hurry away, thinking of the instant when his breath and hers collided, and the hungry pocket of friction that would form between their bodies.

Author's Notes:

A series of drabbles about the life and love of everyone's favorite Teen Titans couple!

I'm a BIG BBxRae shipper, so I hope you all enjoy! Each drabble will have a theme, and will generally be very short. Also, this generally follows the TV show, but may allude to the comic book at times.

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