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Around the village, girls were in a panic. Why?


The shops around Konoha had never been so grateful for the Uchiha's existence. Business was booming. Every girl wanted to get Sasuke a birthday gift. Chocolates, clothes, and the recent discovery of his favorite curry rice were being bought in copious amounts.

Ino and Sakura somehow had gotten the same idea; something that both felt was kinder, sweeter, and very highly more noticeable. The girls were going to buy Sasuke one pendant, from the both of them.

The only problem seemed to be that they couldn't agree on a color.

"It's got to be black," Ino said matter-of-factly. "Black just suits him. It's a very Sasuke color."

"But what about red, like his Sharingan?" Sakura mused aloud. "I really think red is better. It's such a passionate color, too—it will get the message across so much better! Come on, Ino, you've got to agree; red's the best!"

Ino frowned. "But…black emphasizes his best trait; his cool attitude. Red's too loud of a color. Come on, black is perfect."

Sakura wracked her brain for a compromise. "What about purple?"

"Purple's a girl color." Ino gestured to her own outfit. "I should know."

Sakura sighed and looked in frustration at all the pendants on display. "Well, what are we supposed to do? It's not like we can ask him…"

The girls sighed exceptionally heavily and looked at the numerous pendants without hope. Being as crazy as they were about him, they could probably find something in any one of these colors that reminded them of Sasuke. The problem was that none of those things seemed perfect enough.

It was quite lucky that they spotted Sasuke out the window just when they were at a loss. The two lit up like sparklers, and they were about to run out and greet him when Naruto came bounding up next to him.

For the next four-and-a-half seconds, Sasuke's eyes were so full of love that it made Ino and Sakura's jaws drop. Naruto's vibrant blue eyes stared back at Sasuke, very proud to return the love.

They passed by the window undisturbed. Ino and Sakura gaped out the window for quite some time. Then they looked at each other.

They bought a sky blue pendant for Sasuke's birthday.

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